Paragard Question, please help

Discussion in 'IUDs' started by Bellona007, Jul 7, 2016.

  1. Bellona007

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    I've had a paragard for 5 months now & my 1st 3 periods were regular. My period in May lasted 11 days along with some spotting. Then in June I had 1 day of spotting and 1 day of bleeding (not even enough to fill a pad.) Now it's June & I've had no period yet but I'm getting abdominal pain (nothing I can't handle but still very annoying,) I also felt some flutters while I was laying in bed at night a few times. Is this normal or should I see my dr?

  2. Lisamarie1609

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    Before making your decision to get an iud, consider the fact that if you want it taken out, it's not that easy. I've had paragard in since mid June and have had more/ increased symptoms every month. Some of which i was told would happen, like heavy periods, cramping. But the symptoms that really made my decision to get mine removed was frequent urination. Feels similar to a uti but without the pain when urinating. Its worse during my period and lasts sever days after. I constantly feel like i have to go and its a very uncomfortable feeling. I went to a planned parenthood to have mine inserted and I've since called to make an appt to have it removed but they're not open anymore. I've tried the urgent care my family doctor the one will touch it. I have to wait another 2 1/2 weeks to see my ob to hopefully have it removed. It's definitely made me more depressed then ever and to think i have to keep it in my body that much longer is unsettling...i know everyone is different. I've heard plenty of women who say they love it...for me, it's been horrible. Just research the crap out of any kind of bc before you start it and especially before you have it inserted into your body!!!

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    Hey I had this iud in for weeks probably a mouths now I feel somethingweird not thick idk if I feel the string I'm so scared help me please


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