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Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by gutterflower, May 3, 2009.

  1. mini

    mini New Member

    Nessa - i am 16 weeks..how do you get one of these ticker thingys?


  2. nessa26

    nessa26 New Member

    Mini, you can go to www.babygaga.com and go to where it says "tickers", put in your due date, and it will then give you codes to copy and paste. You will need to go to your account and choose to add signature. You then copy and paste that code, and save it. It should then come up every time you post!!

  3. Leann

    Leann New Member

    Nessa, The nursery is coming along great. I will post pictures of the progress so far later today. I haven't picked bedding yet. There is one at babies r us called ahoy mate with boats and it matches out room and theme very well. I still am not 100% sure but it is the best one we found so far.

  4. DQ143

    DQ143 New Member

    Hello Ladies,

    I got a message from Lisa on Friday and she asked me to post something here for you all since things are so crazy with her right now.

    I don't believe she'll be back to the thread for a while if at all, she recently found out she's has a heart condition. Again, I only got a message from her, so I don't know all the specifics, so I plan to try to reach her again today. But as she asked, I am posting you all to let you know so you can keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

    I'll post again if I find out anything else from her. Take care!

  5. Leann

    Leann New Member

    Thanks for the update on Lisa. I will definitely keep her in my thoughts and prayers. I am sorry that she is having a rough time. Please keep us posted on her.

    As for me, things are going very well. I have another u/s this Wednesday so that they get the rest of the measurements because he flipped over during the last one and they couldn't get the rest of them. I have been going to the OB every two weeks because they are keeping a close eye on my blood pressure. it is very very borderline of having to go on medication Not working and having that extra stress is helping it. I am not as tired and my little guy is bouncing around in there every day. I swear he thinks my kidneys are a punching bag. I love feeling him move. It is a amazing feeling. My husband was able to feel him kick for the first time yesterday. Just the look on his face said it all. It almost brought me to tears.

    How is everyone doing? The board has been kinda quiet but its expected with all the little newborns that you mommies have to take care of [​IMG]

    Take care everyone!

  6. nessa26

    nessa26 New Member

    Leann, you always know where to find me, but you never write me on facebook anymore. It has been quiet around here. Nothing new with me. I think Im baaaaaarely starting to feel some kicks and punches, but its every once in a while. I can't wait to feel her move more often!

  7. jril54

    jril54 Member

    DQ, tell Lisa I'm thinking about her.

  8. jril54

    jril54 Member

    Leann, I'm glad to hear the stress of not working is helping your bp and hope u are able to stay off meds. Can't wait to see pics of the nursery.

    We're doing good. Braddock was up to 7lbs 12 oz at his last weight check on 6/4. The ped finally released us so we don't have to come back until he's 2 mths. I'm going to a breastfeeding support group tomorrow to get his weight checked to see if he is back up to birth weight. Other than that, we've just been hanging out as a family. All my company is finally gone. After my mil left, my uncles came down for a week so we just now have the house to ourselves.

    How are you doing since not working?

  9. perezj

    perezj New Member

    Hello Ladies!!!

    First off, Congratulations on your new babies Lisa and Jril I hope you are both doing great! Lisa, I hope that whatever heart complication may have been found can be corrected and that all gets better for you in time...in the mean time, I hope you are enjoying your baby boy to the max!

    Second, Congratulations to any new BFP's and to those of you ladies who have just gotten news of the gender of their babies...I hope you have tons and tons of fun shopping!

    I'm sorry I've been away for so long! As you may have guessed, I have given birth since my last posting and I am happy to report that Sophia was born on Monday May 18th at 12:46PM weighing 8lbs. 1oz. and measuring 21in. long! I had quite a lengthy labor (11 hrs.) compared to my son, but all went well and we're enjoying every little bit of her. I'm tired and extremely short on time, but all is going well for our family. I don't have much time to go on-line, but I wanted to let you all know that I have not forgotten about those of you still awaiting the arrival of your bundles of joy and I will try to check in every so often to see how you all are doing!

    Jril, we too dealt with a bit of jaundice with Sophie, though her levels began to go down before any hospitalization was needed (we were relieved since our son was hospitalized for jaundiced soon after birth)...son exposure was what we did for her as well.

    Hello to everyone else!


    PS: I did have to create a new name (just a bit different) because I was unable to log on to my perezjjc.

  10. nadster

    nadster New Member

    Hi Ladies,

    I'm sorry I have not been on for such a long long long time. Congrats to all of you that have had your babies i'm sooo happy for you.

    As for me I will finish working on Friday and I will take a months off before baby comes at the end of July (if not earliero r later) who knows but I need that time off.

    My feet are sooooooo swollen I can't even stay on my feet anymore. It's crazy i'm tired and all I guess it's the third trimester that does this to you.

    well just wanted to pop in and say HI.


