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Discussion in 'Female Sexuality' started by Donkeyd, Apr 3, 2013.

  1. Donkeyd

    Donkeyd New Member

    Most guys would think having a large penis is a plus. Unfortunately for me, I feel I'm cursed. I'm 8" soft and a tad shy of 11" when erect. I've only had a few women, (I'd say less than 5) able to take me while I'm erect. Most of the women I've met and got intimate with, told me not to come near them with that thing....
    My last GF enjoyed being with me but was sore after sex. We eventually broke up because she took a job out of state. So now, I want to date again but I find myself gun shy due to my size. Anyone advice on the best way to bring up the topic of having a large penis with women? Thanks...

  2. Got the picture:

    At the end of the day, you think your solution should be to find a “nice” way to tell a girl, “listen, not that I want to spoil our wonderful moment, but, do you think your cervix will take my 11 incher’s head pounding without too much pain or discomfort?”.

    And what would you expect to be the answer, “oh yeah, 11 inches? Any time, honey,,,,,???
    Let me know when and I will schedule an appointment with my gyno soon after.”

    Nothing more pleasant than a polite and thoughtful man. Sigh !!!!

    When I started reading your story I thought you were going to try to work out a solution to your “curse”, not to find a polite and sweet way to sell it to a woman.

    My bad.
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  3. MissS

    MissS Member

    The soreness that your gf felt after sex confuses me. Length does not cause soreness, girth does. A big girth can be dealt with. You need patient foreplay, get her really turned on and use plenty of lube.
    Not many women will be able to take your length so you are going to need to be considerate of that and take things slow. No pounding or hard thrusting. Some positions will work better than others. Rear entry can often be painful for many women so I would avoid that. If she is on top she may feel more confident that she can control the entry.
    I don't think it is something that can't be overcome but I do think you need to talk about it and promise that you will take things at her pace. A woman saying no way, is just protecting herself. By agreeing to have sex, women put themselves in a very vulnerable position. You need to reassure them that they won't get hurt.
    As with anybody, you have to make the most of what you have.

  4. Never really thought of myself as a large fella but, I have encountered a few circumstances my size has caused discomfort and I've got two good friends that are well endowed and have experienced the issue mention in the op.

    The deal is,you got to work with what you got and live with it.

    Take things one step at a time and go by the suggestions of MissS. Don't recommend bending her over and going balls deep or dropping the hammer the first go around.

    But, woman can adapt and there are way to accommodate things if you are patient and creative enough.

    And while your partner may get natuarlly wet with excitement from seeing the size of that monster, there are all kinds of lube that can be very helpful in assisting with things.

    Good luck in your search for that glorious play ground that can accommodate your member.


  5. JillF

    JillF Member

    Hmmm.... 11 inches?! Not buying it. Do you know statistically how many men fall into that category? Hardly any.

    I suppose its possible- but really, its not very likely. I'm a mod at a penis forum and not one man who's showed up there over several years has been that size.

    Oh- some make claims. Buts its never been substantiated. They try though-- usually through (very obviously) photo shopped pictures. lol

    Did you know that 8 inches is actually quite large? And 9 inches is VERY large? So to stretch it to 11" makes me wonder if its a stretch on the truth as well.

    I'd be surprised if there were 5 women who could handle taking in a full 11".

    Maybe I'm wrong and you really are 11". But I find it VERY hard to believe.

    Sorry, but I'm very cynical about claims of this size. Probably because I have heard it all at the penis forum.

    Like I said-- maybe I am wrong. But my "BS alarm" is going off rather stridently!

    Maybe you are large- that's a possibility for sure. If you are-- there really isn't many good moments in conversation to bring it up. And if you do- it just sounds like bragging.

    If you are large- you can just go for truth if things are heading towards intimacy. And some others here have offered some good advice on the matter.

    [Quick side note to MissS: Length can cause pain in women. Though there are a few who don't mind-- many women do not like to be rammed in their cervix. Larger men oftentimes are never able to fully penetrate a woman due to length.]

  6. MissS

    MissS Member

    Sorry Jill, I probably didn't explain that very well. I am more than aware of the pain caused by a penis hitting a cervix, I suffer from that quite badly myself, and it restricts the positions that my husband and I can use. I had to have a medical check as certain positions were causing pain and bleeding from my cervix. Switching to a different position is an instant solution though, there was no discomfort later.

