Pregnant after ectopic

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  1. DQ143

    DQ143 New Member

    Hello All-

    I am hoping this thread will grow just as our old one did with more and more bfp.

  2. DQ143

    DQ143 New Member


    Are any of you having strange dreams? I've been having wild dreams this past couple of weeks. Last night had one that I had a baby boy, but kept telling everyone it was girl. Was at a strange hospital that had a fire alarm go off. But even if I get up to pee, the dreams continue.

    Just thought I would ask if I was alone with this or if anyone else was having the same wild dreams?

  3. lisamavs

    lisamavs New Member

    DQ, I am glad I found you! I have been having the most wild dreams too!!!! I have not had them continue after a pee because it takes me too long to go back to sleep. That is great if you go right back to sleep. I had one last night that was like another haunted house kind of dream but it involved a boat dock this time. The last one was a childrens haunted house. Don't ask me why I am having haunted house dreams, I have never even been inside of one [​IMG] The one with the childrens haunted house had me start with an infant then it rapidly grew into a toddler that was perfect including letting me know it went poo poo by simply tugging at my shirt. Oh how I wish it will be that easy- LOL

  4. Leann

    Leann New Member

    Hi DQ- Good idea that you started this forum!

    Ladies, I am so happy for each and every one of you and one day I hope that I can jump to this forum. I am sending you all lots of love and lots of happy healthy pregnancies.


  5. lisamavs

    lisamavs New Member

    Leann, Thank you so much! Always feel welcome no matter what to come here to chat, ask questions or anything at anytime. We are here for you on any forum. [​IMG] ((HUGS)) Lisa

  6. nadster

    nadster New Member

    Hi Ladies,

    I'm here. Yeah.

  7. gigi

    gigi New Member

    I am glad we started this thread. We probably should have done it earlier. I feel bad that we didn't think to do it sooner. I hate that the others are still struggling and hope everyone will be on this thread soon.

    As for dreams, I have been having some. I had a dream a few days back that I had a baby boy, but he was huge. My arms were straining and I was trying to not drop him. I know I have other dreams but I just can't remember them.

    I had a weird one a couple months ago that I had taken my baby out of my tummy. She was very small and I put a little wig on her. We played for awhile like that. That one was strange.

  8. lisamavs

    lisamavs New Member

    Gigi, It is funny about the wig on the baby [​IMG] I wish I understood why we have such wild dreams but at least when we do sleep we get someentertainment [​IMG]

    Ok girls, question to those who have been here before [​IMG] ..... I woke up last night with some shooting pain in my what I would call my cervical area or base of my uterus and it still aches a little. I also noticed alot addtional watery wetness (sorry if TMI) that happened around the same moment. I of course start thinking amniontic fluid and felt scared. Is this normal to have these symptoms and is it just a coincidence that they happened at the same time?

    Thanks! Lisa

  9. DQ143

    DQ143 New Member

    Well Ladies,

    I'm glad you found the thread. I don't know why we didn't think of it early, but hopefully it will help the other ladies in the long run.

    Lisa, you maybe experience ligament pains. Kinda feel like a charlie horse in you tummy. They can be almost anywhere, and basically it's your uterus stretching out. If you move too quickly, especially at night when rolling over in bed, you maybe experience them a lot then too. As for the discharge, that's normal too. I actually wear a pantiliner daily b/c of it. Some times there maybe a little bit of a creamy discharge too, but's normal too. If you're still concerened, or if you think it's more, ask your dr about them at your next visit.

    Did I read Nadaster was here? I haven't check the other thread, but I will follow up with that too.

    Gigi, the wig dream is really funny. I've had wild sex dreams, strange baby dreams, and just random strange dreams. Who knows? Maybe I should make some of those wild sex dreams come true!LOL.

    Leann, I do hope you'll be able to join us soon. Take care and feel free to pop in any time.

  10. lisamavs

    lisamavs New Member

    DQ, Thank you! I have been having alot of watery before but this was ALOT and the cervix pain freaked me out. I have ligament pain but this was different and some of the sites say contact your doctor if you have watery discharge so I freaked but I feel much better after reading your post. [​IMG] They should not list that watery discharge thing to call your doctor if it can also be normal in pregnancy, it would save alot of worry [​IMG]

    These dreams are funny. A good friend of mine told me about the sex dreams she would have........I think you should act on them if you have been medically cleared [​IMG] I will probably have them too when I am not afraid of sex. My doc cleared us but we want to wait till the second trimester. We tried already once and I cramped all day afterwards so I think waiting will make me more relaxed next time. AS for me, with the regular dreams, I have been just havinga few here and there, I am sure they will increase when the reality of this pregnancy finally hits me all the way [​IMG]

    Well, on a side dog is very sick and we had to take him to the ER yesterday so I have an appoinment with his doc today. He has a cyst that looks infected and he got a fever of 105.5 so I am very nervous right now. I sponged him with water and alcohol and got it down to 104.5 but now it is back up to 104.8 so I am working with him right now. I slept (if you can call it that) on the couch with him last night so I will probably do it again tonight. Please say prayers for him. He is my little baby and I am so afraid he will get sicker b/f they can remove the cyst. He has other health problems so he is susceptable in many ways most dogs are not [​IMG] Have a great day! Lisa

  11. nadster

    nadster New Member

    O.k. the Secretary called me and my HCG number is at 172. IS that good????????? Please someone tell me if it's good and if it is like your numbers at this stage? The last time I saw 171 2 weeks after we found out it was ectopic so i'm figuring it's a good number.

