Positive essure stories???

Discussion in 'Permanent Contraception' started by Jax6, Jan 9, 2010.

  1. Jax6

    Jax6 New Member


    I am looking at getting Essure. There only seems to be negative and we all know that in any job you never hear about the positive things only the complaints. And for every complaint there are normally 100 happy customers.

    So I would like to know about the positive essure stories so that I can weigh it up for myself.


  2. erb1

    erb1 New Member

    I had the procedure done in August, and the follow-up in November. I haven't had any problems to speak of. The procedure took about 50 minutes, and I went back to work. I have a couple of pics from the follow-up that shows everything in place.

    I know of one other person who has done this, and she has had a positive experience also.

    I have a tremendous amount of compassion for the people who have had problems though.

  3. Holland

    Holland New Member

    I am interested to hear from happy customers as well, so long as they have had the implants for at least several years.

  4. Molly

    Molly New Member

    Hi Jax,
    I had the procedure almost two years ago and everything is going great for me. No pain or weird side effects throughout.
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  5. Jax6

    Jax6 New Member

    Thanx Molly. i am still thinking about it.....

  6. rnzmom

    rnzmom New Member

    Just had my 3-month HSG test to confirm all is in place and that the tubes are fully blocked. I am thrilled with the way that everything went from the beginning and would recommend the procedure highly

  7. MDR

    MDR New Member

    I just had the procedure done on yesterday. Was very sleepy afterwards, had a little spotting because it's time for my monthly and cramped a little but today, I am fine. No pain, not even with the shot before the procedure. I would do it again but hopefully in 3 months I will be good to go and won't have to. Will update then.

  8. Jaclene

    Jaclene New Member

    I just wanted to post because this site seems to attract the few that have bad experiences with Essure when so many more have good experiences. My doctor's office has been doing it for the five+ years that it has been a common procedure, and I had it done a year ago, and it was a breeze. Much easier and cheaper than a tubal would have been.

    I had to have three or four rx filled before essure and brought them in an hour before the appointment in order to take one of them an hour before I had it done to "relax" me. I swear the doctor had it completed within 15 minutes, and I cramped only in the beginning not when he was actually placing the coils in my tubes.

    I spotted for very little that afternoon and none afterwards. Had pms like cramps for the first week, and have had zero problems in the year since then. My periods are regular and the same as the were before. I'm one of the lucky ones who have 3-4 day ones every 30-31 days.

    My husband and I are very pleased with our decision, and I think that people who have had the bad experiences must have either poor doctors or the nickle allergy that should have been checked for. Oh, and I know several people who have had it done (including my ob's nurse), and they have all had similar experiences to mine.

  9. Jaclene

    Jaclene New Member

    I guess I should have mentioned the HSG to check to see if essure worked. I had one done in the past and knew what to expect, and it's worse than the essure part, but it only is uncomfortable when the doctor perfoms it. Afterward, I was fine, and completely blocked [​IMG].

  10. Jax6

    Jax6 New Member

    This is great! Thank guys for the positive stories.

  11. redvelvet126

    redvelvet126 New Member

    Hi...I gt essure did oct of 2008 and it took like 45min da most i ws under ansethia so i really didnt feel anything...i went home took motrin laid down and relax went to work da nxt day and hav bn doin fine since i havent had any probs or pain..my period hav bn irregular bt dats da way its bn since i ve eva had my menstrual.....so good luck on ur decision i dnt regret it and i only hav one child..

  12. VeganCandy

    VeganCandy New Member

    I love Essure!!! I've heard so many horror stories, that I wouldn't necessarily recommend it to anyone, but for me it has been a miracle! I couldn't use any kind of regular birth control on the market. Depo made me so sick I nearly died (lost over 40 pounds, couldn't walk, etc.) I was looking into sterilization, but had heard a lot of bad things and had friends who had gotten pregnant after. I found Essure 5 years ago when it was brand new and took a gamble. The placement procedure went fine. I had cramping for a few days afterwards like a heavy period. I was terrified of the HSG because everyone said it would hurt, but I didn't feel a thing. The dye test showed it worked the first time. I have never had any pain or side effects. I've since had cat scans and other tests for unrelated medical problems that show the coils are still in place. Essure has given me so much freedom. I am so glad that I chose it!

  13. candycane

    candycane New Member

    I just had my essure procedure done on 27th of july and have to go back in oct for the hsg test. can you please describe that test for me as the people I have talked to states it hurts really bad. Should I take some motrin before going?

  14. Jaclene

    Jaclene New Member

    Sorry, candy, I just saw your post. Hope you are feeling fine now! The HSG test isn't bad. I had the first one done at a doctor's office, and the second one done at a lab. In and out in fifteen minutes.

    Take some advil or something before you go. It's similar to an uncomfortable pap smear. The doctor puts a cathether into the uterus and shoots dye into it to check to make sure the tubes are blocked. I was told the results both times when it was done.

    Good luck, and don't worry about it!

