Positive essure stories???

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    Hi new to the site...
    I just wanted to give some positive feedback on my essure procedure.
    After my 5th baby, I decided i would have something permanent done. I am the type of person that never would feel done, I got raging baby fever after every birth, so I needed to do something to help settle that, since my husband was D.O.N.E. and really does not want anymore kids, he was ready to move onto the next phase and really wanted me to move on from having babies to raising and enjoying the kids. We are an older couple and he was just trying to think about our future, someday, after babies.
    I was breastfeeding and didn't want to be put under to have my tubes tied, so i opted for the inoffice essure procedure. I thought the whole procedure was very easy. The concoction of meds to relax me, worked. The whole procedure took about 35 minutes from start to finish, and recovery was easy, so easy, i was up cooking supper for the family with no discomfort. Three months later you go in for an HSG, which i had never had before, all was clear, but manoman...the pain from the dye or whatever was intense for about 2 hrs after. Other than that 2 hour window of pain, I have not experienced any problems.
    I do get a weird pain that goes into my leg during ovulation, but it lasts only a couple of hours, it's totally better than any OPK stick ever was to let me know exactly when I ovulate. My cycles are normal(as normal as a 40 yr old womans cycle can be). I have had no problems over the last 3 yrs of having my essure in place. I am so pleased with my decision to go nonsurgical for permanent birth control.

    momma to a 17,14,7,5,and 3 yr old

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    I have had it for 4 years with no complications.

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    I wish I was as lucky as you ladies. I had problems with heavy bleeding and pain immediately following the procedure that has never let up. I will be having a full hysterectomy next month at the age of 39. I've never had problems with heavy bleeding and pain prior to getting implanted. I regret my decison to get Essure.

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    Please check out Essure Problems FB group. We are 24000+ strong and all suffering from this device. There is current legislation introduced in Congress to start the process of removing this device from the market. The approval was based on flawed study data and poor follow up and deceptive manufacturer marketing. You roll the dice on your health if you decide to have this procedure and if you do have issues, there will be little support to help you.

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    I had my Essure procedure in quick alignment with an endometrial ablation in 2006. I am VERY pleased with my results. My doctor does both procedures with twilight sleep (I was unaware that anyone would do this while you were awake), I would certainly recommend twilight sleep. Aside from the expected amount of pain after the procedure, and a few very unpleasant moments during the follow up exam, this procedure was a piece of cake. I have had no problems in the past 10 years. I do not have any children of my own, and I have never wanted any. I will be 40 in just a few months and I couldn't be happier with my choice. I would recommend, and have recommended Essure many times in the past decade. There are always risks with any procedure or surgery. Make a decision for you as an individual, research not just the pros and cons but why they happened as much as possible. I am happy to see that there are many other women out there who have had great results like myself.
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    I had Essure in 2009. To this date, I have not had any problems that I could attribute to Essure. Seeing as I just turned 50, I did have a few problems with heavy bleeding periodically, in the past 18 months or so. That appears to have subsided, I feel fine and hopefully on my way to menopause soon.
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    I am 44 years old. I was one of very few women who was part of the initial test of Essure in 2005, (over 12 years ago), and I haven't had any problems. My periods got a little heavier, but other than that, I haven't had any issues.
    Lately, I've seen many Facebook groups, legal commercials and articles on the negative effects of Essure and it scares me to death, BUT then I realize that I am one of very few that has had this procedure the LONGEST. I volunteered for this test and I knew that there may be future issues with it because NO ONE HAD THE PROCEDURE YET. I would like to add that there were two other ladies that volunteered for the Essure when I had my procedure and they are still doing great as well. I was only about 32 years old when I got it. No babies. No pregnancies. No regrets!!!!!

    So glad to see the postive results because I was beginning to feel scared.

    Sorry to the ones who have had teerible experiences. So glad to see others are ok with the procedure
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  8. Dawn Spradley

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    I am so SAD to hear of the other women suffering. I pray that they find comfort and legal representation. I was one of the FIRST women to volunteer for the trial procedure in 2005, and I have had ZERO issues/complications with my procedure. I was Drill Sergeant when I got it, and deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan FOUR TIMES-with no complications. The other two ladies who volunteered to do the test procedure with me are still doing very well too.
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