    Length causes pain at the time, it doesn't really cause soreness afterwards. Soreness is often down to lack of foreplay, dryness or marathon sessions, all of which can be managed.

    I'm possibly being too pedantic about the language!

    I am an active member on a few similar forums and would agree that there are frequent posts obsessed with penis size, most of which are delusional. This one did not seem quite as attention seeking as many I have come across, which is why I responded. Ultimately, whether his penis is 11 inches or more likely, 8 inches, the problem might be genuine which is why I offered advice.
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  7. This has been another pathetic case of getting definite and experienced FINAL advice, not on the subject of concern posted by the OP but on the basis of beliefs on what the poster should have said, should have experienced, should have implied, should have requested or should have meant to say.

    The concern here was not the 11 inches, a lie, but HOW to tell a woman about it early on so she should not be scared,,,,,, Nothing else…….

    @ JillF:
    Thank for postings some facts of life, based in real experience from multiple sources.
    BTW, I have been involved with several women having their cervix rammed and sore afterwards. In one case it was not because he was large either.

    I was not going to respond again on the issue, and I am not responding now either.

    What I want to say though, one more time perhaps, is that it is rather selfish and egotistic to quell any hope of continued human conversation and intellectual exchange that can help the OP and others with absolutists final answers beyond which there is no more truth to exist.

    That may be damaging, at least frustrating, when the conversation ceases to have room to additional input that cannot be considered because the TRUTH has been defined and stated.

    I knew the poster is just trolling with stories like this one, I responded with sarcasm rather than facts because I felt not worth of my time to do anything else.
    And I have noticed, like in many similar cases, the absence or involvement on the part of the poster,,,,
    What is he going to do, send a photoshoped picture?


  8. gorchid

    gorchid New Member

    @Donkeyd I do not think this forum was fair to your question. I have had a boyfriend who was a tad above 10" which I thought was very big, but not impossible. I do not find it outside the realm of possibility or probability that you have about 11" (a bit less or more is irrelevant), and I have girlfriends who have met some similarly lengthy fellows. I don't really care that some guy runs a penis forum, that is not a measure of proof one way or the other, in fact neither is my testimony, but nonetheless, I have actual experience, so I believe you.

    As to your question, I wouldn't bring it up. Really. Maybe measure her response in flirty conversation as to how much she enjoys sex, how experimental or adventurous she is. Or joke that you are really quite small and wink (which is usually a guarantee that they guy is huge in my experience) Be comfortable with your endowment and that will make her relax when the time comes. Be slow and understanding...My well endowed ex, was just a really sweet guy, he didn't mention it in conversation, that would have been awkward! When the time came for us, he smiled at my astonished reaction to seeing it, and said he has heard he is above average and is happy to wait if I'm not ready, and that he would take it slow and promised not to hurt me. That was so sweet, that my body and emotions opened up to him and I had a great night.

    Its not like you are abnormal, you are just bigger! Make sure you don't hurt anyone out there and be present and loving during sex, and this will never be a problem. It will take the right girl to really enjoy what you have, but most importantly you need to be comfortable with yourself first.

  9. MissS

    MissS Member

    So a sarcastic response is acceptable, as long as it sticks to the question originally posed, and no other points can be made or advice given, regardless of how relevant it is to the subject in question.

  10. JillF

    JillF Member

    HotDreamer is right though.

    The op didn't ask for advice on how to make sex better with a partner.

    He asked how to bring it up in conversation.

    Its probably a moot point though as he doesn't seem to have been back. I say "Troll" and a lying one at that. lol

    @ gorchid-- I'm not "Some guy who runs a penis forum" I'm a woman who is a moderator at one. Its a forum that has been helpful to many men and not one of those penis sites where men just brag about their size. Though we do get our share of men who do. (it used to be a brother site to Aphrodite but its has new owners now)

  11. OlderMan

    OlderMan Member

    I'm going to assume the OP is telling the truth about his size, because men with extremely large penises do exist and they struggle with this problem. There may be others besides the OP who read this as well.

    There is no polite way to bring in up in conversation. It's either offensive, awkward, perceived as phony, or comes across as someone trying to get laid.

    There are bars where size queens go. Let one of them bring it up. Otherwise, don't you bring it up.

    Learn female sexual anatomy. When it comes time for actual sex, be patient and understanding, use humor, learn to be gentle, and try to reduce her fear. Start slowly and use a lot of foreplay and lube. Make sure she comes at least twice so her vagina tents before you try to penetrate her. Experiment with her involvement to see how deeply you can penetrate and in what positions and angles. Back off if you feel pain, and if she stops you, ask her if she can finish you with her hands and mouth.

