* Pregnant After Ectopic - Part 2 *

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by gutterflower, May 3, 2009.

  1. nadster

    nadster New Member

    How do you post pictures on this site???? I have no clue

  2. DQ143

    DQ143 New Member


    I still cannot believe you haven't had that baby yet. I would be dying if I was you. Try some nipple stimulation, and bd one more time. Might help induce natural labor.

    As for posting pictures, I use photobucket.com. I upload them there first, and then use their link to post onto the thread (just copy and paste the link.) I'm not too sure how the other girls do it, but that's what I use.

    Good luck and keep us informed about when your dd arrives.

  3. nadster

    nadster New Member

    Thanks DQ,

    I will try it.

    Nooooooo haven't given birth yet. I have not BD in over three months. I know I know I know but my body changed sooo drastically I really do not feel sexy at all. I gained a lot of weight i'm over 220 pounds and I use to weigh 150 pounds and i'm 5 feet 9". so I have been struggling with the way I look. the best part is I never ever ever looked at pregnant woman and ACTUALLY TELL HER SHE IS getting big (for the love of god she is carrying a baby) well my friends NOT my husband but my friends have been telling me I am pretty big. But my doctor did say i'm really retaining a lot of water. I don't look fat I look really really swollen. I have no ankles not knuckles my nose is huge my whole body does NOT look like my body at all and my face changed. My fingers well I just do not feel the tips.

    I've been walking a lot actually my whole pregnancy I walked and excersised a lot.

    o.k. ladies i'm sorry for venting with how big I got I just can't wait to give birth not only to finally hold my little baby girl Jayda. but to also deflate a little I can't even lay down anymore.

    soon in less than two weeks I will have her for sure.

    good day all

  4. nadster

    nadster New Member


    o.k. this is my babies room but not my pictures. I copied it from this picture EXACTLY the same way I wish i could show you my pictures I love the way my room turned out.

  5. cori27

    cori27 New Member

    Hey ladies! Just found out what we are having! A little girl!! Yeah! We are very excited! Just popping in to say hello. Hope all is well with everyone.


  6. gigi

    gigi New Member


    Congrats on the girl. They are so much fun. When are you due? My little girl is doing well--almost up to 12 pounds. She is just too cute for words. The love I feel for her is so intense---can't wait for you to experience that! It only gets better with every passing day---you just have to make it through the first couple of weeks after she's born as that is a quite an adjustment for a first time mom. But it does get better! Congrats again!

  7. nadster

    nadster New Member

    Hello Ladies,

    Just wanted to let you all know that I gave birth to a gorgeous baby girl on July 25th. (my due date) her name is Jayda Reine she was born 7pounds 15 ounces 20 inches long. She is gorgeous and i've been trying to send pictures of her on the thread but does not allow me. sorry ladies i'[ll keep trying. Ohhh my goodness I love my nephews with allllll my heart and never thought I could love anybody els. She is just sooooooooooooooo amazing I love her much I can't stop looking at her.

    just wanted to let you allllllllllllllllllllll know she IS BORN.

  8. BJ99

    BJ99 New Member

    Yay Nadia!!!!!!!!

  9. DQ143

    DQ143 New Member


    I am so happy for you! Congrats on Jayda's arrival. It's amazing how much you love them. But honestly, your love grows for them with each passing day.

    Keep trying to post those pictures. I have pm you my email if you would like to forward them to me, and I'll post them on the thread for you. I would be more than happy to help. I know all of us are dying to see her!

    Get some rest, and take in every moment possible.

  10. gigi

    gigi New Member


    Congratulations on your little girl. Wow, she's going to be punctual--not like my little girl:) I like her middle name. Isabella's middle name is Raine. I guess we think alike. Enjoy your little one---they grow so fast. Can't wait to see pics.

  11. nadster

    nadster New Member

    Thanks ladies.

    i'm enjoying my little angel she is soo cute. I on the other hand had to be rushed to the hospital again cause i started bleeding heavy and needed to put more stitches cause mine came out. i'm doing a bit better but still can't do much my doctor does not want me to stand and sit go on the stairs. I have to lay down but I can't with my ltitle baby she needs me.

    Thank god for my husband he is amazing he is playing nurse and mr mom.

    ok. ladies later.

  12. DQ143

    DQ143 New Member


    I got your email, so as promised here is your posted pic of Jayda.

    Sorry to hear you had to be rushed back to the hospital, but nice to hear that your dh is taking good care of both of you. I'll respond to your email later. Gotta run myself, but wanted to get Jayda's photo up for you. Talk to you soon.

  13. nadster

    nadster New Member

    My little angel face she is sooo cute. Thank DQ for putting up the picture. I just could not do it.

    Jen Pm me your e-mail I can't find it. I'm sooo not organized anymore.

    Later ladies.


  14. gigi

    gigi New Member


    Jayda is beautiful. Congratulations again. Can you believe how wonderful this all is. Of course, right now I am dealing with my little one not wanting to take naps, but hey that goes with the territory. So happy for you.

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    zepharmacy New Member

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