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    You've been focused on one date for months [​IMG] and as that magical date gets closer you can't think of anything else and begin to wonder.....

    will I know if I am in labour??

    what can I expect (symptoms)??

    what can I do to help kick start labour if I am overdue??

    Well maybe us "MOMS" can help by listing our pre-labour symptoms and any tips we might have to help you get through labour or help get thing's moving.
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    I woke up around 4:15am with a strange cramp. I waited to see if I would get another similar and I did about 7 minutes later. And then my water broke (felt like an uncontrollable leak, if I did anything forceful I would continuously leak, so taking a wheelchair to mat ward was better then walking, hehe) and my cramp (contractions apparently) were 4-3.5 minutes apart.

    If you feel something unsually cramp-like, try and time the next one, could be your contractions, hehe!

    Mine weren't painful at the beginning, as the time went by they intensified in pain.

    I had my 2nd membrane sweep about 12 hours before I went into labor!!!

    Remember that this was MY experience!! Every labour and delivery is going to be YOUR only experience that no one else will ever have!!

    Just trying to remember all this, makes me want another baby, haha!

  3. **Cleo**

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    Ok here goes:-

    34 WEEKS - From week 34 drank 2 cups of RLT (raspberry leaf tea) a day this is supposed to tone your uterus making the 2nd stage of labour quicker. No unusual symptoms

    35 WEEKS - Same

    36 WEEKS - Sharp shooting pains, like an electric shock in my cervix. Braxton hicks were getting much stronger and lasting longer.

    37 WEEKS - From week 37 drank 3-4 cups of RLT a day. Started taking 2 EPO (evening primrose oil) 1000 mg capsules a day (meant to help soften cervix)

    38 WEEKS - Increased the EPO to 3 capsules a day. Stabbing pains in bum and down one thigh occasionally felt sick and had loose bowels on and off.

    39 WEEKS - Occasionally started getting very dull AF cramps they would come and go and were never painful.

    3rd May PM (39 weeks) - Massive baby movements, I was 100% sure that I would go into labour as these movements were BIG and painful could have been the 3 cokes I drank that night??? After the big movements dull AF cramps on and off.

    4th May AM - Twinges in my cervix, AF cramps on and off still very dull just like a ache really.

    8th May PM - Lower backache didn't matter what position I got in, it still ached. AF cramps pretty constant and much deeper and lowerdown.

    9th May AM - 2am Really STRONG AF cramps coming and going every 10-20 minutes, 4am waters broke contractions increased rapidly to 5 minutes apart I knew it was the real deal.

    TIP: You don't need to have lost your mucus plug to go into labour, I was in labour when I lost my plug. It looks like bloody egg white and there was tons of it!

    TIP: Pack lipbalm in your labour bag so ok I did no pushing but my lips still got very dry.

    TIP: You can still drink your raspberry leaf tea after having your baby it will help your uterus shrink back quicker [​IMG]
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    I had no real pre labour symptoms at all... Boring i know!

    My waters broke at 7pm on a tues evening, no signs of any contractions. The waters were a slow constant trickle, not the gush i had imagined. And when I went to clean myself up a HUGE blob of jelly came away, and it was blood stained.
    Contractions started 1am on weds morning, strong and constant, every 3 mins straight away (apparently this was because my waters had gone prior to contractions starting).
    Dont fret that you wont know you are in labour, i did this, it worried the hell out of my for the last month of pregnancy, but believe me - you will know.

    Enjoy the experience, you will get through it, our bodies are amazing and can do this amazing thing. it was by far the best thing that has ever happened to me, and im now broody again!

  5. Penguin-Goon

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    when i was 36 weeks i had an awful huge painful contraction while i was driving down the road! scared the hell outta me! i didnt get another one till i went full into labor though.

    at 37 1/2 weeks i got nesting feever!!! my mom came over to spend the day with me, we went out to lunch and i was cleaning my house (top to bottom lol! i went super crazy). i think i was doing like my 5th load of laundry when i felt a really bad cramp (contraction, just didnt realize it.) i got another one like 35 minutes later. by the time i realized it might be somthing they started to hurt just a bit (not to bad yet) and i was explaining what i was feeling to my mom (she saw me stop what i was doing and kinda bend over) and she was like, uh hunny, your going into labor! lol, but they were irregular so i wasnt to worried about it. this was about 2 pm and we waited at the house for a good bit(it was fun telling DF i was in labor when he got home from work cause he was like OMG and freaked out cause he thought that meant we had to go to the hospital like right then!!). they started to regulate a bit and it was about 2am that next morning when we were timing the contractions about 4 minutes apart and they were starting to hurt a bit so we went to the hospital. i proceeded to get stuck at 2 cm and they made me walk up and down the hallways for 2 hours!!! finally when i got to 3 cm they gave me and epidural and broke my water and that sped things up.

    just remember like gutter said everyones labor will be different (like i never lost my plug before going into labor, or broke my water, they did that for me). i think once it really gets going, you will know! in the beginning contractions really do feel like exagerated AF cramps though.

