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    With #1, my mucus plug fell out and pink streaks on the TP, contractions started an hour later. With #2 I had BH pretty strong for the last month, but got hard contractions and diahrea the morning my labor started. #3 was induced (which really sucks!!) a week early to keep her under 10 lbs, and #4 was stronger and stronger contractions while I was nesting and getting the crib set up. I was sent home because dr. said I was only at a 3, and my sis made me drink a glass of wine and take a warm bath, but within an hour, I was like hell no, I cannot sleep through this!! The contractions were a lot stronger, so I made my hubby take me back. Dr. checked me and got drenched when my water broke on him. I was at a 6-7 and gave birth shortly there-after.

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    I had no prelabor symptoms with my daughter. I didn't nest, or feel her drop. Just goes to show you that you can go into labor without prelabor signs that everyone talks about. I had much stronger BHs in the last few weeks, but they werent painful. At 39+6 I had a lower backache that came and went, had bloody show later in the afternoon (was still at work at this time too, so timing the come go backache was impossible), soaked in a hot bath in the evening, went to bed, and was awaken by contractions at 3AM. Had an appt. later that day and was 4cm. Labor can start out of nowhere. Be patient!

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    Thanks everyone that's really encouraging

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    The early signs of labour are diarrhea and flu-like symptoms, nausea and vomiting.Vaginal discharge increases and any blood from vagina means labour is starting.

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    I'm so nervous I'm 39 weeks and 1 day ive been having some sharp pain in my butt area and uterus I felt a pop and idk if I'm leaking any diff because I've been leaking the past few days. Ive been having back pain but dull and bh but they keep getting stronger I'm 1cm and i just don't know this is my second baby but I got induced so I don't know what to expect. Please help lol


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