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Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by I need help so fast, Mar 30, 2016.

  1. I need help so fast

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    okay so my girlfriend, we had unprotected sex and the day after we bought plan b and took it at 10-10:30 am the next morning, later at I would say 6:00 we had unprotected sex again and I came inside of her and we took plan b the next day another time, this happened between March 11th-13th, then the next week, she had light bleeding for a few days, maybe 2-3, I don't know, but she gets her period toward the end of the month, she usually gets it around the 24th-25th of every month, she's about 5-6 days late, can she be pregnant, please I need help

  2. PunchDrunkKitten

    PunchDrunkKitten New Member

    I'm going to start by shaking my finger at you in stern disapproval. Plan B is not a substitute for conventional contraceptives. It is not meant to be taken regularly, or within close proximatey of itself on multiple occassions as these are very strong chemicals your girlfriend is subjecting her body to that can have very seriously harmful short and long term effects. This is the reason for her sudden spotting.
    You both need to nut up and take the appropriate precautions or stop screwing vaginally until youre capable of doing so. Its unlikely that she is pregnant considering how dramatically you've flooded her system with hormones and chemicals designed to prevent fertilization of an egg, but her system is likely very f**king unhappy right now because it didnt need, want, or expect to have all that artificial crap dumped onto it.
    Also, i feel its worth saying that if you're so scared about knocking her up, maybe you should use a damn condom.


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