Pregnant after ectopic

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  1. DQ143

    DQ143 New Member

    Hey Ladies,

    Just wanted to check in, I didn't see any updates from Gigi since Sunday, so hopefully that means she went into labor.
    Not too much to report here, Lily is doing great. I'm tired and trying to get into a routine. But other than that, not much to report. I'm glad you all are doing well. Jackie, sorry to hear about the GBS, I had it too (3x actually), and was not able to be treated during delivery, but a vaginal birth w/o drugs is definitely possible. Even though I got the epidural, there was no time for it to work. I will keep my fingers crossed for you that it's a quick delivery as well. They say your deliveries get faster w/ each child you deliver. That Dugger woman must push hers out w/ in a minute after 18.

    Take care everyone! And I'll check in again when I can.

  2. gigi

    gigi New Member


    No such luck. Isabella is still being stubborn. I go to the doctor's tomorrow so we'll see if I am any more dilated/effaced. God, I hope so. No complaints. Just anxious to meet my little girl. On a funny note, my coworker who was due a month after me just had her baby today. She was 3 weeks early and here is my little Isa still hanging in, not wanting to leave mama's womb.


    I will try walking up hills tomorrow. I am up to 2 miles every day and there are some hills (but nothing major). There are some big hills in my neighborhood but have been afraid to attempt them alone---but I am going to start--I'll just take my cell phone with me in case I start having contractions:) I have been enjoying the time off. I just went to the movies today by myself and I loved having the time to do that. I have started working on another roman shade--I should be finished with it tomorrow. So at least I am getting some more projects done.

    Well take care everyone!

  3. nessa26

    nessa26 New Member

    Labby, I havent been having any light cramping like what you are describing, but I have been having like tenderness in my lower abdomen, and its a weird feeling. Im wondering if its just the uterus making its way more out of its normal location? Anyone know anything about this?

  4. perezjjc

    perezjjc New Member


    Cute Pic! Actually, no, I did not test positive with my son. For some reason though, I was expecting a positive result this time around (gut feeling)! The nurse told me that there was only a small amount detected, so it wasn't bad, but precautions are needed none the less. I hope your results come back negative, even if you are having a c-section!

    Hi DQ...

    I'm glad to hear Lily is doing great! I know sometimes getting babies into a routine is hard (I don't think I ever perfected it with my son), so I hope you're able to do so soon. As far as labor goes, my OB thinks this may be the case again, I hope she's right!


    Good luck at your dr.'s appointment today!

    Have a great day!

    PS: I put some pics up of my belly! The one on the left is my 32 Wk pic and the one on the right is my 36 Wk pic...You can tell I've dropped from those two!

    Jackie [​IMG] [​IMG]

  5. DQ143

    DQ143 New Member

    Jackie- Wow! you sure have dropped. And they say you don't drop until you about to give birth w/ your second pg. I don't believe that b/c I swear I was dropping for about 2 weeks before I gave birth. But than again I did deliver at exactly 38 weeks.

    Gigi-how did your dr appt go? I don't know how you can hold out now, I would be asking for that induction. But than again, you're not totally miserable. You'll probably be one of those woman you love being pg. I miss the kicking, but holding my little one is 10x better. Would I get pg again? of course I would, but again, it's for the end result, not the pg experience.

  6. gigi

    gigi New Member

    Hi Ladies,

    Well there is no change. Went to the doctor's today and I am still at 1 cm/10% effaced. So my doctor thinks I will hold out until next week. They monitored baby's heartbeat for 20 minutes and everything looked good. So we are scheduled for an induction on 5/7. I really do pray that she comes on her own as I have heard labor pains can be a little more intense when induced. Ugh. I wanted to see if I could do this drug free but I don't know how it will go if I get induced. But at least I know I will meet Isabella next week!

    I think you're right. I may be one of those women who loves being pregnant. Because I really have enjoyed every moment of this pregnancy. I kept expecting to have problems as I have had many close friends complain about the problems they have had but somehow I have avoided any real issues. Other than the first 3 months of feeling nauseous (and even then it wasn't severe where I had to throw up), I have felt good. I still forget I'm pregnant sometimes(except when I try to get up out of bed/lying down position or bend down--then my big stomach gets in the way). I really feel very lucky with this pregnancy. I would stay pregnant forever if I wasn't so anxious to meet Isabella. I have also tried to really relish every moment as this may be my only child--haven't decided if I have the energy for two or if I will be able to have any more. But it's a good thing, I am turning 39 this year---otherwise my dh would be in trouble as I might become one of those women who gets pregnant to be pregnant. Now, I just hope I can make the transition into motherhood--I can't wait to hold Isa in my arms but just hope I don't go crazy with lack of sleep, etc. And don't get me wrong, if I had to deal with what you went through in your pregnancy, I would have been a big baby about it.....maybe that's why God gave me an easy one--He didn't want to hear me whine:)

    Do jealous that you have dropped. I still look more like your first picture....but much bigger:)

  7. BJ99

    BJ99 New Member


    Where are your pics before you aren't pg anymore?!?!?! I can post em for ya...or give really detailed instructions so you can do it this time!!! [​IMG]


  8. gigi

    gigi New Member


    I just sent you a private message with a link to my belly pic. If you are able to post it for me that would be great. If not, send me the instructions and I can try to do it on my own:) Sorry, but I am computer challenged.

