ROLL CALL: Vaginal Irritation

Discussion in 'Centchroman' started by Cami, Sep 28, 2006.

  1. skycircles

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    Coconut oil as lube!?! God bless the internet! So many useful ideas...

  2. Ciani

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    Regarding the difference between Rephresh vs Replens: I've done some research and it seems that they're actually just the same thing marketed by the same company under 2 different names, and at vastly different prices! Rephresh is supposed to lower your PH while Replens is only advertised as a moisturizer, but if you look on their respective official webpages at the studies that tested them, they're both considered the same kind of product in medical studies: "polycarbophil gel". And several studies found that Relpens lowers vaginal PH. So, don't buy Rephresh. Buy Replens, which is the same thing but cheaper.

  3. shauna32

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    I am now on my 2 month with the twice weekly dosage. The first month was fine, no problems... now I started showing some of the same side effects and I want to know if this is what everyone else has been experiencing. My entire vulva is swollen and red, almost like a rash, I have had severe abdominal cramps and everything is sooo dry... I can barely stand it. Sex is super painful and I am swollen for days after. I dont have a steady boyfriend, but figured i would try Saheli because HBC and I did not get along! So I am hoping this is a common side effect and nothing worse.

  4. GreenTea

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    shauna, I remember you mentioned having a similar reaction... swelling and pain... to Nuvaring. Is that correct?

    Are you using backup methods with the Saheli? Perhaps this is an allergic reaction to latex--Nuvaring is made with that, too.

  5. SabreQueen

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    That's interesting. I had the same reaction to Nuvaring, after I was on it for about a year, I had a lot of swelling and pain regardless of how much lube I used. It went away as soon as I stopped the ring.

    I've been on centchroman for just over a month and am starting to feel the same thing. For now, it's pretty minor, pain just after sex, and I'm going to see if changing lube/using more (or making sure I use it every time) or if the replens will help. I also had a bladder infection a few weeks ago that got pretty bad, then I was on antibiotics, so now I'm wondering if the antibiotics didn't cause a yeast problem. So right now I'm not sure what to attribute it to, but I'll start trying things!

    For those who experienced this on centchroman- does it seem to go away after a few months (like many other side effects usually do on hbc?)

  6. Nickee

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    I've found that taking cranberry pills and acidophillus helps with bladder/yeast infections respectively. I haven't had one or the other in about a year.

  7. skycircles

    skycircles New Member


    I was on centchroman for about 7 months with my last ex. During that time I had frequent issues with vaginal irritation and yeast infections. I went off for a few months when my ex and I broke up and then went back on about 8 months ago. Since then, I have not had any problems with vaginal irritation or yeast infections. This might be getting into TMI territory, but I really think the irritation and yeast infections were a result of frequent oral sex and having my ex finish inside me. These are fairly infrequent occurrences in my sex life now. An article I saw on Aphrodite talked about research linking recurring yeast infections to cunnilingus.
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  8. devildolly

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    Hi Ladies,

    It's been awhile since I posted anything here or even been on the boards for that metter. I am a saheli user for the last 3+ years and never attributed my onslaught of yeast infections, itchiness and discharge to Saheli....UNTIL NOW after reading this thread.

    At first, I thought maybe because the switch over from HBC and a new partner in my life (who is now my husband btw). But after reading this thread, I am more than convinced that it is down to the Saheli, which is a shame. I never, if rarely experienced yeast infections or anything of the like when I was on HBC or even as a teen. But since going on Saheli which I just started taking after I started seeing my DH, it has gotten out of control.

    I think a year into our relationship I started surfing the web trying to find answers with me thinking I was "allergic" to his seamen, as everytime we had sex I had irritation immediately thereafer. I also had irritation before my period and at random times during the month. My husband even went to his doctor to check to see if he was habouring yeast and re-infecting me. The doctor gave him some antibiotics for us both take at the same time just to be sure and we even abstained from sex for a few weeks after just be be sure.

    It still didn't solve the problem. Even after 3 years I am still getting irritation, have discharge when I never had it when on HBC, and have seeked out every solution I could find. I am so over taking anti-biotics as they don't do squat. I've done tea tree tampon suppositories, which work temporarily (sort of). I've tried creams, and taking yoghurt. No good.

    I think I've come to my teether on Saheli. I just wish the NHS would tie my tubes. I don't want kids and I am well past my sell by date but still have a bloody period - no pun intended.. when and if it shows up.

