Projected Period 12 days late - still Negative on Pregnancy Test

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by karo, Sep 13, 2015.

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    This might be a pointless discussion because I probably just need to WAIT.... but hopefully some opinions might put my anxieties to rest. I do NOT want to be pregnant right now.

    I track my cycle via my Ovia app and its been consistent / a great tracking device (I abstain or use barrier method close to my fertile days - its worked for a couple years for me).

    My average cycle is 34 days long. This month my projected 1st day of my period was Sept 2nd. I had unprotected sex on Sept 1st or 2nd because I was feeling crampy and I was like - I'm gonna get my period so whatever (I've never gotten pregnant during period sex... YES. I know supposedly you CAN get pregnant then.. but...).

    My period HAS NOT come. My cycle is now on day 46. While my cycle is normally around 34 days - I DID have a 42 day cycle in May (a stressful month - as well as this month has been super stressful for me). Maybe its just stress?? I ended a long term relationship and moved all in the last month......

    I took an early pregnancy detection test again today and it was negative. Am I just OFF my rocker and so stressed out I skipped a period completely???? This has never happened. Or if I got knocked up almost two weeks ago (on one of my INFERTILE days) it still is not showing???

    I also had unprotected sex mid August on an infertile day but if I got knocked up that long ago surely it would show....

    Waiting is killing me! This timing COULD NOT BE WORSE.....

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    If you are getting the negative pregnancy test & still feeling to get pregnant then Visit your doctor's clinic to conform your pregnancy. Or other wise you can take birth abortion pills online to terminate pregnancy if the result of pregnancy test will get positive.


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