ROLL CALL: Vaginal Irritation

Discussion in 'Centchroman' started by Cami, Sep 28, 2006.

  1. vero07

    vero07 New Member

    hi. it's been a while since anyone has posted here - i'm actually yet another person with terrible vaginal irritation as a result of saheli. i've been on it for about 6 months, doing 2/week for the first four months and having been on 1/week for about two months.

    what's ironic is that when i was on 2/week i had awful stomach cramps, and a 24/7 bloating sensation. all that disappeared when i switched to 1/week and bareback. but since then sex has been *extremely* painful.

    besides waves of vaginal irritation, i'm experiencing extreme dryness, even with lubricant. pretty much everytime i have sex, it feels like i'm being deflowered all over again. and i'm super sore afterwards. in addition to that, i'm also having heavy discharge on a daily basis, which makes certain boyfriend activities a no-no. needless to say, this is all a first for me.

    my boyfriend and i had always been pretty active, but in the past two months things have decidedly slowed down a bit...

    i thought i'd hang in there a bit longer, but in the past week i happened to do research on the effects of menopause for a writing project. my friends and i came up with all sorts of data on little talked about side effects: super painful sex, irritation, vaginal dryness, a "shrinking" of the vulva... and, guess what? it's pretty much what I had been feeling all along these two months! (and i'm 26 years old, so i have at least another 20 years before all that naturally sets in)

    since this morning, when the irritation has become so bad i can barely think straight, i have been toying with the idea of switching to lady comp... but the failure rate can be so high...

    so, here is my question: to those of you who took acidophilus and noticed improvements, would you say that now the vaginal irritation + pain + discharge are honestly completely gone and sex is back to normal, or do you still have some lingering small side effects?

    i would really appreciate if you could answer me... i'm willing to try acidophilus, along with cranberry pills, but only if it's 100% effective. i think being completely healthy and strong should be the no.1 priority, i don't want to settle for anything less...

  2. skycircles

    skycircles New Member

    I have been using a combination of the repHresh gel to lower my vaginal pH and Yeast-gard suppositories, which contain a probiotic called pulsatilla. This combination has eliminated 95% of the irritation. I don't use them regularly however, just sort-of whenever I feel out of whack or I think about it. I think if I used them regularly, they might totally eliminate the irritation. In addition, it seems to be getting better slowly on its own. I have less problems and am using less gel/suppositories than initially. You might also check out the pH of the lube you are using - some lubes have a higher pH, which can increase vaginal irritation/problems.

  3. vero07

    vero07 New Member


    thanks for your response.

    i have actually been taking acidophilus, cranberry pills, as well as a vaginal cream and a special wash but the situation is not improving at all. i don't remember ever being in so much pain that i can barely function.

    i have scheduled an appointment with my ob/gyn, so hopefully the problem will be taken care of soon.

    that said, i have decided to stop using saheli. since being on it, my body has always been somewhat out of whack - first the unbearable stomach cramps, and now the neverending vaginal irritation and discharge, which has turned sex from fun to painful.

    if the situation was turned around and a guy had to go through this, well, he would have stopped long ago. i don't see why us women have to put ourselves through so much pain.

    i want to claim my body back.

    so, on to lady comp. i will keep you posted.

  4. sspoon

    sspoon New Member

    In the past two months I've started having irritation (been on Centchroman since August). Sex isn't really painful (just a slight tinge), but I do have an itchy irritated - almost burning - feeling all the time. I take vitamins and have a daily yogurt. Anyhow I was wondering if this could simply be dry skin. I live in the northeast US and between the outside cold and indoor heat have to use lotion each day and have a humidifier. I still have really dry itchy skin and bloody noses the air is so dry. The timing of the onset of the irritation seems to coincide with the increasing wintery air. Does this seem plausible? I don't put lotion on my vaginal area because I'm worried about the perfumes etc., but does anyone know if I can? Or what brands might be designed for that area? Or does this seem like an unlikely cause?

