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    Attracting women can be a confusing thing to work out. It's something that has confused scientists for years as there is no particular formula for it. Many times you might see what you consider to be an ugly guy walking down the street with the hottest girl and you wonder what made her attracted to him. Well it's probably because these guys knew some of the below secrets to attracting women.

    Body language
    This is key. The vast majority of communication is non-verbal (some studies put it anywhere between 67%-93%). That means that you can't hunch, be scared of taking up lots of space with your arms and legs. You have to make sure to speak with a loud dominant voice, and you do need to have strong eye contact.

    Physical touch

    Key for building attraction and allowing you to escalate sexually when you need to. Don't make this one too obvious, but do it just enough to show that you're comfortable with yourself, and are not intimidated by the girl.

    This is all about making fun of the girl. You need to do it playfully and with a smile on your face. Is she a closet nerd that loves to read anatomy textbooks? Does she have a bunch of cats with people's names? Etc. Flirt and make a few jokes, but don't push it too far. Here the key is to make her flirt back. If she gets seriously offended, or doesn't want to talk to you, then you messed up. Its time to change your approach a little bit and try again.


    This is the most important secret of attraction. If we look from an evolutionary perspective, women are attracted to alpha males because their genes dictate who they should mate with in order to increase the highest chance of survival of their children. Alpha males are known for being leaders. This is one reason why being a leader will make women attracted to you. Remember that leadership is a skill that can be developed over time (so don't fret if you don't possess it yet)

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