So, ladies, would you ever shave your head?

Discussion in 'Beyond Women's Health' started by what's her nuts, Sep 20, 2010.

  1. My SO J's been hinting lately that he wants me to shave my head. I have before and it wasn't a huge deal for me - slightly liberating, but I'd had a mohawk before then so it wasn't too big of a deal. I have a bit of a boyish face and oddly enough the sheared hair feminized my features rather than the reverse. I enjoyed the freedom and convenience of it (and it felt cool too). He liked it because he had a childhood crush on Demi Moore as G.I. Jane. [​IMG] So it was a win/win.

    I've been thinking about doing it again for kicks, my hesitance lying in the fact that I've been growing my hair out for months and it's finally at a length/cut that I like and looks decent (approx 5-6 inches and layered). Then I got to wondering, what's your guys' opinion on women with shaven heads? Everybody I know is begging me not to do it, and a little Googling yielded a lot of "it looks horrible, it's ugly, you look like a dyke, it's butchy, you look like a 12 year old boy, don't do it if you want a guy to talk to you in the next three years." I expected it but it was still a little astounding! It's crazy how many people have it ingrained in them that a woman's worth as a woman is tied in with her hair.

    So that prompted me to ask for the sake of some fun discussion: Ladies of AWF, would you ever shave your head? Guys, what do you think of a gal who's taken clippers to her scalp?
    (I did a little digging around but didn't find a topic like this one already on here, so I thought I'd start one up. Sorry if it's a repeat!)

  2. Temptress Tally

    Temptress Tally Super Moderator Staff Member

    I wouldnt do it but I have seen women who look very attractive with a shaven head.

  3. LilMissNaughty

    LilMissNaughty New Member

    Hmmm well I wouldent shave my hair but more to do with my hair being past my waist, I absilutly hated my hair short, so its not just a matter of months growing it out if I dont like it. more like 10 years+

    But as far as other women shaving their heads.. It dosent really make me think dyke/boy/ugly etc.. I think it depends on the person & if it suits them personally & features. It sounds like in your case it does suit your features. The only negitive I can think of is a tendancy to associate shaved heads on women with someone thats undergone chemotherapy. [​IMG]

    Really I think the only persons oppinion that matters besides your own is your partners...

  4. BethG

    BethG New Member

    Personally I could never do it. We're not very trendy in my area so I've never seen a woman with a shaved head other than tv, etc. I do however adore sexy women with very short haircuts that look fabulous on Jamie Lee Curtis and Wynona Ryder.

  5. I ask simply out of curiosity. [​IMG] Nobody else's opinion matters to me as far as whether or not I'll ultimately do it goes, and like I said I have had a shaven head before and it was no big deal to me. My father and mother do hate it though. They tell me they wish I would look like a girl and it's so sad I don't grow my hair out, I would look so pretty if I did, etc. Even that's stopped bothering me after long enough, though.

    Chemotherapy seems to be a pretty common impression too, I've noticed.

  6. hippiäinen

    hippiäinen New Member

    For starters, i know my boyfriend wouldn't like the idea of me shaving my head, but i reckon it's more about him being a little scared of the result and not being used to it.

    Secondly, it's not that i would never shave my head because i don't find it attractive or whatever, it's mostly because i think i lack the confidence to make the look work on me. Usually women who have short hair seem very self-confident, determined and strong people, which i admire. I think it's great when women are ready to do something not mainstream and most importantly carry themselves in a manner that shows they feel good in their skin. Some just have the confidence for it.

  7. Penguin-Goon

    Penguin-Goon New Member

    i shaved my head in the 8th grade, and kept it short/shaved on and off for about 3 years. i loved it!! i dont think i would ever do it again though, my husband would be horrified LOL!! i did look more like a boy,because of no hair and how i dressed, and frequently got comments, and just didnt care one bit. i did what i wanted to do and didnt care what other people thought. i got a lot of props though from all the girls in school cause none of them would ever have the guts to do it lol. i played around a lot with it then too since it was already shaved, by reshaving it, or doing mohawks and such, cause if i didnt like it, id just reshave it all. my mom wasnt thrilled with it, but quickly got used to it, and got over it.

  8. BethG

    BethG New Member

    WTF? You, with all those luscious curves, are not feminine, HWH? Look in the mirror again, woman!

    What part of MI are you, WHNuts?

  9. I've been thinking I might just put a picture of my face up here already. I may shave my head now and wear lots of nice warm hats :p No worries about mussed up hat hair!