  9. BJ99

    BJ99 New Member

    Gigi's beautiful bump pic


  10. perezjjc

    perezjjc New Member

    I read about most women not dropping until ready to give birth with their second child as well. I also read that dilation usually comes before effacement with second pregnancies. However, this has not really been the case for me. I will be 38 weeks tomorrow and I dropped at least two weeks ago and, I was 50% effaced and 1cm at my last appointment. My Dr. still thinks I will deliver right around my due date though, and I do too, I'm still pretty comfortable despite the changes.

    I'm sorry it looks like you will be having an induction, but hopefully Isabella will surprise you both before then. On another note, I happen to be one of those women who LOVE being pregnant. Having said that however, even though I had a rough start with this pregnancy, I've been very fortunate with both my pregnancies overall! I don't know if that is why I enjoy it so much, but I do (that's probably why it seems as if everything happened so quickly)! It's just different for every woman that way!

    By the way, your belly pic is too and Isabella look so cute!

    Have a wonderful day!


  11. gigi

    gigi New Member


    You're the best. Thanks for posting my belly pic! I'm huge.

    Jackie and Jril,
    YOu both look super skinny compared to my belly bump:) I guess that is what a 41 week belly looks like. As I've said, I think I have created too good of a home for my Isa so she doesn't want to leave. I walked 3 miles today up and down hills and she still doesn't want to budge! Urgh. I keep telling her today is the last day of April and she can still have diamonds as her birthstone if she comes today, but she doesn't seem to care. I think this little girl is going to hold off for the month of May. As it turns out there is no one in our family with a May birthday so maybe she wants her own month. Who knows. My doctor's office called to give me the info on the induction. I will need to go in next Wednesday night to get the induction process started but they won't actually induce until Thursday morning. So at least I know I only have one week before I meet little Isa!

    Thanks again Jen for posting my pic!

  12. BJ99

    BJ99 New Member

    Oh shooosh look great!

    First of all your farther along then the rest and second your pic is up closer so your just gonna look that much bigger. But it's ok cause your beautiful.

    You are all bring tears to my eyes!!!!

    God Bless you all...


  13. lisamavs

    lisamavs New Member


    I still need to buy a new computer but with all we need to do to get ready for the baby I just keep putting off the shopping for one. Its wierd I hate not having a computer but then I also don't seem motivated for anything else to buy but for the baby.

    Alex dropped this Sunday. I woke up and all of a sudden I could breath better so I looked down and sure enough he dropped. He about 7 lbs according to the US and is suppose to be 5.5 so he is a big boy. He measured in the 75th% with every US so I guess I can count on it being pretty accurate

    Everyones' belly bumps are beautiful!!!!!!!!

    Gigi, Wow, I am praying you deliver soon! You must be so anxious to meet Isabella [​IMG]

    DQ, Has it really been 3 weeks???????? Wow time is flying [​IMG] I am so happy for you and your family.

    JRIL, Sorry you are still in pain [​IMG] My back has been killing me for 3 motnhs now and I can not walk around more than 20 minutes at a time before it gives out on me. I also can not sleep and take an Ambien occasionally. I feel worried about taking it but then again my doctor pointed out that not sleeping since September is not good for the baby either especially when he is born. It is a pregnancy cat B like tylonol but I hate taking anything unless it is needed. I hope you feel better!

    Perez, Sorry about the B-strep test but at least they know and like you said the baby will be safe. Congrats on dialating!!!!

    Labby, I have to do a c-section so I understand your concerns but maybe you won't need to have one. I have my fingers crossed for you. Congrats on finishing the first trimester!

    Cori, Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy for you!!! Don't worry about numbers and US. Like JRIL said, she is proof and her miracle is almost here!!!!!Good luck tomorrow!!!!

    Jen, How are you? I hope you are feeling well [​IMG]

    Well, I hate to type and run but I jsut wanted to tell you all I am thinking of you!!!! ((HUGS))

  14. mini

    mini New Member

    Hi everyone,

    The blocked this site at work so i havent had a chance to post a lot, since i hate coming home and getting on the computer after being on it all day.

