Road test sex position, comments please?

Discussion in 'Female Sexuality' started by Down under, Sep 22, 2016.

  1. Down under

    Down under New Member

    hi All,
    Have just started experimenting with the "coital alignment technique" and would love to know, especially from the ladies, if they find it good. Is it something you have tried? Was it worthwhile to keep doing? Does it get you off? Not as good as other positions for orgasm. My girlfriend seems to really like it.
    Has anyone not tried it? Is it overhyped? Guys? What do you think?

    Would appreciate some opinions.

    Kind regards to all,

    Down under.

  2. light

    light Member

    Strangely I find this position very painful and I have no problems painwise in any other position. I can only bear it if he thrusts at an angle parallel to my body but if he thrusts at even a slight angle I cant stand it. It is supposed to give us orgasms but it doesnt do anything for me. I guess we are all different.


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