Positive essure stories???

Discussion in 'Permanent Contraception' started by Jax6, Jan 9, 2010.

  1. acw

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    jigjax, I'm glad to hear that the procedure went well for you. It's always good to hear the positive along with the negative. Lots of times, those who have a good experience don't post because they don't have reason to research and find these forums.

    I just wanted to comment on the MRI issue. The Essure coils do not prevent you from being able to get an MRI. A summary of what I've read along the way: The presence of the micro-inserts can produce an obscure image of tissue at or near the micro-inserts, but artifacts should not create a substantial problem for diagnostic MR imaging unless the area of interest is in the exact same position as where this implant is located.

  2. erb1

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    It's been a year since my HSG test, and all is still well. No problems to speak of.

  3. Holland

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    VeganCandy: What are your "unrelated" medical problems?

  4. gwendolynrain

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    I was just told that I COULD have an MRI. Have the paperwork from Conceptus to confirm.....?

  5. desertmonkey

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    Hi, I had my essure coils inserted 10/10. I had no problems during the procedure (ya, it hurt, but nothing worse than my menstral cramps). afterwards, I was up the next day doing housework with no pain at all! I did develop an infection a couple of days later, but I have a severly depressed immune system, so it was no big deal.
    I had my hsg in January 2011. showing complete blockage. I have had no changes in my sex life, periods or anywhere else. I would recommend this procedure to my family and friends, ONLY if they get it done by the ob that did mine. She's fantastic!
    I am one of those people who, if it CAN go wrong, it will, so I am very pleasantly surprised that I have had no problems!
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  6. CrystalS

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    I got the Essure procedure done in Feb 2010 and I haven't had any problems. I had the HSG test and I was told my tubes were blocked completely. I've had normal periods and no pain. I do not regret it at all. I am now questioning it though after what I've read and because I am 12 days late. I haven't taken a test yet mainly because I'm scared too. I'm pretty sure I'm not pregnant and it is stress causing this but I'll take a test next week if I am still waiting.

    Good luck and I hope you find the right choice for you.

  7. CrystalS

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    Update: I took a HPT and it was negative. I'm relieved and I knew it had to be stress related. I'm glad I got the Essure and I haven't had any problems at all. Good luck

  8. Tabatha

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    I am sad to hear all the negative comments about the essure procedure b/c I had a wonderful experience with it and would highly recommend it to anyone. I was at the doctor's office a total of 50 minutes and that is b/c they made me take a phenigram and pain pill before the procedure and wanted me to wait 30 minutes after taking the pill to start the procedure.

    The procedure was uncomfortable a couple of times but far from painful and was much quicker than I anticipated. After the procedure I did have some cramps but went home and the pain pill knocked me out for a couple of hours and when I woke up I felt no cramps or any pain. Very glad I made this choice!
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  9. DesireeShadwick

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    Hi. I had the Essure done about almost a month ago, on August 12th. I had it done at the hospital. It was over before I knew what had happened and I wasn't sore or anything. Heck, I went shopping for awhile afterword. Just the rest of the weekend I took it easy before going back to work. The only issue I have had is a little spotting that occurred this week, which at times is like a period, then others just like light light spotting. Other than that no complaints from me at all. I was only out like 25 minutes, the procedure was so quick, the recovery nurses said my doctor only took like 8 minutes to do the whole thing. I am looking forward to my x-ray in November to make sure they placed right. [​IMG] Has anyone else had any issues with the spotting?

  10. Maavernon

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    Hi I have had a positive experience with ESSURE.

    I just had my follow up HSG today and it was a breeze. Coils are perfectly placed and 100% blocked. Didn't hurt at all, unlike some others who said it was horrible.

    I took 3 Motrin at 8:30am and then one more at around 10am. My HSG ended up being at 12pm (an hour later than scheduled). Even thought the tech informed me I would probably have intense cramping for 30 seconds while they inflated my uterus with fluid, I had none. They used such a small amount of fluid that the test was over before I knew it!

    My actual coil placement was back in August. I had to take some synthetic hormone like progestin for a few days right around the end of my period. Then the following week was the procedure. I took a prescribed Ativan an hour prior to the appointment to relieve any anxiety and was advised to begin taking 600mg Motrin every 6 hours, beginning 24 hours prior to appointment. (Taking the Adivan was the only real thing giving me anxiety since I didn't know how I would react to it! But in all it was fine). I was given a shot of Toradol (which I didn't know they were going to give - but read other people's experiences that they were given something like it) at the dr office before the procedure began. Then they injected my cervix with something like novacaine to numb it. I barely recall having any pain during the procedure. If anything I only had minor discomfort during. I had some spotting that day but barely any other cramps. I had some minor cramping for the next day, but it wasn't bad. I think I spotted for a few days, then I basically got my period again - I think due to the progestin they made me take earlier. My subsequent periods have been the same as before the coil placement.