    If anyone is still reading this thread or has any solutions, then I most welcome them. I may try coconut oil as one of the other posters suggested. At least it's natural and would smell nice. [​IMG] I am not keen to go on HBC again as it gave me "mad (and I mean MAD) cow disease" and every month.

    I look forward to hearing from anybody...


  9. GreenTea

    GreenTea Super Moderator Staff Member

    If it's really due to Saheli, I don't know, not having experienced that... but I'm surprised your doctor gave you and your husband antibiotics, because antibiotics do nothing for yeast. If anything, they make it worse. They're for bacterial infections, not fungal infections.

    I found a post of my own on what I tried when I had a constant, raging yeast infection and all else failed (before I went on Saheli):

    I'd also tried garlic first. It works well on all kinds of vaginal infections, yeast and bacterial.

    And if you don't take them already, take probiotics! After all the antibiotics, you'll need them to restore the balance.
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  10. devildolly

    devildolly New Member

    Hi Greentea,

    Thanks for your speedy reply. It wasn't antibiotics, my mistake. It was Monistat, which is an expensive OTC pill which doesn't need prescription here in the UK. My husband just was worried that perhaps we kept passing the infection back and forth and thought it wise to see his GP.

    Monistat works temporarily for me, but my infection which is low grade always comes back. As I said before in my previous post, I've never had this problem until I started taking Saheli. I was mulling over the facts with my husband tonight and we figured I was on HBC when we first met with no irritation or infections, but within a month or two of starting Saheli, the yeast infections came fast and furious. Which for me is rare as I never really had them before. Apart from that, nothing in my diet or life has changed dramatically to create such a bloody nuisance. I really like this pill and would like to continue on it, but I need to rule out whether or not it is the problem.

    I did some reading up on the Solaray Yeast Cleanse and it has gotten mixed reviews by some i.e. some ladies it made really ill, others it worked it a treat.

    As for the garlic pills, did you take these internally or use them as suppositories? If the former, I have tried that and it didn't work for me. If the latter, then I may give it a try. I am going to buy some E.V. coco oil tomorrow and give that a go as well as buying a top-notch pro-biotic. All the while staying on the Saheli. If I don't get any relief, then I may go off the Saheli for a few months, switch to condoms and see what happens.

    Fingers crossed....

  11. GreenTea

    GreenTea Super Moderator Staff Member

    I used garlic as suppositories. It worked on some yeast infections, but not that last one I had.

    Yeast cleanse, like I said, only worked when I used it as a suppository--and that's not how it's directed.

  12. skycircles

    skycircles New Member

    I am almost certain that the vaginal irritation that I experience is due to vaginal pH issues. I use repHresh suppositories when I get itchy and it almost immediately goes away. You can also use the replens lubricant, since they are a very similar product and replens has a very low pH.

    Vaginas are naturally acidic to prevent infection from bacteria and yeast. Semen is more basic, so if your vaginal pH is off already, and there is semen in your vagina, you are more prone to yeast or bacterial infection.

    When I first experienced the vaginal irritation issue I tried a variety of products (OTC treatments, tea tree oil, lactobacillus suppositories, etc), and by far the most effective is the rePhresh product. I would give that a try before you move on from centchroman.

    Hope it works!

  13. GreenTea

    GreenTea Super Moderator Staff Member

    Here's a lengthy thread from 2006 - 2007 about side effects:

    And here are a couple of threads about very long period delays:

    I didn't have time to read through them just now, and don't offhand remember if there was any correlation between extended cycles and vaginal irritation, but reading them should give you a sense of that.

  14. GreenTea

    GreenTea Super Moderator Staff Member

    I've just read through this thread... and it reminded me that I had what I assumed was a yeast infection in my fourth month on Saheli, which was also the month with wacky cycles. I went a little over six weeks with no period (during those six weeks was when I switched to the once a week dose), then had one with very unusual bleeding patterns that lasted seven days--then got a normal Saheli period five days after the seven day bleed ended, which lasted about five or six days--and found the "infection" after that. It hurt to have sex, and my bf had just discovered that he had a fungal infection, so I assumed I'd caught it from him and treated it with garlic, and it went away within a week, give or take a couple of days.

    But maybe I had the vaginal irritation that so many have experienced, in a milder form? I thought at the time it was the last gasp of the frequent yeast infections I got when using spermicides. Maybe it was a Centchroman side effect.

    Took me this long to figure it out!