    You may be rejected sometimes, but you just need to keep dating until you find a woman with whom you are compatible, who is eager or at least willing to work with what you've got. There are women with large vaginas just like there are men with large penises. You'll find one.

  12. MissS

    MissS Member

    Sorry but I hate it when I hear advice like this.
    Talk to the woman about what works for her.
    This method would not work for me. I would not like it at all.
    For me, sex is far more pleasurable before I cum, so I would rather have penetration first, then orgasm.
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  13. OlderMan

    OlderMan Member

    True, Miss S, this is always the best advice!

    It amazes me how many people miss out on the main thing, which is to communicate with each other.
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  14. secondchance

    secondchance Member

    POV of the woman who was..ah.... Stunned by a partner's size:

    It was never brought up. The moment came along , and it was what it was.
    A is a bright guy (read, brilliant and inventive, and a problem solver by nature), and he happens to love oral. Discovering that a woman who is really well lubricated can handle more of his "gift," led him to a series of best practices.

    Night one was the longest oral session I'd ever received (and probably ever will), and while I was all for mutual, he shook his head no.

    Once I was a melted puddle of girly goo, I discovered that while size isn't everything, it is mighty fun to play with.

    Several years later I'm still working up to certain acts. Yes, girth rules the roost. Cervix bumping is par for the course, and well, not all that bad. I've asked for position adjustments to ease it off a smidge.

    But I'm lucky. A might have a big dick, but he doesn't act like one.
    He's considerate, understands its a rare woman who isn't a fetishizing size queen and willing to take him on.

    He doesn't rate me by breast size, I don't rate him by cock size.
    We treat one another as whole people.

    Now, I can sort of imagine a way to discuss it beforehand, but not without awkwardness.

  15. hi SecondChance,

    Lovely and stylish post. And you show a lot of grownup maturity too.

    I like your description for myself, " Once I was a melted puddle of girly goo, ", I will make sure my DH will appreciate how lucky he is.... again.

    But,,,, ahhh, as they say, the devil is in the details..... how much girth makes it great for you, how long is the bumper of your cervix?

    It is like talking about the best meal in life, and not mentioning anything about the main ingredients.

    I would be interested in the "position adjustments" that you requested. I have mentioned that in a couple of circumstances but in the end the girls ended rammed again!!!

    Lastly, I am not asking you to prove anything to me. Not at all.
    I am just a curious woman, that is all.

    If you prefer to PM me, go ahead.


  16. twilitezone

    twilitezone New Member

    I agree, I've been a member of a large penis site for about seven years now. Not one member has ever, in all that time supplied a verified photo of an 11"penis. It's pretty straight forward, if you claim to have one, just supply the proof. If you sit straight backed in a chair with your erection and the tip is around 1" below your nipple line, you have an 11" penis. Absolute poppy....cock

  17. thatwolf

    thatwolf New Member

    I'm not buying the 11" either. I've been a member of (probably the same) large penis site for 6 years and hundreds of men have joined claiming 10 or more inches and have been called out. I never saw a legit 10" and only one 9"
    I'm 7.5 and a thick 6 around and I've been with a lot of women who swear I'm the biggest they've had ( but not the best o_O re my initial post on the forum) and a handful who say I'm the 2nd or 3rd biggest as they had had genuine 8 or 8.5". If you are a man with a genuine 9" penis you have a guaranteed job in porn regardless of your looks. If you're 11" you'll be a household name.

  18. Jahung25

    Jahung25 New Member

    I agree with that wolf and jiff. Because I am a ligit 10 inches. I have posted my picture as proof. Not a lot of women I have met have had larger than me. They have only seen them in porn. Like Mandingo or lex Steele. Who I actually get compared to a lot in penis shape and size. Any woman who has had larger its always that one guy and its never by much. Like half an inch or an inch.

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  19. Mrs. Nguyen

    Mrs. Nguyen New Member

    I think you just need to find the right woman. If I weren't married I would love to try an 11 incher. I currently use the "hung" dildo by doc johnson and can take most of its 10" shaft, and love the 3" girth. With that said, I am a bit of a size queen.

    Try to find a woman that loves size, don't give up, she's out there I assure you. There are many of us size queens out there :)

  20. Dingus

    Dingus New Member

    Check this out.


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