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    Unless there are significant major side-effect such as "death", the F.D.A. will not make any major changes.

    Side-effects are not just reported by patients, but you can urge your doctors to report any drug adverse effects. FDA does follow up on any severe major side-effect such as death (i.e. any brand of birth control pill causes pulmonary emboli, thromboembolic events such as blood clots resulted in death.

    I believe Health Canada follows very closely with the recommendation NOT just from the FDA but the Canadian-based American pharmaeutical companies which market birth control pills in Canada.

    In many cases, it is the "Pharmaceutical Company" that sends in additional "WARNING LABEL" to the FDA, Health Canada and U.K. National Health Service for any additional major side-effects.




    Dr. Eric Topol, M.D., Chief Academic Officer, Provost, of Cleveland Clinic Medical School and Chairman of Cardiology Department was "fired" or his job was eliminated in Feb, 2006 after a few days testifying against Merck about the adverse side-effect of Vioxx, an arthritis medication.

    Dr. Eric Topol left Cleveland Clinic, the No.1 best Cardiology Program in America after he spent 15 years there. He became a Professor of Genetics at Case Western Reserve University. However, Case Western Reserve University has limited his activity to basic research and "no patient contacts".

    Or may be don't count on telling "your doctor" any significant side-effects of birth control pills. All the doctors are scare after the "FIRING OF DR. ERIC TOPOL" at Cleveland Clinic for reporting adverse drug effect of Vioxx.

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    I'm new to the discussion board, but I did have a horrible side effect from birth control pills (Apri) and I figured I'd share...

    I'm a 20 year old woman.. young and very healthy. I had been taking birth control pills since I was about 17 years of age.

    On March 2nd, 2006, I woke up with a severe headache (on a scale from 1-10, this was absolutely a 10). This headache eventually lead to extreme vomiting, and landed me in the hospital the following day. The doctor sent me home, telling me I was dehydrated and had a migraine. No migraine I've had ever felt like that before.

    Many failed doctor appointments later (and I developed double-vision and was told to "wait it out and see what happens") I was finally diagnosed with a blood clot in my right temple. This was the most horrific pain I have ever felt in my life, and it took two weeks for the doctors to finally diagnose me (and in the process, I was fired from my job and missed many classes at my college).

    It's so unfortunate that women all over have to go through this extreme pain and suffering because doctors won't admit they don't know everything. Had I not trusted my doctor to do the right thing, I wouldn't be in the situation I'm in right now. For the next six months, I'll be taking blood thinners (specifically - coumadin) to make sure the clot has completely dissolved.

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    Missy that is terrible and I'm sorry to hear you went through all of that. I think your case is definately worth reporting. I have not had a blood clot, but have developed a venuous problem, of which my doctor believes is probably related to the pill. I got a strange pussy, unhealing ulcer on my leg that stayed for months. It's finally gone, but my doctor says I have 'incompetent veins'- they cause ulceration and can lead to clots if you are not careful. I took aspirin and ginko (to help improve circulation) and hopefully now that I'm off the pill it won't come back, but it's disconcerting to know the condition was probably brought on by taking the pill. Are you off the pill now missy? I went off it last year and am using the Pearly fertility moniter instead. Hope the headaches have completely gone.

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    Haha yes I am definitely off the birth control pills! I actually just got an IUD about a month ago and I'm in love so far [​IMG] It doesn't help with my periods, but I was really afraid I'd have to go back to using condoms.

    The worst part, though, is that while the docs had no idea what was wrong with me (they actually sent me to a chiropractor!) I was still taking my birth control pills. Had they just done an MRI when I was at the hospital, all of that could have been over with quickly.


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    There is no harm in reporting to the FDA

    Health Canada

    or the MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Authority) in the UK.

    But as has been said, don't count on anything being done.

    It's not helped by many women and girls being confused about what these drugs are and how they act (I was once one of them).

    1) These drugs are steroids and have all the potential side effects of all steroids.

    2) Progestagens (and for that matter progesterones) are just as immunosuppressive as corticosteroids. When you are on these drugs your immune system is shut down. With corticosteroids and even now coming off HRT (a lower dose of the same steroid hormones as the Pill), people are warned to come off slowly. But with the Pill many women come off and on these drugs once a month suddenly.