    I am doing well..we had an US last week which was 11 w and 3 days and the baby is measuring perfectly.. i couldnt hear the heartbeat but i go in for the 1st test of the integrated screening and i should be able to hear the HB tomorrow. i completed 12 weeks yesterday and feeling good except for the heartburn.

    Also i think my uterus is putting pressure on my siactic nerve so sometimes i get a shooting pain in my butt anyone get that?

    Gigi - i hope isabella shows up soon

    cori - Congratulations!!

    I have to run but will try and catch up with everyone soon.


  15. Leann

    Leann New Member

    Hi ladies,

    It is wonderful to finally get a chance to log on and catch up on how everyone is doing and it seems everyone is doing great! I am sure we will get a few more "arrivals" soon. Ladies your belly pics are so adorable. I know each of you will deliver beautiful healthy babies in the near future.

    As for me, I am getting to rest for four days. I know I complain on how I work a lot. Well it has caught up to me and I am starting to swell. I am only 18 weeks so they thought it may be a little soon to swell. They thought my blood pressure could be elevated cause it has been border line. I went to the doctor for them to check me today and everything turned out to be fine just he wants me to rest for the weekend and can't return to work until Monday. I was scheduled all weekend without a day off until Thursday so that would have been 9 days in a row. I feel like a weight has been lifted off of me knowing that I can just "rest". I am sure work is burdened but maybe they will appreciate me more. [​IMG]

    I go for the gender u/s next Friday so I am really looking forward to that. Also, I am just beginning to feel the flutter of the baby move around my belly button. It is a awesome feeling.

    Mini, I have had lots of sciatica(sp) pain. I feel like I am always adjusting or trying to twist my hip/butt to relieve it [​IMG]

    Take care and I will try to check back in very soon!


  16. nessa26

    nessa26 New Member

    Mini, I have had that pain too. For a few weeks, it was going down my right butt cheek, now a few days ago I noticed it down my other!! It hurts!

  17. perezjjc

    perezjjc New Member


    It's so good to hear from you...I'm glad all is going well with you, can you believe we are so close to the finish line?


    It's great to hear that you are going to be getting some much needed rest...I got swelling very early on with my 1st too and it didn't go away! It was not fun and I had a heck of a time finding shoes. This time around I didn't have as much swelling until recently, but it goes way down if I get home and try to put my feet up!

    Hello to everyone else and have a wonderful weekend!


  18. lisamavs

    lisamavs New Member

    Jackie, I know I can not believe we are getting so close!!!!!!! I am ready for him to come out as soon as he is ready [​IMG] I can not beleove I have another whole month to go. He is big and dropped early so maybe he will come earlier but with a c-section it is better to make it to 39 weeks if we can.

    Leann, I am glad you are getting tro rest. I have been swelling since the beginning of the 2nd trimester. You just need to put your feet up when you can. I hope you get off your feet as much as possible in the next 4 days.

    I have siatic nerve pain too for about the last 4 months. I find the best way to feel better is a heating pad and your SO's help in rubbing it. I would go to get a massage but it is in my butt so I do not wnat a stranger massaging my butt so my DH has been doing it [​IMG]

    OK yesterday I developed a itchy rash on my face! I am dying to scratch it! I have never had this before so I must assume it is pregnancy related. Anyone else here ever get that pregnancy symptom??????? My ob said benadryl and hydro cream. I have using anything [​IMG]

    Well, My nursery is almost done!!!!! I found my curtains 2 weeks ago but the seamstress screwed up and made many different sizes (don't ask!) but I get them back tonight. I will try to find a way to post it or ask for help once I get some pics online.
    take care, Lisa

  19. Leann

    Leann New Member

    Thanks ladies, I actually went this morning and had a pedicure for my feet. It felt so good and they massage the legs and feet at the place I went. I can tell that the circulation is better. My fingers are still a little stiff but they are better than yesterday. I know swelling is normal I just hate that mine is happening so soon. We are going on vacation May 16th to Destin Florida...I just hope that this goes away until I get back.

    Lisa, sorry about your rash. How annoying it must be on your face. I hope that the cream and benadryl work and give you relief.

    Hi to everyone else! Hope you all have a great weekend.

  20. perezjjc

    perezjjc New Member


    I actually developed a hideous rash on my face (especially around my lips and on my chin and cheeks) at 33 Weeks, and my doctor recommended the exact same thing! I use the Extra Strength Benadryl Topical Ointment and it worked right away. I don't know what caused it, but it was terrible and I couldn't stop touching it. I did develop extremely dry skin where the rash was (not sure if it was the rash or the benadryl that did that), but it only lasted 2 days (really about a day and a half)!

    I hope yours goes away quickly, I know it sucks!



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