  11. Leann

    Leann New Member

    Congratulations Jackie on your baby girl Sophia!

  12. nessa26

    nessa26 New Member

    Wow Nad! I wish I could take a month off before the baby. As it is, I am going to have to put up with a crappy maternity leave, since I don't qualify for the 12 week maternity leave.

  13. gigi

    gigi New Member

    Hi Ladies,

    Just checking in. Isabella and I are finally settling into a routine. The last two weeks were pretty rough as Isa was pretty irritable but I found out the reason. I rented a scale and weighed her before/after feedings for a whole day and found out she was only taking in 1/2 of what she should per day. I felt so horrible as I was basically starving my baby (not intentionally)--still not producing as much milk as I thought/hoped. So knowing what she was actually taking in helped me figure out how much I needed to supplement. I have been supplementing with breastmilk and formula and she is so much happier---and mama is happier. I felt so bad once I knew how little she was getting. I guess I should have guessed as she is still at 9 lbs at 4 weeks. At present she is about 9 lbs, 6 oz so she has gained 6 ounces in a week. I can't wait to see her chub up. She is so long and skinny right now. She is now 23 inches long. I think she is going to be a tall girl, which I love since I am only 5'3 (dad is 6/4.

    As for my milk, I am still not giving up but I am more accepting of the fact that I need to supplement with formula. Not that I think that formula is bad. I just think it would be so much easier if I had enough milk (wouldn't have to worry about packing bottles, etc). Yesterday, I met my friend at the store where I weigh Isa and she breastfed her baby in 15 mins and according to the scale he took in 3.8 ounces. I was so envious. I breastfeed for 45 min to an hour and I am lucky if she gets 1.5 ounces. Oh well. I guess things happen for a reason. The good news is my baby is now happy and gaining weight.

  14. gigi

    gigi New Member


    Congrats on Sophia. Sorry about the long labor but so glad Sophia is healthy!


    Can't believe you are already nearing your due date. I think it's great you are taking time off. I took a week off before my due date and wound up with 3 weeks off as Isa was 2 weeks late. Take the time to relax and enjoy your sleep. Things are a little crazy those first few weeks (totally worth it) so you will need to be well rested.


    Sorry you don't get your 12 weeks. I imagine you will only get 6 weeks. I feel for you as I think it takes that long to get into a routine. Or I should say I am finally feeling like I am getting into a routine (of course, I have had issues with breastfeeding so that probably didn't help). The good news is you will know what you are doing by the time you have to return to work. Enjoy your little baby inside. I miss feeling little Isa inside. I love being able to hold her, but I miss feeling her inside.

  15. gigi

    gigi New Member


    Please tell Lisa I am thinking of her. I hope her heart condition is something easily taken care of. God knows that girl doesn't need anything else. How is Lily?


    How is Braddock? How's breastfeeding coming along?

  16. DQ143

    DQ143 New Member

    Hello Ladies,

    Still haven't been able to reach Lisa for more info. I'm sure things are so hectic w/ Alex, and the shock of the news of what is going on w/ her is not helping. I've called and sent an email for her too, so hopefully I'll hear something soon. I know she probably just needs some time, but I am really worried about her too.

    Lily is doing great! She is over her cold. She is eating well again, and that is always good news. I have some photos in my camera of her I recently took, I need to download those so you call can see how much she has changed now that she is almost 10 weeks old. I go back to work on Monday. I will be working 3 days at the office, & 2 days at home for a few months. My mom will be watching Lily the days at I'm at the office. I'm hoping to do it until October and then put her in to daycare. She'll be 6 mos at that point and my ds will be 4, so hopefully his cost will go down, since infant care is so expensive.

    Gigi-sorry to hear you're having a tough time w/ the breasfeeding. Have you tried the tea or supplements? I think it's call Ferngeek, or something close to that. It's suppose to help produce more milk. Also have you tried pumping to feed? I had to do that w/ my ds b/c he wasn't getting enough on the breast b/c of his latch. You have to pump ever 4 hour no matter what, but I did get up to 3 per breast.

    Nadster-I cannot believe you're getting close to delivery too. WOW! What a year it's been for all of us.

    Leann-How are you feeling w/ your blood pressure? I'm glad they are keeping a close eye on you. My sister was born at 29 weeks b/c of blood pressure issues w/ my step-monster (She turns 18 next month). Glad quiting your job has helped w/ the stress level too. Hopefully it will continue to go down. Your pg seems to be going by so fast. I don't miss being pg, I miss the excitement of knowing the baby is on the way. Now that she's here she seems to be growing so fast. 10 weeks all ready! Why couldn't my pg go that fast, and he growing go slower?