    3) Many women and girls are confused about the bleed they get when they are on these drugs. The bleed experienced on these drugs is not menstruation. It is a drug induced withdrawal bleed. The steroids in the Pill suppress the bodily steroid sex hormones in the adrenal glands (effectively the immune system) and the womb. When the levels of the drug drop in the body, the womb is forced entirely artificially to shed its lining. But this is definitely not menstruation and nothing to do with the woman's own hormones. Her menstruation as well as her menstrual cycle is completely suppressed.

    This is why a woman or girl can have a bleed when first coming off these drugs (a withdrawal bleed) and then find that she does not menstruate.

    Unfortunately docs and the leaflets accompanying these drugs often talk about "periods" without explaining that this is not menstruation. So a lot of women and girls are wrongly left under the impression that they "menstruate" when on the Pill but don't menstruate when off it.

    Those women on the Pill for medical reasons are also left under the false impression that the Pill somehow "balances" or "regulates" their hormones and it is their hormones which have led to their medical condition.

    This has also led to a total neglect of basic nutrients especially the vitamin Bs, zinc, magnesium, essential fatty acids and iron - the lack of which not only affects the hormones but any system in the body. Just as much as the steroids in the Pill, HRT and similar drugs prescribed to mask menstrual irregularities and acne can affect any cell in the body.

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    I put my report in as a female losing her hair resulting from Aviane use.

  8. This is my first posting and I am feeling like a bloated whale since I came off the pill 4 weeks ago (Microgynon 30) had anyone else out there come off Microgynon 30?

    I have put on 8 pounds, gained around my middle, I have had no bleeding as yet. I just feel big and bloated! I thought the pill was supposed to put weight on you! Not coming off it! I have no headaches but have pains up my arms/a sort of throbbing. Feel disgusting and totally unattractive. Any advice?


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    If you check the manufacturer leaflets you will often find most side effects are listed although there are claims that manufacturers are "not sure" that certain symptoms are a result of steroid hormone contraception use. In fact many of the side effects have been clinically proven and were even predicted at some of the earliest drug trials on animals. One trial tested all doses of the Pill, high and low and found problems with all doses. Hair loss for ecample is a well established side effect of steroid sex hormones. The FDA, the MHRA in England do not test the drugs themselves. The drug industry is basically "self regulating". They present the results and the drugs are then passed as fit to be prescribed.


    If you want to, have a go at taking a vitamin B stress complex (vitamin Bs plus added C), an essential fatty acid mix of Omega 3s and 6s (some mixtures also have Omega 9s which is fine), a separate zinc with copper tablet and a separate magnesium tablet. You can stagger these through the day. Drinking plenty of plain water can help the circulation, I have found. Also keeping off refined sugar can be helpful as well as yeast products. All steroid sex hormones can encourage yeast/fungal overgrowth which can lead to a lot of generalized symptoms.

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    Hi I just found this site after realising, after two failed relationships and one nearly ruined one, that it was the Pill/Depo jab making me into a monster. My doctor in fact gave me the jab without even fully discussing side effects. My first relationship was ruined by me suddenly becoming very moody and aggressive, and pushing him away. He merely thought I just didn't want him anymore, I was a cow and a nightmare to live with.....My current bf nearly ended it this weekend, saying I'd been stropping at him and pushing him away since March and he couldn't take any more. I've been wanting to pull things apart between us and often look at him with revulsion, all the while distressed because I know that's not how I truly feel - I love him ! Lucky for me, he's not giving up on me yet ! I've been closed to people, and have just spent 5 days in a row crying....I can't sleep and often have vivid, emotionally distressing dreams and wake up feeling like someone's died. I hate being touched sometimes, and I have severe trouble eating and can't taste my food. I'm very dry "down there" and have gone off sex - I just don't get turned on and Inormally have quite a high sex drive.

    The first time I went on the Pill I took it for two or three years, and it got to the point where I was suicidal - I couldn't leave the house as I'd have panic attacks, and I lost a lot of friends - no-one, least of all me, knew what was wrong !
    I hope I can save this relationship and now I know what it is, and have found this site for support I think it'll be OK. The thing with the jab is that you can't just stop taking it - it has to run it's course.
    It's good to know I'm not a freak and that other people experience similar things [​IMG]

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    I have been on the pill for three months the first month i stopped for a break and took my period then i started it again for the next two months without stopping for a break. I finished my packet of pills four days ago and i havent taken my period. The entire time i was on the pill whcih is three motnhs i was having sex everyweek regurarly. SO im wondering is there and chance of being pregnant and what r the chances? ive been getting hot flushs, constipation and naseua?!


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