  5. skycircles

    skycircles New Member

    Dryness does make sense, but I would avoid using lotion. It might be better to try RePlens, which was designed to increase vaginal moisture, works for several days, and has a low pH. I personally would be scared to try lotions "down there," but if you want to try you would need something without alcohol, petrolatum/petroleum, or fragrance - which can be difficult to find. I used fragrance free Shikai on a tattoo and it worked well.

  6. sspoon

    sspoon New Member

    Thanks Skycircles. I'll get some of that RePlens and repHresh. Any idea which to try first or how they might work together? In the past day or two it's gone from a minor annoyance to really uncomfortable, occupying all my thoughts. Upon further reflection I think this can't just be winter dryness - I never had this irritation any other winter, not have I ever had such dry sinuses. If Centchroman does dry our mucus membranes this could be the cause of both, aggravated by the dryness of the air.

  7. sspoon

    sspoon New Member

    Just thought I'd add that this has spread to the "mound" and all around... (hmm, not trying to rhyme). No signs of the rash that some others experienced but there is increased burning when peeing... I've arranged a UTI test just in case. This started 3-4 months after starting, and I'm on a once a week dose. No other side effects.

  8. skycircles

    skycircles New Member

    It seems like you might have a low level yeast infection - I don;t think a UTI would spread to the mound, although I could be wrong. If OTC yeast-infection medicine works for you, I would try that first and see if it helps. I used the generic version of Monistat the first time I had these symptoms with Saheli. Since then, what I have been doing is using either RepHresh or Yeast-Gard at the first feeling of imbalance. RepHresh is supposed to last 3 days and Yeast-Gard is a 7 day treament. Between the two I have been able to keep things stable.

    Other people are using cranberry supplementsland acidophilus for symptoms. Someone mentioned that D-Mannose works weel/fast for UTIs, so you might want to look into that. I have never used the Replens for moisture/lubrication, but many peopl with dryness issues swear by it.

    Wow that's a lot of products. I hope you can figure it out!

  9. vero07

    vero07 New Member

    a quick update – i've stopped taking saheli exactly two weeks ago (was on 1/week) and my 2-month long vaginal irritation symptoms have COMPLETELY DISAPPEARED. i feel like a new person [​IMG]

  10. JKT

    JKT New Member

    Just thought I would share my past experience of vaginal irritation. Ive had irritation without any discharge, slight rash but very itchy. Doctor perscribed vaginal estrogen which kind of helped but itch continued. Got fed up with doctor. Mother told me it was probably some type of fungal infection that is not really visible. Told me to use the Desenex powder for athletes foot. After 3 days use, irritation seemed to go away. Combine Desenex with Cetaphil lotion for vaginal dryness and problem has appeared to go away. Hope this helps any of you!Also, dont use the Desenex spray since it contains alcohol and can further irritation the vaginal area.

  11. JKT

    JKT New Member

    Ive had this problem off an on for several years. Doctor suspects menopause but lab tests show nothing. Put me on estrogen cream and antifungal cream but didnt really seem to go away. I started taking baths in corn starch (very old remedy), using Cetaphil hand lotion (used by people who have skin allegies), and mother recommended Desenex powder (yes, the stuff for athelets foot) and things magically seem to go away. Try it, cant hurt!

  12. skycircles

    skycircles New Member

    I quit taking centchroman a couple of weeks ago when my boyfriend and I broke up (as it turns out I had been dating a full blown narcissist without realizing it - ugh). I experienced some vaginal irritation shortly after stopping - I think it was mostly a mild yeast infection. My period was a few days early, so I will have to see what happens with the irritation after my cycle is over.

