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Discussion in 'Trying To Conceive' started by **Cleo**, Jul 29, 2008.

  1. stardust

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    no pregnancy it was just coincidence's. [​IMG] Its ok we didnt really try and have a whole year before we start trying, but I think he cant wait [​IMG]

  2. edb1209

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    What is going on with me??

    Ok, so I'm new to all of this! I absolutely LLOOOVVVEEE reading all of the discussions on here. It makes me feel so much comfort knowing that there are other women out there that may be having the same things happeneing to them, or others that have been thru the same things...Ok, having said that, I have a 10 month old boy, before him, I had a miscarriage (I was only about 3 weeks along when I miscarried) and me and my DH have been TTC for about 4-5 months now. I am using a calendar to track my O days and AF days. But...I am having some wweeeiiirrrdddd things happening! So, I need ADVICE PLZZZ??? First, terrible headaches, backache, mood swings so bad that I feel for my DH, I'm LACTATING white fluid, and I haven't lactated since my son was 4 wks old, I'm so exhausted, and I'm having the weirdest, craziest, most vivid dreams. I'm craving twinkies, coca-cola, and bacon cheeseburgers with things on them, that I've NEVER liked to eat, and I look so bloated, I was cramping around Ovulation, and DPO, and also been having these weird "twinges" I guess you could say in my tummy. But..3 negative tests....Am I just crazy??? Last month I was 2 days late, but still had a period, lasted about 4ish days. Not heavy, not light. 3 days until my next period is supposed to come. I would love to think that I'm PREGGO, but I'm so afraid that its all in my head??

  3. Annie22143

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    Re: What is going on with me??

    It's not all in your head, Edb, Of course you just had a son a year ago right? Your bodies hormones are probably still trying to go back to normal. Of course if you and your DH are TTC again so soon, it is a little harder to tell. My Grandmother was told after her first baby that she couldn't have any more and out of nowhere, four months later she was pregnant again! So anything is possible, you're not crazy lol. Those all sound like pregnancy symptoms to me. How did you feel when you were pregnant with your son? Some women who are already mothers have certain symptoms that let them know right off the bat, and some have suspitions but aren't sure. I know your post is from February but if your symptoms turned out to be AF, then it's okay, keep trying! But if not, congrats and best of luck!

  4. stardust

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    Re: What is going on with me??

    ok maybe the moonphase thing works sometimes, but this pregnancy Im now pregnant,did not concieve during my fertile moon phase time, I concieved right in the middle of my cycle.
    My cycles have been between 33 and 34 days long lately,I happened to have sex on day 15, or 16 the day before I would ovulate and wammoo!presto!! Prego!!! Im pregnant!:)

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    Women who are thinking about having Implanon placed, but who have heard horror stories about Depo Provera, can rest assured that the majority of women who have Implanon removed actually ovulate within a month! If you are looking for a birth control method that isn’t quite as long term, there are other reasons not to choose Implanon, however. Let’s not forget that Implanon comes with two minor surgical procedures — one upon placement, and another to remove the device from your upper arm. Women looking for a short-term contraceptive solution may prefer to look into methods such as combined oral contraceptives or the NuvaRing hormonal contraceptive ring — or, of course, condoms.

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    hi friends i hope you agree with me

  7. FreshView

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    Hi All. I'm looking for a FAM or NFP class near Portland, Oregon. The places I check don't offer a class anymore. TCOYF is a great book but I would also like an in-person session to make sure I understand everything.

    I stopped taking Ortho Lo about 8 mths ago. I've been taking my BBT and charting for about 7 months. I'm starting to get serious about ttc so I would like to find a class soon. Any leads you can share in Oregon or SW Washington?

    Also, if the price is right, I would like to purchae a new or used Baby Comp. (I may be interested in buying a Lady Comp once I read up on how to use it for ttc.) I expect to use it for a few years so I'll be using it for ttc and contraception at various times. I can probably pick it up between Vancouver and Portland, and Eugene, Oregon. Shipping from wherever is cool too. I'm on the company's waiting list for a refurbished unit but it will probably be months before my number is called. PM if you're interested in selling a Baby Comp or Lady Comp.

    It's great to learn from you forum friends so thanks!

  8. BunnyGirl19

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    Check through a Catholic hospital or church. I used to teach 10-ish years ago a 2-hour class based off TCOYF for a women's group loosely associated with a Catholic hospital.

  9. FreshView

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    Thanks, BunnyGirl. I took your advice. No joy yet in Portland. I'm going to check Vancouver and Salem hospitals for classes next.
    Meanwhile, I may buy a Baby Comp to be sure that I have back up while I'm becoming a FAM pro. I know that's a lot to pay for back up but... we'll see.

