ROLL CALL: Vaginal Irritation

Discussion in 'Centchroman' started by Cami, Sep 28, 2006.

  1. Cami

    Cami New Member

    I think it would be usefull to know how many of us on here are experiancing this side effect and for how long. Maybe we can make some connections as to why this is happening to some and not otheres.

    Ill start

    -general vaginal irritation
    -vulvar swelling lasting 2-7 days twice a month
    -painful sex (when irritated only)
    -yeast like symptoms, tests returned negative
    -irritation since June
    -on Centchroman for nearly 6 months

  2. jenkeith

    jenkeith New Member

    I've been irritated for the last month. I've had itching and increased discharge. I went to the gyno when this all started, I didn't have an infection of any sort, but I did have an imbalance. I took probiotics at first, but they didn't seem to help. My symptoms resemble bv more than a yeast infection so I've been using tee tree oil suppositories for about 5 days and things seem to be getting better.

  3. ithomas

    ithomas New Member

    I'm curious to know when this symptom started. I've been using Centchroman for almost a month and haven't had any irritation, just wondering if it appeared later on for anyone.

  4. Cami

    Cami New Member

    mine apeared in month 2...towards the end of it. The first bit was smooooooth sailing

  5. artemiss

    artemiss New Member

    I've noticed a bit of extra discharge and a propensity toward yeast, problem is, I am like this nornally (w/o hormones) so I am not entirely sure it's a direct result of the saheli...

  6. paddlerhbm

    paddlerhbm New Member

    Definately increased discharge and vaginal irritation. Started maybe month 2? Can't remember.

    I laid off sex for a month [​IMG] but now it's better.

    I started my period after 55 days and a bunch of times I felt I'd started due to the increased discharge!

    I"ll keep everyone posted as to the pain/irritation level.

  7. Finally Jess

    Finally Jess New Member

    Happened to me once only when I first started, about my 4th pill (2 weeks in).

    I had vulva swelling, itching and pain for about a total 7 days including treatment. Sex was also VERY painful but I didn't try to continue after about 3 seconds.

    I assumed it was a yeast infection and treated it as such, along with the cream that went with it. It seemed to help lots and went away within 3 days. I haven't had a problem since! (and hope I don't again [​IMG] )

  8. miss auburn

    miss auburn New Member

    I wanted to say that when I first transitioned off hormones (to nothing) I noticed that sex was somewhat painful due to high sensitivity in my cervix or uterus (somewhere in there...). In general I noticed more little pains and sensations in that area, and I assume that's because I was ovulating for the first time in 10 years. I went on Centchroman after only one month off hormones this time, and it was the same sensation (pretty much fine now after 7 weeks on Centchroman). If you've got abdominal pains, then it doesn't see surprising that there would be pressure during sex as well. Cami is talking about a further complication (irritated vagina, swelling, etc...) that seems quite different and more severe than anything I ever had, but the painful sex part could (for some users who are transitioning off hormones) possibly be attributed to the newfound sensation of ovulation. I should mention that I too have had increased vaginal discharge while on Centchroman that I have never experienced before, Not unpleasant, but randomly drippy...

  9. Cami

    Cami New Member

    yes but there is a different kind of pain involved when comparing ovulation and vaginal irritation. Myself and others, I believe, are talking about pain due to an irritated vagina NOT due to a lowered cervix from ovulation. That I have experianced and know what feels like.

    The pain and discomfort I have experianced is more partners penis is covered in acid and it obviously Im not very sexualy active at the moment

    painful sex due to vaginal irritation is a totaly different sensation than painful sex due to ovulation

    On another note the swelling, for me, has increased to twice a month now! Epsom salts help but honestly I dont like ignoring when my body is trying to talk to me...and right now I think it is YELLLING at me! I honestly would take the mood swings I experianced while on the pill over this vaginal irritation

    I have stopped taking my pills and will not continue until I figure out if this is associated with Centchroman or not and the only way I will know is through a process of elimination...take out one variable and see how it effects another.

    Hopefully this irritation is all going to come to an end IT IS HORRIBLE!!!!

