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    The question of whether sex promotes weight loss, is as old as the world. There are convinced supporters of this method of weight relief, and there are moralists and romantics who believe that sex for weight loss - it is low, stupid, ugly and unworthy of human beings. We all romance to some degree, however, is not about that. According to many "practitioners" to lose weight with the help of sex can be. And not just to lose weight ... By itself, sex, especially with loved ones or very desirable - it is a holiday, a piece of happiness, a set of paints, with which you can paint even the most boring and gray reality. Somehow sad and unworthy to do it solely for weight loss. But by the way - and why not? Making love can be not only for the mood, health and pleasure, not only to bring the joy of man. At the same time, and without prejudice to the other components of the quality of sex, why not pull up anything that needs a lift, strengthen everything looks better in a fortified, to pump up muscles, and at the same time give a lot of pleasant sensations yourself and your partner.
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    The activity is great for the midsection.

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    I think that there is no diet which contains sex ) However, depends on the frequency and the amount of energy you spend. Maybe it will help to lose weight a bit but not much as the most important factor for losing weight is healthy food and physical exercises.

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    scientists say that people who have sex are much more likely prone to lose weight. I guess it is because sex is generally relieving stress but stress it is one very known reason for weight gain..


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