Ovulation or Implantation spotting then EWCM 5days later??!

Discussion in 'Reproductive Health' started by OoshBaby, Apr 27, 2016.

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    My last period started 2Apr with few days spotting before that.
    Lasted 4-5days (super light flow till 6Apr as compared to the usual).
    We BD on 12Apr.

    On 20Apr evening I had slight brownish spotting and BD 20Apr past midnight (DH did comment I'm feeling warmer than usual).
    When I wipe there's more brownish mixed with CM/sperm I'm not sure?

    Then 25&26Apr I experienced EWCM with mild cramps and BD on 26Apr afternoon.

    Today 27Apr EWCM stopped but around evening time I saw very slight milky CM.

    Initially I tot the spotting on 20Apr could be "Implantation Spotting" then realised it could also be "Ovulation Spotting" due to my period not due so soon (I'm about 30-33days cycle).
    And I know it's not possible to ovulate twice within a cycle.

    Please can someone advise me what are the odds of me getting pregnant or how soon can I test for pregnancy


  2. OoshBaby

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    Help... Anyone?


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