  10. awishon

    awishon New Member

    I've had vaginal itching/burning/irritation since day 1 (September 10th). I take my third dose of Centchroman on Monday...I'm trying to hang in there, but the irritation is very uncomfortable!

  11. Cami

    Cami New Member


    any swelling? is sex painful? where you on HBC prior to this and if so how long had you been off for?

  12. Cami

    Cami New Member

    ladies I know there are more of you out there who have had this side effect...ispikes?
    There was at least 10 in the side effects thread alone! Please post your stories here so we can compare and try to figure out why this is happening to some and not others

  13. paddlerhbm

    paddlerhbm New Member

    I was only off of Mirena IUD for 1 month and ACTUALLY some of the irritation started then and we attributed it to the latex in the condoms or the lube we were using.

    So the irritation has lessened with both less sex AND the use of O'My lubrication.

    I would like to be objective in our experiences before we jump and point fingers

  14. MichelleS

    MichelleS New Member

    I just took my first dose of Saheli yesterday, so I can't really speak of side effects yet. However, I have had vaginal irritation and swelling like others have described here for the last week or so. I have been off HBC for 2 months now. The same itching and swelling happened to me a couple of years ago when I went off HBC to get pregnant. I went to the GYN a bunch of times because it was so itchy and painful and she ran a bunch of tests which all came back negative for any kind of infection. Apparently it had something to do with my body adjusting to being off of the hormones. I am thinking that this may be the same thing. I don't know how many of you are just coming off of HBC, but that may the case for you, too. I don't remember how long the irritation lasted last time...I just know it feels like forever this time.

    I know that doesn't really help. I am just hopeful that the Saheli isn't the issue. I really want this pill to be the one that works for me.

  15. Finally Jess

    Finally Jess New Member

    I love that O'my stuff almost as much as my boyfriend! lol

    Sex is not painful at all anymore and wayyyy more fun.

    My local stag shop is out of stock.... I'm calling every couple days to check since I can't be without it, sex just doesn't work.
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  16. RaeS

    RaeS New Member

    Cami, so sorry to hear what you're going through...sounds like torture.

    I'll post my experiences, too, on the off chance they're of use:
    I've definitely noticed increased discharge since I started centchroman.
    Twice since I started Saheli (one pill left in my third pack), I've noticed a burning sensation during sex and extreme vaginal irritation and swelling. The first time, I attributed it to a YI from use of the Today sponge (backup method for the 1st cycle) and treated it successfully as such with a one day suppository.
    The second time, a couple of weeks ago, I was experiencing the same symptoms, so I treated it as a YI with another one day, and experienced relief in a day or two.

    I didn't see a Dr about either incident, so I can't definitively say, but the one day thingys helped, so *shrug*...just my experience, don't know if it pertains.
    Definitely think my chemistry is a bit off kilter. I'm going down to the once a week dose next week and hoping that evens everything out.

  17. Cami

    Cami New Member

    But who wants to have LESS sex when they are taking a method that should protect them and allow them to have MORE sex...not me LOL!

    Id also like to say I found the last part of your post one on here is pointing fingers! This is the reality of the situation, for some of us this method sux, for others it doesnt. But please dont accuse anyone of pointing fingers. It actually takes a lot of guts to post that you are having a negative experiance on a forum where so many are are dying for this to be THE hbc alternative...for some of us it is simply not
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  18. paddlerhbm

    paddlerhbm New Member

    I don't want to be misunderstood in my "pointing fingers" remark, sorry.

    I have been having the same negative experiences as a few others, with the painful intercourse, swelling vulva, yeast infection symptoms AND I've posted about them all. The only correlation or attempt to understand fully I was trying to make, was that there were other factors involved (i.e. the condoms and self-heating lube) other than simply Saheli when my negative experiences began.

    I am attempting to do the same thing you are Cami...eliminate each factor one at a time and see if things get better, THEN point the finger. I'm scared as hell that it's Saheli, and if that's the case I'll accept it but I want to be sure.

    HOpe that makes sense.

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