  13. darlintxmomma

    darlintxmomma New Member

    oh wow...i havent been around for a while since i stopped taking saheli about 4 months ago but im glad i checked in. the reason i stopped was because my cooter was on FIRE itching all the freaking time. everytime i would have sex with dh i would be clawing myself stupid for about 2 weeks (sadly with him being on the other side of texas with the military i only saw him every 2 weeks so this became continual) so i stopped taking the pills just to see if there was any difference. there IS. i havent had the itchies/ burnies/swelling bits in 3 months now. i just started taking it again this last week because my face broke out terribly since i got off of it, my pms is back and so are my cramps. im gonna give it this month and see if the itchies come back and if they do i may just have to stop it for good.
    lordy it really sucks that this has become a side effect for all of us. i have seriously loved this pill for the 17-18 months ive been on it.

  14. DJain

    DJain New Member

    I'm wondering if what people are experiencing is low-grade yeast infections. I've had more of those than usual on Saheli, but I've been able to combat them just by eating more yogurt and being careful to wear cotton panties and not sit around in wet bathing suits or sweaty workout clothes.

  15. laura1234

    laura1234 Member

    i believe i did have increased problems while on hbc and saheli. i had continual yeast infections for about a year, and since i've been off everything (for about a year now), i haven't had any problems

  16. MyrtleWarbler

    MyrtleWarbler Super Moderator Staff Member

    I had a couple yeast infections while on Saheli, though they were always minor... kinda "is it or isn't it?"... I haven't had them since I quit, but I also started eating yogurt, which I never ate before. That's what the midwife suggested when I last saw her, which was the week after I took my last Saheli!

    She also said yeast infections were more likely on the hormonal pill, and didn't think that an SERM would cause more yeast infections, but she isn't intimately familiar with THIS particular SERM. I rarely had them on hbc, and seemed to have minor ones (that usually cleared themselves up) while on Saheli. It's a side effect I would tolerate if I could keep it mostly under control (e.g., with yogurt), but it does seem like more than a coincidence.

    And now you will soon have a chance to tell me in a survey! See separate survey update post...

  17. Finally Jess

    Finally Jess New Member

    It's been about 8 months since I had to stop saheli because of the constant vaginal irritation & yeast infections (one of which was so bad I was in danger of it affecting other parts of me apparently!). I tried everything before I stopped, including taking supplements & yogurt.

    I was stopping by this forum to see if there had been any developments but it seems there hasn't. [​IMG]

    I'm really hoping a drug company will pick up on Centchroman, research it, and somehow get rid of this side effect. I desperately want to go back on it, but can't since I'm am too afraid to have the yeast infections pop back up & ruin my sex life for months again!

    yay for saheli, boo for infections!

  18. Elle79

    Elle79 New Member

    hi there! just like finally jess, i stopped taking saheli 8 months ago because i couldn't take the side effects anymore (severe vag irritation + freakish pre-menopausal symptoms - i'm only 27!). had started in 08/2006, ok at the beginning, then tons of side effects setting in after three months, so stopped in 01/2007. since then, have used a combination of charting / condoms.

    Just wanted to report that since quitting Saheli I haven't had a single instance of vaginal irritation. Not a single one. Also, I'm back to feeling fully healthy... So maybe there is a real correlation between the two problems (vag irr & taking saheli).

  19. skycircles

    skycircles New Member

    There definitely seems to be a relationship to me. I quit centchroman for a few months because of frequent yeast infections and a relationship ending. After a few weeks the vaginal irritation was gone. I am now back on and am already feeling itchy and irritated in only a few weeks. I think what is happening is that centhcroman either changes the vaginal flora or messes with the acidity/alkalinity balance (or both). This is probably TMI, but I hadn't really had any problems until my lover came in me and now the itchy/burning feeling is starting again. Last time I used a variety of suppositories to keep my vaginal pH low and it seemed to work. But still, its annoying and a lot of effort. Aargh.

  20. darlintxmomma

    darlintxmomma New Member

    skycircles.....i know exactly what you mean.... at first i actually began to think that i was becomming allergic to DH's semen because it would flare me up within hours of dtd. i even put HIM on a candida cleanse to see if it would help. i took a 4 month break from saheli and began using coconut oil as our lube (anti-yeast) and also taking internally and so far ive been back on for 1 month with no problems. *cross fingers


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