  10. NikkiHarrow

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    Hi there.
    i am all new to this, literally have just done the registration and got the email :)
    i am nikki, live in wiltshire, england, have a husband of 5 years (been together for over 8 ) and a 5 year old daughter :)
    i am gona get straight to the point of me posting on here... sorry if some things are going to be too much.
    nearly 5 years ago i had my daughter, all natural, 3 days after her due date, all went well etc had the implant in for 3 years (implanon) i was very lucky, had no periods for the whole 3 years. as soon as it got to the last day of it, i came on so i knew straight away it stopped working. so we started using condoms just in case until i dediced what to have next as didnt want another implant as didnt want to wait that long to try for another small one. so i chose a coil. had it put in last september, but then we started talking about trying for another baby, and had it taken out in may. with the coil my periods were all over the place and amazingly painful. after that they were regular, bang on time every month, but only lasting 1-2 days, but they were not painful, but knew every time i was gona come on, as became very irritable, impatient, you know. then last month it was 4 days late. i got my hopes up but got a big fat negative. then just now, its 6 days late... i have all the symptoms of a pregnancy: tiredness (oh god, could sleep all day every day), sensitive boobs, lower back pain, my stomach feels funny, like butterflies all the time, i feel sick 24/7, heachaches, funny creamy discharge, so most of the symptoms. one of my friends said she knew she was pregnant because her temperature rose up. took mine yesterday, it was 37.2? mine is usually around 35.5-36... so i bought a clear blue digital test that has 2 in a pack, and it came back negative. so i called up my doctor, just waiting for them to ring me back. does anyone know what this could be? i am not stressed, just live with the normal, every day stress like everyone else, havent changed my diet, havent done anything to my life that could have caused this. i have been with my husband for over 8 years now, so no change in partners either. the only thing i can think of is that i want go get pregnant so bad my body is playing tricks with me? any help or advice or anything would be greatly appreciated :)
    thank you for reading all this :)

  11. *mel*

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    I would wait a few days and then test again. The temperature rising is if you chart your cycles which I am assuming you don't do? It's only reliable if you take your temperature first thing in the morning straight after waking, before even getting out of bed. If you do it every morning throughout your cycle you should see a pattern of lower temps for the first half of your cycle followed by higher temps for the second half of your cycle. This enables you to pinpoint when you ovulated. If you are pregnant then your temperature remains high, if you are not it goes back down to normal when your period starts.

  12. oluare

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    hello everyone I have a question. my husbands and I are TTC my last AF was April 1st I ovulated around the 19th to the 22nd I think I conceived on the 21st. im 23dpo now and my AF was supposed to come on may 4th but still nothing I took a HPT on may 12th but it was negative. I have this wave on and off of feeling nauseous. the weird thing is usually prego women eat more but me i cant eat very much, also my back hurts really bad but it seems to only hurt at night, and since 6dpo i have cramps like AF but NO AF im very confused has anyone else had this happen? and why is my AF not coming but still a BFN?

    **ooh and like april 28th i have very very faint pink CM for 3 days***

  13. *mel*

    *mel* Super Moderator Staff Member

    Are you charting or doing anything to know for sure when you ovulated?

  14. ceecee

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    Hi everyone! I don't know if this is still active, but here goes: My DH and I have been TTC since November, but not very strictly. What I mean by that is, we just stopped using BC (condoms) during sex.
    I haven't charted, taken my BBT, or used an OPK because this is all very new to me!
    Since I started looking at some of these posts I noticed someone mentioned Fertility Friend, so I am charting using the app to find out when I'm supposed to be ovulating.
    Took the first response preg test today and it came out with a BNF.
    AF is due in two days and then after that, we'll star the BD again.
    If anyone has any suggestions or advice for a first timer, it would be greatly appreciated.
    I Will keep you updated! Good luck to everyone else TTC!

  15. CarrollMama<3

    CarrollMama<3 New Member

    hi ceecee. im in the same boat. my DH and i did the same thing in january. we just stopped being preventative. I started feeling nauseous off and on about a week ago and I got really tired. Like I feel like I haven't slept in days (I did that in college) or if I sit still I start falling asleep. And ive never been like that. I don't nap ever. And ive gotten a few migraines. My cats and their box stink more since I've been feeling sick but air freshener isn't any better. I sometimes feel like there's a bit of pressure on my tummy and ive been a little bit gassy. also my lower back and legs are a bit sore when I stand up from the floor but not always, so i took an EPT but it came back BFN. i am really new to all of this TTC stuff like tracking body temp and ovulation (i dont have a clue) so i havent done any of that. plus my periods are really irregular, but its been about 5-6 weeks since my last AF. any suggestions from you ladies with more experience would be great.


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