Some birth control kills the new human being after conception and are very harmful to a woman

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    I thought I would share the above because it is not well enough known. I have done a great deal of research on this and feel I should share my findings.

    No matter what their brand name is or what the active-ingredient composition is, all types of the pill, all types of IUDs, all types of morning-after-pills or “emergency contraception”, all mini-pills, all patches, all rings, all implants, all injections (and possibly some other types of birth control I don't know about) often work after conception has taken place, thereby killing a newly conceived human being.

    It has been proven that there is frequent break-through ovulation in women who use these forms of birth control – so conception is very possible; it has also been proven that a thinning of the endometrium takes place with these birth control methods. So what happens is that the newly-conceived human being tries to implant on the uterine wall (endometrium), but the wall has become too thin to support the new human being who then dies.

    For the average woman using them, this death of a new human being will happen about once a year (with all of the types of IUDs this death happens more often), and it happens frequently with the morning-after-pill. Also, some companies will try to mitigate this death after conception by claiming that pregnancy begins not at conception, but at the next stage: implantation. But these products often operate by making implantation extremely difficult for the newly conceived human being.

    These birth control products are also very bad for a woman's physical or psychological health, including: stroke, breast and other cancers (the World Health Organization has classed them as cancer-causing, at the same level as cigarettes), perforated organs (all types of IUDs can do this and they can also break-up in the woman's body causing other problems), depression, mood swings, liver disease and other illnesses. There are also some immediately fatal consequences: fatal blood clots, ectopic pregnancy and others.

    Through a different mechanism, female sterilization and hysterectomies can also kill after conception has taken place (as shown by the ectopic pregnancies that sometimes occur, even years after these procedures). Hormone Replacement Therapy (made with the same active ingredient as some birth control pills) has the same effect. They are also harmful to a woman's health.


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