Pregnant after ectopic

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    Time certainly seems to fly with the little ones! I look at my son who will be six in August and I don't know where the time has gone!

    As far as Sophie goes, I've definitely dropped, but that's about it! I'm excited to see how I progress. I didn't start getting cervical checks 'till 38 wks with my son, so it's a bit different this time!

    Enjoy your time with your baby girl!


  2. gigi

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    Can't believe your little one is already 3 weeks old---wow. I can't wait to see Isabella, but I can wait b/c I am really not having any issues. And we are still finishing projects around the house. We are covering our patio (finally) but of course we didn't start until Tuesday of this week---I know way to procrastinate. Actually, my dh finally gave up on the idea of him doing it himself so we have someone framing it out. My dh still thinks he will be shingling the roof on the patio but I guess that will all depend on how things go with the baby. So maybe this little girl knows we need her to wait through the weekend to get the patio to a stopping point. Who knows--maybe she just wants to surprise us! But I keep imagining the moment I get to hold her and then I get impatient. But I'll wait until she's ready to greet us.

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    Hello Ladies!

    I am not sure if you ladies read on the other site, but I am pregnant! I am very excited, but also kindof nervous. My numbers seemed kindof high for 5 weeks 6 days. They did an US and they said that the baby was growing in the right place, but cannot yet see it. They said that that was fairly normal but I wonder why they couldn't see it if my numbers were 12,000 or maybe even a little more. Is this normal? Anyway, next week is my 8 week US. Pray for me that we see a heartbeat and a baby!


  4. nessa26

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    Cori, I don't think number wise is enough to predict what you will see (I may be way wrong). Usually its on a week by week basis what will be seen on ultrasound. 5 weeks is usually enough to see a gestational sac, 6 weeks is usually enough to see a tiny heartbeat, etc. But those numbers are great. Im sure you will see a big difference when your 8 week ultrasound comes!!

  5. labby06

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    Hi Cori, congrats! It's so good to see you over here!

    I wouldn't worry too much about your numbers. Everyone is different and it's not how high the numbers are, but the rate they are doubling which sounds like it was very good for you. When I was still having my levels checked I was addicted to the site. If you look there at 27 dpo for a single pregnancy you can see that you are just over the middle of where most people are at that time. The highest goes up to 53,811! So out of 672 recorded successful pregnancies (heartbeat detected) 119 fell within the same range you are in, which is the second highest group! I hope that puts you a little more at ease! Keep us posed on how your next ultrasound goes! It's amazing how fast they grow and how much more you will see!

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    Congratulations Cori! My hcg was 12,000 at 5 wks 1 day and all they saw on ultrasound was a gestational sac. At 5 wks 3 days my hcg was just over 20,000 and still they only saw the gestational sac. I think I was 6 wks 3 days when they saw the yolk sac (at this pt I had stopped getting hcg drawn). Saw the heartbeat at 7 wks 3 days. Hope that's reassuring for you. Not everyone follows the guidelines of beta's and what's "normal" to be seen on ultrasound during any given week. Stay positive. What day is your next ultrasound scheduled for?

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    DQ, well my nesting/Spring cleaning has been officially nixed. I did manage to clean all the carpets upstairs the other day with the exception of ds's room in the same day (I had to wait on his for help with furniture movement). So yesterday I got around to cleaning his carpet. I managed to knock my pelvis back out of wack because I was in terrible pain last night and today. I did get in to the Chiro this am to get fixed up and feel good now but she asked what I thought I did and I told her the truth. Apparently I need to be resting and not cleaning, so from here on out, I'm givin it up. Just rest and relaxation form now till d-day. I start my half days at work tomorrow, yay.

    Oh and I had my last baby shower this afternoon. It was very nice. I have everything I need now for Braddock with the exception of my Hotslings that I keep meaning to order and the boppy cover. I actually need to go up there and put stuff away but I think I'll wait and let dh do it tomorrow.

    How's Miss Lily?

  8. jril54

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    Gigi, are you still hangin in there?

  9. gigi

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    Hi Jril,

    I'm still hanging in--no sign of Isabella yet. It's funny though, everytime I call someone they assume I am calling to say it's time...I've kind of stopped calling folks so as to not get their hopes up. Hoping she'll come early next week. If not, I think I might have used up all my vacation time and don't know what to do---I may need to go back into work. I'll have to check in with my boss early next week to see what I should do. I don't mind going back as I feel I got a good break but it will seem anti-climatic. Oh well, I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

    Sorry to hear your cleaning spree has come to an end, but it really is best that you rest. That pelvis pain sounds bad and you deserve to relax. Well take care and I will let you all know when the time comes.

  10. jril54

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    Gigi, I'm sorry she hasn't made her debut yet. I've never made it to 40 wks, so I can't imagine what the waiting is like. Have you tried any old wives tales to get things going? I thought you weren't going back to work after Isabella was born? Or am I confusing you with someone else?

    Tomorrow is a busy day for me. Got recert at work, then have to run an errand, have my weekly doctor's visit, then see the chiro for another adjustment. After tomorrow I'll be able to rest for 4 days. I don't plan on doing anything but packing my bag because I still haven't gotten that done yet. Well I do have another adjustment on Wed but that's it, no other running around and definately no cleaning. Maybe I'll get to catch up on my sleep.

  11. gigi

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    Hi Jril,

    Still nothing. I'm actually still feeling very good--sleeping well at night and feel really good (except for swollen feet but they don't feel bad--just look ugly). I guess I'm lucky in that sense. I am eager to meet Isabella but I don't really have any reason to rush it as I feel fine. I think if I felt like you or DQ, I would be pretty miserable at this point. Luckily, I am just eager to meet her. So, I just have to be patient. I have tried walking, sex, and spicy food, but she's not budging. I haven't tried the castrol oil, but I am not that desperate yet. Any other ideas, let me know.