    OHH I Pray.

  12. lisamavs

    lisamavs New Member

    That is great!!!!! I was only 15 my first test. It is not the first number but the next one. When is you next blood test? You are very early so I think you should be very happy with that number! It took me another week to get around that number because I tested positive a week before on cd 20 [​IMG] so it sounds just about right [​IMG] Sticky sticky!!!!

  13. lisamavs

    lisamavs New Member

    FYI: My doggy needs surgery tomorrow to cut out an infection [​IMG] I hope he is ok, my hormones have me freakign more than normal and my DH is also out of town. I can't lift anything and he is 58 lbs so my mom has been helping. Wish us luck! Lisa

  14. nadster

    nadster New Member

    I'm going for another blood test next Monday, and my first Dr appt is December 10th. IS that good??? So basically if my next numbers double actually quadrupled then my pregnancy is going good right???? If it doesn't that means it's not good?

    Ohh i'm soooo scared. I'm really scared.

    Ohhh good luck for your doggy. I LOVE dogs so I feel sooo bad when I see a dog in pain. Good luck to your dog and let us know Please. hi hi hi hi 58 lbs mine is only 7lbs hi hi hi hi hi hi my fluff ball.

  15. DQ143

    DQ143 New Member


    172 is great, my first one was 208! And that was at 3 weeks 6 days. I guess the OV-Watch worked? You may have to let me borrow it when I ttc again in a few years.-LOL.

    Try to relax. The best thing you can to right now is take a deep breath and count to 10. You did it, you got pg! I know right now things are scary, but thinking positive thought. December 10th is honestly right around the corner, and they want you to be a little further along before you have your first appt. My first ob appt was 6 weeks 6 days. But before I had the appt, I did request an u/s to make sure the baby is the right place, but I had that at 5 weeks 5 days, and it's just a little speck. I did see the hb flutter and knew it was in the uterus, so that helped me. Maybe when you go back on Monday you can request an u/s to give you some peace of mind.

    So I'm guessing you're about 4 weeks now, do you know your edd? If you need help figuring it out let me know, there is a formula they use and at least we can get a ballpark idea w/in a day or two, and then the dr can tell you more once you go for the u/s.

  16. DQ143

    DQ143 New Member


    Sorry to hear about your doggie. I do hope the procedure helps him feel better. BUT, take care of yourself too. I know your mom is there and that makes me feel better too, so rely on her. Believe me, you'll be relying on your mother more and more these next few months and years. I call my mom first for anything. My ds is closer to my mom than any of his other grandparents (we have 3 sets), and if he cannot have me, he wants her, if he is sick. Just goes to show you they know who loves them unconditional.

  17. nadster

    nadster New Member


    They told me they they won't do the ultra sound until my appt. SO I will have to wait it out. But you think it's o.k. right?? december 10 is not far away. I do go for another blood work on Monday so it should have gone up a lot if it is a good pregnancy right??? IF IF IF let's say it doesn't go up normally does that make it another ectopic???????? I know I should think that way but now thinking soo far away I'm getting scared I felt safer knowing it be a closer appt I know she can't see anything even if I go before sooo I guess it's just a waiting game.

    I have no clue how to calculate CAN YOU HELP ME PLEASE? Thank you,

    Yes the OV WAtch worked and it's all thanks to you my dear i'm soooo happy you told us about it. Actually tonight i'm lending it to a friend of mine let's see if it works for her I think she has been trying for three months now so I told her one month of the ov watch and you are preggers. So i will lend it to her.

    One more thing I still have lots of period cramps I"m ALWAYS IN THE BATHROOM wiping myself. Am I losing it???

  18. nadster

    nadster New Member

    another question is it normal to feel a bit constipated also?????? o.k. period craps and constipation are my biggest worries.

    Thank you,

  19. DQ143

    DQ143 New Member


    Dec 10th is 3 weeks away from tomorrow. When you say next month is seems so far way. But honestly the weeks will go by quickly. Now you may get cramps and some spotting, that's normal during pg. But you did, you're pg!!! I know you're scared its an ep, but again, think positive! None of us want to ep, BUT we know what to expect or what to look for when it comes to the symptoms for an ep too.

    During your b/w on Monday, ask them about your progrestrone level too. If they haven't checked it, ask them to, the progrestrone helps you body support a pregnancy. Remember Lisa using progrestrone supports? That's another sign they can use to see if the pg is viable. If it's not at the correct levels than you'll have a better idea what is going on. And then you won't have to wait until Dec 10th w/out any info. Again it might give you some peace of mind. If the hcg doesn't go up normally, doesn't necessary mean it's an ep either. It could be a m/c or a chemical pg. Not trying to scare you, just trying to answer your question. BUT we are all positive this is your baby! We are all sending you lots of sticky dust (especially in the uterus).

    Try to think happy thoughts, and relax. You are pg! Let's try to enjoy one milestone at a time. You did it!

    Now that you're pg, you need to out an get the pg bible, "what to expect when you're expecting". Constipation is normal, try to watch your diet, and eat well. Get on those prenatals, I usually take mine at night to help w/ the upset stomach they give me.

    Also if your friend gets pg on the OVWatch, everyone on the ttc thread will be asking to borrow it!-LOL, I'm glad it worked. It wasn't too bad of a process to go thru, at least I didn't think so. I know it's a little pricey, but it's worth it when you find out your pg.

    I better get back to work. Talk to you soon.

  20. DQ143

    DQ143 New Member

    O real quick what was the first day of your last AF? I'll be able to give you a ballpark from there.


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