so fnucking pissed off right now

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  1. machoman

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    he wouldn't be this way if he was happy with you. I am not justifying his actions.

    But men who feel loved, non judged, adored and admired...NEVER CHEAT or even think of it.

    Look at him, but carefully examine yourself.

  2. Raunchy-Row

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    I really hope you read through all the pages of this thread before posting this.
    If not, I suggest you do.
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  3. Alluring-Ash

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    Really? Your a joke! Guess you better get on your knees, bow down and serve him like the king that he is in order to get some respect, Nika.

    You know, because this IS your fault all of this is going on.

    SMH...... pffft "Machoman" the name says it all.

  4. Juicy-Juls

    Juicy-Juls Active Member

    Well, I won't be so nice...'

    Macho man, really...You are a douche! But thats just my opinion..
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  5. Raunchy-Row

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    Haha Juls I knew you'd step up [​IMG]

  6. Juicy-Juls

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  7. Juicy-Juls

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    Well, something has been brought to my attention, along with the other moderators of AWH, and I feel obliged to say something, but before bringing it up, I did speak with PG to get her blessing.

    Apparently some judgmental, arrogant long standing member of this forum has been cowardly harassing Penguin about her decisions to save her marriage in PM and facebook!!

    What I would like to know is, who in the hell do they think they are?????? I mean really, are you so desperate to help end a marriage rather than encourage staying married and mending broken hearts?????

    Sure, her hubby has made some bad decisions, decisions that left us all with our mouth on the floor, but he hasn't done anything that is not forgivable with alot of hard work!! PERIOD!!

    Further, if you considered yourself a friend to Goon, you would have supported her, and gave her encouragement, not called her a moron..

    Now who is the MORON???????????? YOU ARE! am I angry, yes. Why? Because Penguin is one of the most caring, upstanding members of this forum, and although I don't know her near as well as some of you, I do know that she is a great caring person that doesn't deserve this!!

    Here's the deal. Don't PM her, PM ME!! Better yet stop hiding behind the computer, speak your mind in public. Oh thats right, you didn't before because you knew people like me, who care for Penguin, would tell you to fluff off!

    Rant over...

  8. Raunchy-Row

    Raunchy-Row Super Moderator Staff Member


    I agree with Juls. It's completely unfair to harass a member through PM or any other networking, and regarding the PMs--it's also against the rules. I would hope this member will remember this, and the fact that this can result in a permanent ban if the content of the messages is in fact found to be of that nature.

    I think it's utterly ridiculous that any member of this forum would forget that this is meant to be a safe place for people to discuss issues in their lives--but it is also a completely one-sided place, and we only get the point of view of the person posting--which, in my opinion, is not enough of a view to warrant opinions so strong that they drive a member away.

    I hope that this person knows who they are, and feels sufficiently embarrassed to apologize and think twice before they do this to another person.

    Really, I'm shocked and upset, and I thought that this was a better place......


  9. Juicy-Juls

    Juicy-Juls Active Member

    Karma is a bitch!! I hope they realize this!!

    Someone once said to me, "The best way to prove someone is an ass is to let them reveal it themselves."

    This person has done exactly that!!
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