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    I remember reading that slightly overcooked veggies like broccoli and carrots work well at this stage. I'm sure softer fruits would as well like mango and pear.

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    Olivia always liked the finger foods that she could feed herself better than purees. Even now she prefers her food whole and not cut up. Last night she ate almost an entire slice of pizza the way "grown ups" do after I ended up eating the slice I cut up for her because she wouldn't eat it, lol. Even hot dogs she won't eat if I cut them up, and that makes me super nervous but she's never once even almost choked on anything really.

    In the early days I would steam veggies like broccoli crowns, baby carrots and peas which always went over well. She also LOVES kiwi, and that was a good soft fruit to start her off with as well as bananas, which she now insists we give her whole with the peel started so she can peel it the rest of the way....little miss independent for sure! I would also give her very small (like the size of your pinky fingernail) pieces of ground beef and chicken or whatever else we happened to be having for dinner. We haven't really come across anything she won't eat. She LOVES the french style green beans!

    Oh, and cheese too! She LOVES american cheese! I swear she would live on a diet of cheese and green beans if I let her! The first thing she does every day when we get home is go to the fridge yelling "chee!"

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    I havn't tried him with veggies yet, I only really started finger foods this week when he turned 6 months. I get confused on wether they should be slightly over cooked and more on the mushy side (I worry big chunks will break off, more than he can handle) or slightly under cooked and more solid for him to "chew".

    I also want to try him on other fruits, banana is a hit but it becomes slippery very quickly which results in him dropping it. Again, I am unsure if I should try him with really soft fruits first or harder foods that he can grip better and gum more easily.

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    Mel- With the bananas try doing some finely crushed cheerio dust on the them ( cut them up and sprinkle the dust on them ) they help to grip the banana and also help with grains! [​IMG]

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    Thats a great article, thanks Pam [​IMG]

    Thanks for the tip Ash, will have to try it!

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    My Nephew, now 14 months old, has been taught to self-feed since he was about 10 months old. He has started to successfully use the baby fork and spoon, he still tends to use his fingers but fights to learn and be like his brothers and others eating at the table.

    I think that he will learn quicker if he eats at the mealtime with family at the table so he can learn from the family members. I feel if you feed him at other timings they will not get to learn by watching others.
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