  6. rylee mack

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    I'll post my labor symptoms later, but:

    TIP: Losing your mucous plug does not guarantee you're about to go into labor! I lost my plug a couple weeks from my due date and while my cervix WAS dilating and thinning, I still ended up being induced the day before my due date.

    TIP: The pitocin during an induction does NOT make your contractions become stronger any faster than in natural labor, even though everyone will tell you that. They make it out like the contractions will start hitting you instantly, but its not true!

  7. Guest

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    With my first pregnancy;

    No mucous plug,no braxton hicks (well not painful ones) and no real symptoms except nesting about 4 days before I went into labour.I went mad cleanign and decided at 2am that the furniture needed rearanging and preceeded to do so myself! LOL

    second; I had lots of braxton hicks and a flase labour.Taking tylonal PM a hot bath and laying down stopped it though so I knew it was not labour.When I did go into labour,contraction came very fast,very painful,lost mucous plug then and waters didnt break till 9cmsl!

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    I went to the er Sunday afternoon because I had trouble breathing, like a band around my chest. Dr told them to keep me and start inducing. Sunday night they had a insert that was to ''soften my cervix'' It was a long night, because they had to check it every hour. then Monday first thing they started the pitocin. I agree, it did not make the contractions strong and fast like they say.

    When my water finally broke early Tuesday afternoon husband (across the room) and I BOTH heard a sound like a cork popping off a champagne bottle, and I FELT the cork pop lol. After that they did the epidural. It was funny because my engineer husband was fascinated with the graphs of the contraction strengths, and after the epidural he commented on some really strong ones (which I didn't even feel) and I was like yeah-whatever, you are blocking the tv. Then baby was in distress, and things started happening fast. I ended up with an emergency c-section, the cord was wrapped around her neck. But it's ok cause the c-section was needed, and the end result was a healthy little baby girl.

  9. lazergun

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    I was in slow labour from sunday and delivered on the thursday.
    Sunday I had very dull AF pains building up during the day and that evening I was in the hospital visiting and was doubling over so one of the nurses on the ward sent me round to delivery. I was 1 cm and got a stretch and sweep.
    Monday much of the same and lost part of my mucus plug
    Tuesday the same as monday
    Wednesday lost more mucus plug, the last of it actually, and had an app to see my gyneacologist. My BP was rising, he thought due to stress from mum in hospital and the pains but he didnt want to risk it being pre eclampsia so he took me in to be induced that night.

    I had a hind water leak at 38 weeks and previous to that had been taken in several times from 32 weeks because of pre term labour scares, symptoms all the same as when I actually went into labour except the mucus plug.

  10. shelleyinatl

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    I guess these are not symptoms, really - but I had to share a couple of things for any of you who (like me) were looking for any little sign of relief at 38+ weeks.

    Energy spurt - I cleaned my whole house - top to bottom - at 38 weeks. After that I was so miserable I tried everything to bring on labor. Here's what worked for me:
    Thursday: 38w 6d: membrane sweep
    Friday: 39 weeks on the dot: membrane sweep, and I ate eggplant parmigana for dinner (I hate eggplant, BTW)
    Saturday: walked a short distance
    Sunday: lost mucous plug
    Monday: water broke & I was induced

  11. SweetestTea

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    wow....i appreciate this convo, I'll probably enjoy it more in about 8 months, but at just a month or so pregnant it scaaaared me!!!!

  12. desertgirl

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    I did not have any pre-labor symptoms. The day I went into labor (39 weeks 4days), I went to work, went for a swim, and had a chiropractic adjustment. I was in the beginning stages of getting ready for bed when, whoosh, my water broke. Contractions started about an hour later, and believe me, there won't be any question whether or not you're in labor!!

  13. Myste

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    I didn't have any symptoms either. Went to bed, got up to the alarm and found my pad soaked with greenish fluid. Had an appointment for a NST at the triage center anyway, so had them check and yes, I was leaking amniotic fluid - my waters had broken overnight. Didn't have contractions until the evening, they had just started when the drs decided to speed things along with pitocin.

