Pregnant after ectopic

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  1. gigi

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    Hi Ladies,

    Just a quick check in to say nothing yet. I guess Isabella is going to be a May baby. Now, I only have 6 more days until I meet her (unless she makes an entrance before then). I have to rush but just wanted to say hi.

    Lisa, good to see you back on here!

  2. jril54

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    Jackie, you have dropped. Lucky you. I feel like Braddock is in my throat lately he's so high.

    Gigi, I'm sending you labor vibes in hopes that you go on your own and avoid an induction. Beautiful bump!

    Lisa, good to hear from you. I took ambien with my dd toward the end. The ambien didn't seem to hurt dd but I only had about 7 pills as the doc advised against more. So don't worry about it, your doc wouldn't give it if he didn't think you needed it.

    Leann, glad to hear that you have four days off to rest. I can't wait to hear what you are having. Do you have any thoughts on the gender?

  3. jril54

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    Okay here's the nursery pics.







    I'm getting rid of the plant. I'd like to put something in it's place though. Still thinking on that. And I don't have the ottoman yet for in front of the rocker. Gonna put his pics in the 2 frames that currently don't have anything in them when he's born. I'm thinking of putting a basket in front of the window with a cow print liner to store toys.

  4. cori27

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    Hi ladies,

    I went for my appt. on Friday (my first official ultrasound) and they said that the baby looked to be 7 weeks and 3 days. We saw the baby and the heartbeat!! It was 152 beats/min and the tech said that was very good! I have yet to see the doctor...I will be seeing her in about 2 weeks for my 1st OB appt. Other then that I recieved a picture and am continuing to pray for future success! Hope the baby comes soon Gigi!!!


  5. Leann

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    Super cute nursery! I love it! You did a great job! Not much longer until your new little guy gets to enjoy it.

    As far as gender thoughts, I use to think it was a girl during my first trimester because I was so sick. I called "it" a her up until I had my last u/s in early April and now I say "he". I think now it a boy so that is what I would put my money on if I was a gambler. People as me what I would want and part of me wants a girl because I can buy cute girlie things but there isn't very many boys in my family so a boy would be more than welcomed. My DH is wanting a boy but I know that if it's a girl she will have him wrapped in no time. Even with our doggies my female seems to get away with so much more than our male one with my DH. She just looks at him and he gives her whatever she wants.

    I will announce it on here on Friday....I can't wait to share the news with everyone here.

  6. nessa26

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    Cori great news!!! 152 is a perfect heart rate! So happy for you!

    Leann, can't wait to hear what you are having. Ive kinda ignored all those myths about gender relating to m/s cus Ive seen it go both ways. I myself have had intuitions that Im carrying a little boy. Won't find out until the 29th!

    Another doctor's appointment on Tuesday. Im really not sure what they are gonna do at that appointment, but Ill let you all know. The office called me a few days ago and said my first trimester screening test came back normal. I think I will decline all other tests they offer (cystic fibrosis, etc.). Im confident everything will be fine!!

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