    Jackie-So glad to hear that your little girl, Sophie is doing so well. Hang in there, you'll get into to routine. I know I was lucky b/c my ds goes to daycare so getting used to taking care of Lily was easier b/c I didn't have two at home. It will get easier I promise.

    Everyone take care! Again, I'll post something as soon as I hear from Lisa.

  17. Leann

    Leann New Member

    Hey, I am doing great. I went this morning for the rest of my u/s measurements. I got to see my little guy. He was bouncing all around and the u/s tech said she was having to chase him down to get it. He is going to be a active baby! I go back to the OB next week. My blood pressure was good last time so hopefully it will stay that way. I am eating a lot more fresh fruits and veggies and nowadays I am not craving as many sweets as I did in the beginning. Not working has been a huge help on my stress level. My boss wasn't supportive so the whole time I have been pregnant I was under so much more stress and pressure. I feel better now than I have.

    I am starting to get even more excited because my family and friends are getting together my baby showers. We are having two of them. one very large one with my family then a much smaller one with just close friends. One is August 15 then the other is August 29th. I think I am cutting it close to my due date because by then I am sure I am not going to feel as good as I do now.

    So the third trimester begins at 28 weeks right? So when does the uncomfortable part set in and the major swelling part start? So since you all have been thru this what is the worse/best part of the third trimester.

  18. gigi

    gigi New Member


    Glad to hear Lily is doing well. Good luck returning to work--it sounds like you have the ideal schedule and babysitting situation.

    As for breastfeeding, I am taking an herbal supplement called mother's milk and it contains ferngeek. And I am pumping after every feeding so about 8 times a day. I usually only get about 1 or 1.5 ounces, but that is b/c I feed Isa first then pump. When I have pumped after 4 hours w/out feeding her, I get about 3 ounces total---ugh. I'm not giving up yet. I hear sometimes things just come together around week 8 or 9 so I am hoping that happens for me. I was also prescribed reglan by my OBGYN as it can help milk production but I haven't taken it b/c of possible side effects (depression, anxiety, stomach issues). I may start it in a week or so if things don't improve. I was told by someone that if your prolactin levels are low that reglan should work so I think I am going to ask to check my prolactin levels to see if they are within normal range. If not, then I will definitely start the reglan. I'm kind of hoping that the levels are low so I know there is a reason for why my milk isn't coming in. A lactation consultant stated that if I didn't see breast changes in pregnancy (which I didn't) and I didn't feel engorged when my milk first came in (which I don't remember feeling engorged) that it could be a prolactin issue. I don't want to get my hopes up that the reglan could be the answer but God it would be nice to know that there might be a solution. Anyway, I am trucking along with the whole breastfeeding thing and like I said at least Isa is feeling better/happier. That is really all that matters in the end--is that she be healthy and happy. Thanks for your suggestions--I appreciate it.

  19. DQ143

    DQ143 New Member

    Hello Ladies-

    Just wanted to check in w/ everyone here and see how you're doing? Hopefully everyone's pg is going really well. Leann, how is your blood pressure doing? Hopefully all is undercontrol there.

    Been a busy week for me getting back to work. I feel like I forgot my job in a way. Part of it from pg brain, and the other b/c I was gone for 10 weeks. But I think after a couple of weeks, I'll get back into the groove of things.

    Labby, I saw that you were having a girl. Congrats!

    Gigi-has anything helped w/ the breastmilk supply? We had Lily on reglan when she came home it made her very cranky. I don't know if it has the same effect on adults, but just a heads up. I was engorged after Lily was born. My breast felt like two rocks on my chest. All they do for it now is tell you to bind them up tight in a sports bra. I was all ready taking motrin at the time b/c of delivery, so I continued w/ that and wore a sports bra and a tight fitting tank. Believe me, you would know if you were engorged.

    Still no word from Lisa, I was hoping I would be now, but nothing yet. I left another message this week. Hopefully I'll hear something soon.

    Take care everyone! Here a couple recent photos of the kids. Don't know why they are so fuzzy. My dh took them.

  20. gigi

    gigi New Member


    So glad you posted pics. Kids are too cute.

    The reglan hasn't worked and right now I am just concentrating on putting weight on my baby. She is still only 10 lbs at 6 weeks and remember she was born at 9 lbs. I switched bottles and she seems to be taking in more food now. She is taking in about 22 ounces these past two days, whereas before she was only taking in 17. She is suppose to have about 24-38 ounces so I still need to increase her intake but I am feeling hopeful. As for the reglan, it doesn't seem to have worked. However, I am still pumping and will try to supplement with what I pump and formula for as long as I can. I really just want to see my baby gain some weight. Hopefully by next week I can report that she has gained some.

    Well take care everyone!


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