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    One guy can't woo every girl he meets-women have varying personalities as much as boys do. Sometimes, a guy with a big sense of humor would seem to be mismatched with a girl who is serious and is exactly the opposite of him. If the saying "opposites attract" is true, then it would follow that a bubbly and funny girl would fall for the guy with a serious personality.

    How could your personality affect your presence towards girls? Does it follow that if you are this certain type of a person, it would be difficult for you to woo somebody who shares the same personality as yours? Fortunately, your personality does not affect your relationship with women unless it is something negative. You can attract a girl by simply being yourself and by letting your instincts manage your actions; however, you also have to be wary of a certain traits that could affect your dating habits.

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    Your confidence can definitely do one important thing to you: it can boost your chances of winning beautiful girls. A lot of women would prefer a guy who is sure of himself and his actions around people. If you want to know how to approach females, you must have the confidence to go near them and to start a conversation with them. You will be needing confidence from the time you get into the room till the time you leave the place.

    A lot of women would prefer a clean, hygienic guy over someone who isn't. If you want to attract women, use your appearance and neatness to do so. Someone who looks clean and neat is more approachable than someone who gives off a very distracting smell. If you want to be favored by the crowd, then be neat at all times.

    Most women fall for the flirtatious hunk and some would even fall for the funny guy. What's the surest way to attract all sorts of women? By being both of course! Be funny and at the same time, flirty. Flirt with women through ways that would cheer them up. If you have a knack for making funny pick up lines, then use this to trait of yours to attract women.

    If you know how to act yourself and if you accept yourself for who you are, it will be easier for you to show your true colors to a woman, and at the same time, to keep her interested in you. If you know how to be yourself, it follows that you are confident with who you are. Approaching women will no longer be a problem if you get this covered.

    Before thinking about getting a date, thinking about earning a friend first. That's how it often goes with women. If you want to know how to approach women and to keep her close to you, you must think about making her a friend. How do you approach new people to make them your friend? Do the same around a woman you like and you'll find it easier to create a relationship from there.

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