  15. candycane

    candycane New Member

    Thanks for the insight now I am not too worried about the hsg test in october

  16. rae36

    rae36 New Member

    I had the Essure procedure done in December 2009 and couldn't be happier! I feel sooooo much better now that I do not have to take birth control pills/hormones. I could not tolerate any bcp, mirena, or nuvaring (migraines, high BP, moodiness, skin problems, you name it)! My physician did a wonderful job (no pain, seriously!) My cousin had the same procedure done 6 months before me with a different physician and she described pain during the procedure and some cramping afterward. I have a 3-4 day period with 1 day (2nd day) being heavier than the rest (but tolerable, not as bad as it was when I was a teenager). Overall, I am very satisfied and glad to be worry free regarding pregnancy AND hormone-related issues! However, this was just MY experience... it seems like there has been a wide range of different experiences!

  17. Lorraine

    Lorraine New Member

    Okay I just posted a response but not sure what happen..well here it is again.. My gyn recommended Essure when I inquired about perm options.. I never heard of it.. I researched on the net(this site came up alot) and what I mainly saw were bad experiences.. I almost canceled because of this.. but I am sooo glad I didn't...
    Had the procedure in May..smooth for me minimal pain/cramping.. took medication on way to appt but it wore off before the procedure started. Some mild bloating and very mild cramping for a day or two afterwards.. then life was normal.. normal. periods, etc since. I had HSG test today... was scared about that too... once again because of what I read online.. bad bad.. but I have to say for me.. it was so easy.. I had pap smears that hurt worse.. I was in and out 20 mins.. cool to see your internals on the screen.. and I am happy to say.. tubes blocked.. Woo Hoo.. hubby and I couldn't be happier..LOL .. I am 39 with two boys 19 & 12.. I do want to say that my doctor showed me a metal contraption that some doctors still use for the HSG test.. it was thick and long and she said she had it used on her.. she said it was very ackward having this long metal thing in your cervix.. and hanging out, etc...so glad she used a plastic catheter.. I think some of the woman with bad experiences may have had the metal contraption used.. vs what I had. For me I am sooooo glad I had the essure procedure and will recommend it to anyone considering a permanent option. Also have to say.. so glad to be off the pill...I feel so much better [​IMG]

  18. Jax6

    Jax6 New Member

    Thank you all for these positive stories - please keep them coming. I am still contemplating the procedure.

  19. EmmaPeel

    EmmaPeel New Member

    I'm 42, have 2 kids (1 and 4). I'm on Day 5 since I got the Essure procedure done. The procedure itself wasn't bad at all - a little uncomfortable and mild cramping. Minor cramping after the procedure that was basically gone within 3 hours. Took some of the pain pills (though I didn't feel like I really needed them) and napped for the rest of the evening (1st time the kids and hubby have let me nap in the past year). I had very light brown spotting on days 1,2,3.

    I did my usual Muay Thai kickboxing class on Day 3 and 4 after the procedure. I did not overexert or push myself. However, about 2 hours after class on Day 4, I noticed a little bleeding (red & about the size of a quarter) and was very tired (we did do more kicking that day). Not sure if the exercise was related to the bleeding, but would recommend if you normally do a strenuous workout, to maybe take it easy for a little longer than I did just in case. It could also be that my period might be starting because it is about that time. I'm breastfeeding my 14 month old and have just started getting my periods again 2 months ago, so they're not exactly regular yet and I'm sure the depo-provera shot might change that too. Anyway, I see my doctor again on Tues and will see what he says. Overall, I feel great and am happy!

  20. jigjax

    jigjax New Member

    Jax6, this is specially for you...I had my procedure done yesterday and out of total of 15 minutes, 3 minutes were bad, but it wasn't unbareable. I had to take 800mg Motrin 24 hrs. prior every 12 hrs. Then insert a 400mg Misoprostil in vagina to numb it (you can also take it orally) in the AM. Then took 2 Oxycodons before I left home, Then the nurse gave me a Vallium and a shot in the hip. Then the cervical block was applied before the procedure. I thought this was crazy since I weigh only 101 lbs, but my doctor said to trust her!!
    Everything went very well, and I haven't had any pain since then. Since my appointment was only 2-3 days before my period is due, she had a hard time inserting the coils in the fellopean tubes (because the endometrium gets thick at this time), so I would sugget to make the appointment after your period. Another thing is you WILL NOT be able to get an MRI of your lower vack and pelvic area once you have Essure ( they never told me about this, but I am glad my husband is a doctor and thought to verify it!!!)
    Over all, I am glad I went through it. I was getting tired of using various BC methods: pills (long term effects), Paragard (caused extremely heavy periods), Mirena (best out of all EXCEPT frequent and unexpected spotting), Depo provera shot and of course condoms. If I didn't go through with this procedure, Mirena would have been my next choice. I hope I don't have the horrific problems that some of the ladies have had in these posts. My heart goes out to each and every one. But so far so good! I will keep posting in three months or if anything else happens.


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