    I would definitely recommend. I am 37 and have 3 children. Maybe going through childbirth (numerous times ) makes your body more ready for this procedure and the HSG. As I haven't had any problems.

  11. davidsbunny

    davidsbunny New Member

    I just had my Essure procedure done in my doctor's office today and right now I'm at work (I am a nurse.) My procedure took approximately an hour and that's with having a few issues. First, I took Cytotec as instructed which did nothing to dilate my cervix so my doctor had to manually dilate the inside and out. Then once the cervical block was working and the procedure was to begin, my doctor initially had trouble locating one of my tube openings. She was able to locate both openings and inserted the Essure coils without any tubal spasms or anything. The only pain I had was when the coils were being inserted but it was nothing worse than the pinch you feel during a pap smear. I have not required any pain medicine since the procedure and like I mentioned I am here at work tonight with no problems. I am very pleased with how the procedure went and would do it all over again! Please post any questions you may have.

  12. davidsbunny

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    In response to my own post I would like to add that I did experience slight bleeding while in the office and only very little once I got home. Right now I am only experiencing very light cramps but no worse than those I may have during my period.

  13. Jax6

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    Thanks for the stories. I have issues with heavy periods now to the point that I wear a nighttime pad and have to change it every hour for the 2nd and 3rd days of my period. So I have an appointment in March with my Gyno to discuss Mirena to solve this issue.

    I will discuss the essure procedure with him as well.

    Thanks all.

  14. erb1

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    It was two years in August 2011, and all is still well, thank goodness.
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  15. Kaitlyn L

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    I had my Essure procedure done May 2012, I was prescribed meds, and then given a shot and also numbed right before the procedure. I would say it took 15 minutes at most. My doctor is amazing. I did not feel a thing, and watched on the monitor the whole time. I did not have any down time, other than being a little drowsy from the meds. I just had my HSG confirmation today, I took some of the left over meds from the first procedure right before I went because I had heard this was painful, My doctor was very thorough, having me rotate a few different ways so he could get multiple images, and then after he showed me the images of where the dye was and were my tubes were and that nothing was able to get through. I dressed and came to work right after! I have not experienced any pain or cramps, but i would suggest taking a pad/tampon because the dye will leak out and i noticed a little bit of spotting, but not much. All in all i am very pleased with my choice and would recommend Essure to any considering permanent birth control!
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  16. SnazzyGina

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    I had my Essure put in almost two weeks ago. So far it's been great. I felt kinda icky for the first few days but I also think I was having a hormone crash from having my Mirena removed. I am now taking the Mini-Pill and using condoms until the HSG test. The mini pill is what's going to keep my uterus clean so they can see clearly during the test. Can't wait for March 5th and I'll be hormone free. I loved the mirena but after four kids and the last pregnancy being pre-eclamptic, I knew I was done after she was born...so this just seals the deal. In 5 years my husband will also get a vasectomy so we have double protection. I'm a nervous nelly about being in that .01% that gets pregnant after Essure. LOL.

  17. Athaclena

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    I'll chime in. I had my procedure in Feb, 2009. You can read about my experience here: http://www.aphroditewomenshealth.com/for...9700#Post299700

    Still no issues and no pregnancies to report. I will say that coming off the pill after 9 years was probably the worst part. It was probably a year before my hormones truly ironed out and the first 3 months I felt a bit on the crazy side.

    I've recommended this procedure to friends - and still strongly encourage a twilight or out-patient procedure over being awake for it. Yes, it takes more time, but again, the majority of the people I've seen with issues had complications with the insertion. It is a small target and I wouldn't want an unconscious twitch on my part to be the cause.
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  18. I had my essure procedure August 26th and it was severe pain during procedure. I was very crampy the rest of that day but by Tuesday I was good to go. Mild spotting for 2 days. Its been a week and I feel normal. I hope it continues. I don't regret it and hopefully never will.

  19. Nomorebabes

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    I just had my procedure done yesterday and so far so good. After I got home I was prepared with my painkillers by my side but I didn't need them. Besides a little bleeding and a little cramping I think I'm ok. I will update my whole experience as it unfolds.

  20. erb1

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    It's been four years. I haven't had any problems.


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