  14. brown eyed girl

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    I never had braxton-hicks pr any pre-;abor symptoms, really. About a week or so before I went into labor, I had a sudden urge to organize one of my closets- don't know if that was related or not (nesting). From 35 to 40 weeks, I was 1 cm dialated and the morning I went into labor, I had a bloody show and KNEW something was up. 12 hours later, contractions started and we headed for the hospital. 5 hours later, my baby boy was born! So you can go from 1cm to 4-5cms in a matter of hours. I thought it would never happen and I went into labor 3 days before my due date and had my baby at 2:01 am, 2 days before my August 5th due date.

  15. nessa26

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    Had Braxton Hicks contractions from about 34 weeks on. Walking made them worse and more uncormfortable.

    Weeks 36, 37, 38, and 39, cervix was thick and closed.
    Week 40 (appt., was on my due date) cervix was 60% effaced, and 4cm dilated. I began having a lower backache, and had bloody show the day before my due date. Contractions started spontaneously early the next morning.

    Due to the irregularity of the contractions, my daughter probably wouldn't have been born for a few more days, but labor was induced to elevated BP and protein in urine.

    Not one hint of labor for me, until my due date!!

  16. Confused-Hasya

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    I believe I had back labor. It began at 2 am 10 days past due, just before I was going to go to bed. I could feel intense pressure in my lower back, it would stay for several seconds and ebb away. I thought that it was back ache. I lay in bed, on my side for several minutes. This kept repeating. I didn't wake my husband up as it wasn't feeling awful. I fell asleep but was aware of the contractions (by this time I was sure they were contractions as I was lying in bed, not moving at all, and there was no reason for backache to come and go; it should either go away or come to stay; I was going to be induced late that day, and when we got to the birthing center and they strapped me to the monitors, it was indeed labor, what I was feeling, according to the monitors).

    PS: My water broke spontaneously after being induced. I kept shrieking that I wasn't sure if I was just wetting myself. Not with that much fluid!

    TIP: Get a mattress protector pad in advance. You don't want to deal with a damp mattress when you are bringing home your baby. Plus, you'll end up having your baby in bed at least some times and even changing the baby there. You want to protect your mattress in advance.

    TIP: Pack clear juices, coconut water. That's all I was allowed to drink during labor. They kept bringing me apple juice. Eat well in the days leading up to THE day. Not that you'll know what day it is, but don't ever go hungry. Big mistake on my part! You may not be able to eat anything for several hours or even a couple of days (during labor, after surgery) if you end up having a c-section. I couldn't even keep water down for several hours after surgery.


  17. nessa26

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    Thats great advice Confused. Since I was sent directly to the hospital from the doctor's office (the office is located right next to the hospital), I had no chance to eat, and I already hadn't eaten anything in a few hours!! They only allowed me ice chips during labor. By the time I was able to eat again, it had been 15 hours. I was so hungry, that I scarfed down hospital food!!

  18. Confused-Hasya

    Confused-Hasya Active Member

    Thanks, Nessa.

    Oh also, sleep well. Not excessively, but get what night sleep you can.

  19. hailey10

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    [color:#000099][/color]After all of the researching I have been doing on google, I found this article the most helpful! I am 10 days away from my due date and have been trying to find any symptoms that matched mine...lol. I went last week and the doctor said my cervix is very soft. I hadn't dilated any at my last appointment, which was last Wednesday. My baby has been having some decreased movement and I have not been having as much of the painful braxton hicks as I was having beforehand. I still have BH but not the painful ones. I also find it hurts when I have bowel movements, my abdomen hurts. Feels like a painful contraction. Two days ago I went on a cleaning spree and cleaned the house from top to bottom and made sure all of the clothes were washed and packed all of the last minute items. I am keeping my fingers crossed and praying that I go into labor before my due date on the 15th. I am miserable and hope it is a lot closer than I think!!

  20. jasmineflower

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    Unfortunately I didn't really have many pre-labor symptoms for both of my pregnancies (which is the worse 'cuase you just don't know when it'll happen!).

    For both pregnancies, the symptoms I did have was an increase in baby movement starting a week before. Last few weeks, discharge thicker (gradually losing mucous plug).

    For 1st pregnancy, 1 week post due date, on the day of going into labor, I started feeling contractions for the first time (never felt BH)..and started dilating that day as well.

    For 2nd pregnancy, 1 week and 1 day post due date, I had an appointment to be induced with Cervadil, and when i went in it turned out I was already like 2 cm dilated. I felt on and off mild contractions (ms type), a few days before.

    TIP: Get a good nights rest EVERY night for weeks leading up to due date. Don't stay to nest, etc., or whatever...'cause you never know when you go into labor, and it's best to be fully rested [​IMG]


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