    Since then, I don't think I've had a full blown yeast infection or anything like that (I don't remember exactly; I might have had a milder one in there that I forgot about, or maybe I'm remembering from before Saheli), but I had some tenderness in the vaginal vestibule area about four years ago (spring 2005), and from time to time I've felt a little bit of itching on my labia, which eased up when I put antifungal cream on it, and I wouldn't even need the cream anymore after about two to four days. It never occurred to me that this might be a Centchroman side effect--but maybe it is. Maybe it isn't fungus at all.

  15. GreenTea

    GreenTea Super Moderator Staff Member

    Hot flushes, night sweats, and thirst have been reported more than once on here, so they probably are Centchroman side effects. I don't think anyone's experienced much of that after switching to once a week, but I may be wrong--in any case, it does seem like that's a side effect that nearly always, or perhaps always, goes away.

    I'm not sure about headaches or sore neck, but have you ever tended to get either when you get your period? It seems common for women to have symptoms they usually or sometimes get with menstruation all month long when first on Centchroman. For me, that symptom was breast tenderness. I had very tender breasts all the time for the first three months, and it took maybe another three months for that to go away, although it noticeably eased when I switched to once a week.

  16. npursuit

    npursuit New Member

    i am having similar symptoms. I have been on Centchroman for about 2 months. After the first month i started getting yeast like symptoms as well as a persistent rash under my arms. I have been to see my doctor and do not wish to be taking anitbiotics to "try" and cure it.
    The only thing that has changed is the use of the Centchroman since the onset of these symptoms. I am going to discontinue using it as it is much too aggravating and uncomfortable.
    I am going to switch to using the Lady-comp or Pearly for a more natural, pill less, method of birth control.


  17. GreenTea

    GreenTea Super Moderator Staff Member

    npursuit - what dosage are you on?

    If you really can't live with this, of course it's understandable. But it's also true that side effects often ease when the dosage is dropped to once a week. It's advisable to go to the once a week dosage after twelve weeks--we have learned that staying on it twice a week indefinitely can and does cause problems; see the "2 x Per Week" thread by Seashelles.

    I'd like to know if there's anyone who's experienced side effects on a twice a week dosage, switched to once a week, and did not have the side effects ease. That may have been posted about before, but if anyone has a story like that, please refresh my memory!

  18. npursuit

    npursuit New Member

    2 a week as it has only been two months. i can't go through this for another month while waiting to reduce to one pill a week.

  19. interstellar

    interstellar New Member

    Hello all,

    First i want to thank everyone who has been so good about posting their experiences to this forum. I am so grateful for all this information here and I apologize that I haven't been more vocal about my experiences.

    I think i am having some vaginal irritation/dryness too. I thought it was a yeast infection but there are no other signs of it.

    (I started taking Saheli the first time back in Fall 2007 and stopped taking it around Spring 2008 partly because a relationship ended, partly because my acupuncturist told me it would cause me to loose bone density and put me at risk of early osteoporosis (I'm 34). I don't remember if i had any vaginal irritation or not during that period. I stayed on the 2xweek dose that entire time because the pregnancies i was reading about on this forum scared me.)

    This time I started taking it in August 2008 2xweek and sometime mid-November I started noticing the irritation. I also started noticing the hot flashes. Every night. Ugh. I originally was going to stay on the 2xweek dose but now i am feeling more comfortable with trying to go less - maybe every 5 days at first. But I can't seem to find any clear directions on how to start the lower dose. I've searched here for a while. Do I need to start with my period or can I just start doing that whenever? My last period was 11/22-11/26.

    Also, is anyone in contact with the Saheli doctor? I sent some questions to on 11/23 and have received no response.

    Thanks everyone and good luck with all this!

  20. Morganacat

    Morganacat New Member

    Interstellar -

    Personally I know of no reason why you could not adjust your dosage to once every 5 days or once a week right away. If you go to once every 5 days, it will just slowly taper off the amount of the drug in your system. I don't think you'll find any definitive answers, since staying on the 2x/week or using an every 5 days dosage is not the "official" method of using Saheli.

    The Saheli doctor seems to no longer be responding to emails. I send 2 or 3 to her and never got a response. That was 6 months to a year ago. It's been a while. She was a really valuable resource for us - unfortunate that we no longer have that.

    That's interesting that you mention bone density. I just had my endocrinologist tell me today to stop taking Saheli because it's negatively affecting my bone density. (Which I'll post about more extensively in the appropriate thread.) [​IMG]


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