    And I know you weren't digging for compliments, but you have a gorgeous face, great smile, and amazing curves - you're the epitome of a stunning woman, HHW! If you're talking about personality I obviously don't know you too well, but I have always liked your frank and matter of fact way of getting your point across here on the forums.

    I live up north on the mitten, close to Alpena county, if that's not giving away too much info. It's already pretty chilly here, but sunny so it's livable. :p

  10. cjules17

    cjules17 New Member

    I always imagined shaving my head or cutting my hair extremely short someday if I could grow my hair long enough to donate to charity. Unfortunately, my hair doesn't seem conducive to growing long enough and nice enough to do it. I have had short hair most of my adult years (only growing it out recently because I'm too self conscious about all the extra weight I've put on since getting married).

    I think you should do what you like. I have seen many beautiful women with pixie short and even shaved heads. I do think having petite features makes it look even more beautiful.

  11. BethG

    BethG New Member

    I know about where you're talking. I was born in Mt. Pleasant and lived there and 2 other places, but arrived in Indiana at the tender age of almost 5. So Michigan born, but Indiana raised!

    Oooooh, no hat hair would be so awesome!

  12. TDG

    TDG New Member

    Theres no way I could. I just cant stand the look of short hair on me. Shoulder length is as short as I feel looks OK on me..and I prefer it like mid back length. Hair is just like anything else--we all have our own ideas of beauty. I also dont like the look of super shaggy or long hair on men... but thats just me.

  13. GrahamS

    GrahamS New Member

    on a woman with fine, delicate features, I think skinhead haircut or even bald is hot. Combined with great make up too.

    But if the woman doesn't have petite features and doesn't wear makeup then it just looks butch which doesn't turn me on at all.

    My DF had short hair way before she met me. I've seen the photos. She also went through a stage of wearing boyish clothes and no make up. She looked like a shaggable lezzie. But she'd never be mistaken for a man with her face and figure.

    I've been encouraging her to grow her hair long. We have an ongoing struggle about it, because she likes it shoulder length. But I think she looks most feminine with it long-ish.

    In the end, I'm not bothered as long as I get my daily oats.

  14. cjules, the first time I cut my hair short when I was twelve I did donate it, but it's so thin I don't think it could even grow that long anymore either :p So it's fine. I always say I'm going to grow my hair out but I get so bored with it and start missing the convenience of shorter hair a few months in!

    Beth, Mt. Pleasant is nice [​IMG] I've only been through it a couple of times but it's quite pretty. And I know - I love hats but I don't wear them often because my hair is so thin and flat that they mess it up instantly. No worries about that with a shaved head, though! :p

    HHW, predictably, I'm the same way right down to what I wear for the norm, haha. And I'll be sure to get some of those up! Thank you [​IMG]

    And I guess it's a good thing my boyfriend apparently digs butches ;P

  15. cjules17

    cjules17 New Member

    Well sound like me! LOL! I try to grow my hair and get frustrated with the fine/thin texture of it and wind up cutting it short again. My goal is to lose the weight I need to and then most probably go back to my short look. My hubby likes it short, and I did too when my face was thinner.

    the convenience factor is huge! I've always gotten a lot of resistance from family when I cut my hair super short. After they got used to it though they really liked it. I love the convenience of it being done in a short period of time! Wash and go was great. I grew it a few years ago for my wedding (not really long, just long enough to give it a cropped curl look because at the time it was pixie short) and I had an appointment made for the first day my salon was open after my wedding to chop it all off again because I couldn't stand it. We'll see how long it lasts this time! [​IMG]

  16. MNM

    MNM New Member

    Like the others have posted, I've seen women who looked stunning with the G.I Jane look going on. But I wouldn't ever want the other half to shave her head, it wouldn't fit her at all.

  17. Amara23

    Amara23 New Member

    Well my grandmother had lung cancer and lost her hair. her hair was everything to her. it always was. She was devastated when she lost all of it, She thought she looked like a boy and didnt want everyone to stare etc etc. So one day me and my mom decided to shave our heads and we did it for my grandma. She cried when she saw it. My dad and my two brothers and my grandpa all shaved their heads too. We had a whole family of bald people! She cried and cried for hours because she coudlnt believe we all did that. It was to show her support. i would do it again in a heart beat. i dont have the best girl features. i wasnt ugly with my bald head. I liked it.

  18. GreenTea

    GreenTea Super Moderator Staff Member

    My thoughts exactly.

    I personally don't want a shaved head, but some women wear it well. To each their own.
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  19. Cheryl McCormick

    Cheryl McCormick New Member

    I would never shave my hair but would rather shave something else lol


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