Parsley or Vitex to help induce AF. advice needed!

Discussion in 'Reproductive Health' started by Bre, Feb 21, 2010.

  1. Bre

    Bre New Member

    I have irregular periods due to pcos. I have never had a regular cycle pattern without BCP's.Prior to BCP's i would have one or two periods and then it would disappear for months.I was on BCPs to regulate my cycle for 7 months stopped BC pills in June and had 5 regular af's.30-35day cycles My last period was Nov.24th.
    I had sex on Dec 7th(protected condom and he did not ejaculate in me) I should have gotten my af on or around the 27th give or take a day. I tested using ept digital hpt on Jan 6th the test said not pregnant. On Jan. 22.I went to planned parenthood to have a pregnancy test done.(I do not Have insurance so no doc). That test was negative. The person who gave me the results said that the test(urine) is very sensitive an can get even a faint positive at 2 weeks my test had no indications of a positive what so ever. I still haven't received my period so I went back to PP on Feb. 18th and again a negative. That makes 3 negative test.
    Can I trust these results?
    What can I do to induce my period it was suggested BCP again but I really have bad feelings about them?
    Can Parsely really help bring or an AF?
    And does vitex work in keeping your cycle regulated?

  2. JillF

    JillF Member

    Vitex worked really well for me to regulate my cycle. When I came off the pill after 7 yrs, my body didn't know what to do. At first, I had no cycle at all. But when I did-- there was no rhyme or reason to it. It was really random and heavy. Sometimes I would bleed really heavily for a day or two-- then stop then go through it again. Then for awhile- - even if it wasn't heavy, I was spotting all the time.

    Vitex (with dong quai) regulated my cycle within a couple of months. I took 2 capsules a day. I don't know about anyone else- but it worked for me. I didn't want to go back on "fake" hormones again-- so this was a lifesaver for me.

  3. Veronica

    Veronica New Member

    I am also struggling with very irregular cycle, and want to first try all natural means to regulate my hormones before going on the pill.
    Is there a specific company that sells Vitex (with dong quai)that you would recommend? I am really unfamiliar with this.
    Thank you! [​IMG]

  4. Bre

    Bre New Member

    Hi Ladies<
    thanks for your responses..
    Jill I know what you mean about the cycles that done makes sense before BCP mine were heavy as well I was put on BCP becuase I had an AF that lasted 5months that was torture. Were do you buy the vitex with dong quai. Do you take it everyday or just during certain times.
    Veronica Please try to find a natural means going on BCP's was the worst choice I made but at the time I had no clue I was 21 and just wanted the horribly long period to stop.

  5. JillF

    JillF Member

    The brand I have is called "Now". I used to take 2 capsules a day-- one in the morning and one in the evening. Each capsule has 300 mgs Vitex (.5% standardized extract) and 150 mgs dong quai. I actually took it for 2 yrs--- don't know if you need to. I just read that it was good to do it for that long- and then quit. Then your cycle stays normal.

    So far so good! I quit taking it about a yr ago. And I think its pretty good that I'm almost 41 and my cycle is as regular as clockwork!

    I got mine at a local store called the "Grain Bin"-- but any health food store should carry it.

    A word of advice: Always research when it comes to natural or herbal means. They can be very effective, but also can be just as potent as prescription medicine. From what I've read- most people can take Vitex without any problems, but its always good to be informed about every aspect. Some herbs do not mix well with others- so its good to check. It was on this forum that I first heard about Vitex. I looked into it and tried it- and it worked for me. This is just my experience. If you take other medications- or have other health issues, you may want to speak to a dr first.

    If Vitex works for you-- I believe its so much better then BCP.


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