    As for work, I am not planning on returning; however, I took a week of vacation last week and I have 3 personal days left. So if she doesn't come by Wednesday, I am out of paid time to take off. Although, I just spoke with my boss today and she is very supportive. She told me not to worry---she said you have put in extra hours in the past so we can work something out. I may just have to do some work from home after my paid time runs out. I don't mind going back into work but I think that would be confusing for folks as I have told everyone that I am out until July. So, I'm sure we will figure something out.

    So glad to hear you will be able to rest after tomorrow. I have to say it was great being off all last week. I did run a lot of errands but it was great not having to think about work. Enjoy your time off!

  12. perezjjc

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    Hi Ladies,

    I hope you are all doing good!

    I see you are hanging in there...WOW!

    Sorry you're in pain again...that sucks! I hope your next chiro visit and some rest do the trick for you!

    As for me...I've been having LOTS of Braxton Hicks and some irregular real contractions. I don't know if they are actually doing anything though...I'll find out for sure tomorrow morning. I'm still feeling Okay despite that though except for some irritating vaginal soreness! That probably bothers me more than anything, but only when I walk, so it's managable.

    Hello to everyone else!


  13. cori27

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    Thanks for the advice jril! That did make me feel better!I have my appt. this Friday and I am praying that all goes well! I would love to see a baby and a heart beat!


  14. perezjjc

    perezjjc New Member

    Hi Ladies...
    I hope you are all doing well! Just a quick update on me...
    I had an appointment this morning and I found out I tested positive for the group B strep! I'm bummed because I really wanted to labor at home as much as possible but, since my labor was so short with my son (only 4 1/2 hours) and they are asking that I be on antibiotics for at least 3 hours before the baby is born, I pretty much have to go in right away. The only thing I am concerned about is that I may be more inclined to ask for an epidural if I am at the hospital and I would really like to do it naturally again. However, a healthy baby is my #1 priority, so I will definitely do as my doctor has adviced!

    I was also told however, that I am 1cm dilated and 50% effaced, which made me feel good given that I have been contracting.

    Okay...that's it for me, let me know how you gals are doing when you get a chance!

    Have a wonderful Tuesday....


  15. labby06

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    Hi all,

    Just a question for all of you veterans out there. I've been having some discomfort in my lower abdomen today. It's hard to explain what it feels like, but it's kind of crampy - almost like light menstrual cramps but not nearly as bad as what I'm used to getting. It's not really painful just kind of a dull ache. I keep freaking myself out by expecting to see blood when I go to the bathroom, but luckily I haven't. Is this just normal round ligament pain? I've had a few times where I got a sharp pain when I moved too quick that I've attributed to round ligament pain, but nothing that has stuck around like this. Is it something I should call the doctor about or just see if it passes?

    As for a regular update on me, not much has changed. I started on bedtime insulin on Friday which seems to be working at keeping my fasting sugars lower. I have noticed a pattern that whenever I drink milk my sugars go high. I'm a huge milk drinker, so that was a big blow. They have now cut me down to 4oz. of milk with breakfast - that's like a sip! I can have more later in the day, but I need to be sure to pair it with some sort of meat or other high protein food. That's about it here though!

  16. labby06

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    Jackie, sorry to hear about the strep! It's always something! At least it's only a minor change to your plan, and I'm sure you will have the strength to say no to the epidural at the hospital if that's what you really want! I keep telling myself that a healthy baby is my #1 priority too, which is why I'm going through this diet and insulin hell. My biggest fear right now is needing a c-section because of the GD. I also REALLY want a natural birth, so I have to be sure to do all that I can now to ensure that will even be a possibility. Keep us posted with your progress!

  17. perezjjc

    perezjjc New Member

    Thanks Labby,

    As far as the lower abdomen discomfort goes, I did experience something like that myself. It was usually when I was doing or trying to do too much. It scared me too and it lingered for a while (a day or two), but it did go away after getting enough rest. I did call the nurse's line when I was unsure if what I was experiencing was normal and it seemed to help since worrying about it may have made it worse.

    I hope you feel better soon, but definitely give your doc a call if it's really bugging you...on a positive note, you have begun your second trimester, so the chances of it being something bad are pretty low at this've made it past the critical point!

    Keep us updated...


  18. jril54

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    gigi, i heard walking up hills can sometimes work. or there's always nipple stimulation. i personally wouldn't touch castrol oil. i hope she comes soon for you.

  19. jril54

    jril54 Member

    jackie, did u test positive with your last pg? i had my test done yesterday, although they said the results wouldn't really matter much since i'll be having a c-section. Yay on the dialation and effacement.

    My appt was again uneventful. I saw the doc that I absolutely dislike since I couldn't get in with my regular doc. When he checked me he said, "nothin much going on down here". I said, "what does that mean, no dialation or effacement?" And his response was, "no, not really." I swear he's a quack! So I'm still high and tight, lol. When he took my belly measurement he said that my baby was big enough to be born now and be a healthy size. I think if I make it to my c-section Braddock will likely be 9 pounds. The quack also agreed with that.

    My adjustment yesterday didn't really help much. I was actually in a lot of pain about 3 hours afterwards. I feel okay today though after sleeping last night. I go again tomorrow. Maybe she'll have some input.

    Oh here's a belly pic from Sat. 35 weeks 6 days.


    Braddock's rug is supposed to be here tomorrow so hopefully I'll be able to share the completed nursery pics.

  20. jril54

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    labby, sounds like normal uterine stretching to me. I've had menstrual cramping on and off this whole pg. If you are overly concerned though you can always call your doc for reasurrance.


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