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    I'm guessing this is the best place to post this...

    I have pelvic adhesions, diagnosed during laparoscopy, which cause me pain most of the month long, worse with any kind of pressure or tenderness e.g. period and bowel issues, but I can just about live with the level of the pain.

    My gyn said that the options are; surgery to divide the adhesions if I am struggling to cope with it or we can just leave it there and I deal with the pain. I am not ttc and don't expect I will be for a couple of years yet, but the other thing he said was that if we leave them, then if I get pregnant then the pregnancy and movement/growth of the uterus would divide them naturally. If I have trouble conceiving, then they will divide the adhesions surgically. To be honest, I just wish he'd done it in my laparoscopy while he was in there!

    I don't have my follow up until Feb but I want to have thought through this stuff in the mean time.

    So my question is:

    Has anyone here been pregnant when they had pelvic adhesions? Did these give them any pain before hand. And if so, how did they find pregnancy?

    I am wondering if, given how painful I find this on occasions at the moment, would it not make early pregnancy a very uncomfortable/more uncomfortable/difficult experience. I am reluctant to ask the gyn this as he's a man, and quite frankly, plays things down! Considering that I get "cramps" when I need the loo now (I am interpretting this as when there is increased pressure) and those cramps can make me "freeze up" and not be able to move until it passes...

    I'd appreciate any comments from you ladies, from the voice of experience, so I am prepared before my appointment and get the result I want.

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    So, are they just abdominal adhesions basically, or are they inside your uterus, i.e. Asherman syndrome? I have both, actually. My abdominal adhesions are not as painful as you describe and are pretty minor so they don't need to be treated. My Asherman syndrome I had treated to minimize the risk of me continuing to miscarry (5 miscarriages now). They cut those with scissors and applied Gelfoam to keep from scarring back up while it healed. Just based on what you are describing, it almost sounds best to have the adhesions dealt with now considering the severity of your symptoms!

  3. clc

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    Thankyou for your reply BunnyGirl. It's abdominal ones... they haven't looked anywhere else, it's just what they saw on laparoscopy so logically thats what it must be.

    I am leaning towards having them dealt with based on what I feel today to be honest, it's borderline as to whether it's something I can deal with or not. The way he put it across was if I can deal with it until I TTC, then that will 'fix it'.

    Of course, it might mean that I have difficulty getting pregnant anyway.

    Do you think that if I did get pregnant, the adhesions would have an effect on the pregnancy itself or how I experienced it?

  4. BunnyGirl19

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    You'd likely have more pain and aches when your uterus is growing. I'm not sure that you'd have a problem with actually becoming pregnant though. You might if the adhesions involve your tubes due to it making it harder for an egg to release and/or travel down the tube. If that's not the case then it's back to the pain issue.

  5. clc

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    He didn't tell me where the adhesions are exactly but his words were that the right tube and ovary particularly were inflamed with lots of adhesions...he also said there were adhesions in odd places ... he's a vague man my gynaecologist!! So as for the fertility side of it it's a wait and see game - basically, if you get pregnant it will break the adhesions, if you don't get pregnant then we will break the adhesions was his logic!

    It's good to know that it's not just my logic that says it would involve more pain and aches.

    Maybe the question I should be asking him is how much then. Like you say, the question then mostly involves the level of pain... thankyou...
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    hiya,im new here but would like to reply to your posts.I am 22 and have been suffering with adhesions since i was 13.the pain is how you describe it, its a nightmare trying to open my bowels or it causes a horrific pain that you cant move with,also needing a pee has become a problem! as if i need to pee i have to do it there and then or i get pain.i became pregnant at 18 and did have pain to start off with,but as my pregnancy progressed the oain went away,i then ended up having a laparoscopy when my son was 1 year old and they lasered my adhesions apart while they were in there.The surgery was a god send and i was pain free,as my bowel was attached to my fallopian tube and my uterus,no wonder going to the loo was near impossible!! anyways,after a few pain free months the pain began to creep back as the doc didnt put any kind of barrier up to refrain the adhesions from coming back!! so back and forth to the doctors and hospital,and being put on medication adding up to 15 tablets a day it became unbareable and i just wanted help as one night my left thigh wrnt numb then spread down my leg to my foot and my toes became black. this was awful as i could not move my leg or foot.i was recently told by my doctor i am being referred to the gynae once more and if there is nothing more they can do (as they wont operate again) i will have to deal with the pain,disgraceful really with the severity of the pain.but 2 days ago i found out i am pregnant with my second child, was not actually being too carefull after 8 months with no contraception as the doctors also told me they wouldnt be able to tell me if i would ever have any more children as the pain has spread completely across both sides of my abdomen.i have been having aching pain and the feeling of really needing to open my bowels and "freezing up" but the pain is just the same as always just on a more constant level instead of on and off like usually.But what i am trying to say now ive bended your ear off to death lol,my first pregnancy went completely fine and the great thing was i got used to having pain a lot the contractions were almost just a stronger version of day to day life lol, and hopefully this pregnancy will be exactly the same,and if you do end up becoming pregnant some time soon i would say you should be fine,fingers crossed for you and good luck to you in your future pregnancies :-D xx

  7. Costanza

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    Most of the time, adhesions don't cause any problems, so you may not even know you have them. However, in some people who have had abdominal surgery, the scar tissue can cause the bowel to stick together. This can cause your bowel to become partially or completely blocked (obstructed).

  8. Siobhain

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    I know it's been a good few years since you posted your comments to Aphrodite Women's Health, but I wanted to check in to see how you got on as I am in the same situation.

    My abdominal adhesions were discovered and removed during a laparoscopy in January 2013, but returned a few months later as they did not use anything to stop them returning. Since they returned, I have had to rely on a walking stick to get about as I lose power in my right leg. I was having bad side affects from all the medication I was on, so my pain specialist recommended and inserted a Neurostimulator. Now I only take pain killers for my migraines. I also suffer from fibromyalgia which doesn't help things. Lastly, I have been suffering from tremors since the adhesions returned, but they have advanced to severe shakes in the past few month. From this I have trouble walking and talking, and have numbness in both hands which makes it difficult to use cutlery. I am near my wits end as I was really looking forward to having kids naturally.

    How have you gotten on in the last few years?
    Have you managed to get rid of the adhesions for good?
    Have you been able to get pregnant and carry to term?

    Any information to help me, would be greatly appreciated.
    Many thanks for any help you can give,
    Kind Regards,

  9. OFY

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    Thanks all of you cos i felt i was the only one with such problem but i just want to ask, can i get pregnant with Uterine adhesion with left tubal blockage?
    because i did HSG scan and it was discovered and my gynecologist said is a simple process but am just scared cos of the pains i had during the HSG scan. pls what do i do?

  10. Melisaknop

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    the first signs began to appear even before the delay. at the first pregnancy, I realized it immediately, chest TC began to grow heavy and ache (but in a different way than at monthly). during the second pregnancy, I do nothing until the delay has not noticed. But my husband all is remarkable: he said that last week before the delay became lean on canned fish. I myself did not notice, as it was the main feature for the second time (and I did not believe him when he told me then about it) for him


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