New to TTC (Trying to conceive) join us here!!

Discussion in 'Trying To Conceive' started by **Cleo**, Jul 29, 2008.

  1. iampam

    iampam Active Member

    It took us 5 months of trying with no known problems (though we only had a bathtub at the time, no shower, and I think DH taking hot baths was not helpng!).

    Yes, it is certainly possible to have no symptoms at 2 weeks post ovulation. I didn't really start feeling symptoms until ~6 weeks pregnant or so.

    Hope that helps!
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  2. iamshan

    iamshan New Member

    Hi everyone! My name is Shannon, and my husband and I have been trying for a baby for the last 6 years. I have just started taking Clomid and was wondering if there are any success stories in here. If so, how long did it take to work?

  3. iamshan

    iamshan New Member

    sorry...didn't mean to reply to pam...meant to be a new post...

  4. PaulaKoala

    PaulaKoala New Member

    Would anyone be interested in buying a gender select kit? It's supposed to help you conceive a girl. My sister bought it from Natural Methods after having 2 boys then changed her mind about having any more babies. It's supposed to be fairly accurate. Google some info on it if you're curious. It's based on PH balance and diet.

  5. othello

    othello New Member

    Hi ladies,

    I thought I'd post as DH and I have just decided this month that we're TTC and I'd love to be a part of this thread having been lurking here for a few weeks lol! I've been using babycomp for about 3 years without any problems but I don't use ferility friend.

    I'm wondering if anyone can answer my question in relation to babycomp. This month it predicted O as 13/9/11 and I've entered SI data for the supposedly optimum day where both little boy and girl symbols show. However the babycomp has not told me there could be the possibility of pregnancy and we're now day 5 after possible conception. Does this mean I'm definitely not pregnant this month? I'm confused...

  6. PaulaKoala

    PaulaKoala New Member

    Hi Othello!
    We are just TTC for the first time ever this month too so welcome to the club!

    I have a lady comp that I've been using for almost 2 years now to avoid. I don't know much about Baby Comp but I don't think there is any way it can tell you if you in fact conceived until after you've had a fairly long luteal phase of high temperatures. I always thought that the lights were just predictions.

  7. BunnyGirl19

    BunnyGirl19 Super Moderator Staff Member

    Have you gotten post O green lights yet? I only occasionally did SI data so I can't remember how the lights go just yet.

    Yay for TTC Paula!! We have started TTC again this month too, but my cycles are still a bit goofy postpartum.

  8. othello

    othello New Member

    Thanks for the replies. Yes I'm back on the post O greens now. Day 16 of my cycle which varies from 23 - 26 days usually. Guess I just sit it out for the next 10 days....

    Nice to know I'm in good company TTC over the past month!

  9. PaulaKoala

    PaulaKoala New Member

    Thanks Bunny! After a few years of reading post it's exciting to be a part of it :eek:)

  10. othello

    othello New Member

    Well today I had the flashing lights on Babycomp indicating possible pregnancy. I think it was because it has now changed O to 14/9/11 instead of the predicted 13/9/11.

    I haven't really been in this position before - in some ways it's exciting going through the process but I can see how disappointment and discouragement might ensue if things take a while. Just wanted to say thank you to everyone taking part on this discussion board - it is nice to be a part of something and not feel on your own about it all.

  11. PaulaKoala

    PaulaKoala New Member

    Waiting to test for a few more days....Any news Othello? Bunny I saw your post in the Keeping the Faith... you just never know ;o)

  12. PaulaKoala

    PaulaKoala New Member

    Othello what day are you going to test on?

  13. Daisy Delayne

    Daisy Delayne New Member

    Hello, can I join? I was on this other TTC forum but there were just way too many people on it, and if you share an unpopular opinion they just gang up on you like a pack of wolves...anyway, I remembered I used to go to this site a while back and liked it. How are you? A little about me. I'm 30, my fiance is 42 and we're trying for our first child. I've been using Lady Comp for years now, so I have a very good idea of when I ovulate, but I've decided to start charting too. I'm going to add the link once I figure out how. Good luck to everybody this cycle!

  14. Daisy Delayne

    Daisy Delayne New Member

    Oh yeah, and I'm about two days away from ovulation, so we're going to have a busy weekend [​IMG]

  15. PaulaKoala

    PaulaKoala New Member

    Nice! Welcome Daisy!

    I am on CD 27 and had a very low temperature early this morning. I'm hoping it was an implantation dip but it's unlikely as it's 12 DPO for me today. No signs of AF yet so we'll see. It's normal for me to get AF anywhere from 11 DPO-15 DPO so hard to say but a low temperature is not looking too good.

  16. Daisy Delayne

    Daisy Delayne New Member

    Good luck Paula! It could be an implantation dip, or you might have just had your mouth open throughout the night or something. If your temp goes back up tomorrow morning then it could be a good sign [​IMG]

  17. Shynasmom

    Shynasmom New Member

    hi all!
    I am new here and don't know where to start from. My hubby and I are planning for baby#2 but its just taking forever as it took for our first. I am on metformin 3 times a day and this would be my third cycle of clomid. I am really stressed and worried that its going to work this time or not???????Fingers crossed.AF arrived for me yesterday after being 9 days late which is normal but I still had some hope that it worked out but I guess not. we'll see what happens this month.


  18. Daisy Delayne

    Daisy Delayne New Member

    Hi Shynasmom! It happened once for you, so it will probably happen again! Just a question of when. I've never been pregnant and my fiance has never impregnated anyone, so I don't even know if either of us is able. It's sure fun trying though haha. It's the first time in my life I've been able to not worry about birth control and just have fun, and I'm loving it! Even if it doesn't happen right away, carefree sex is the best so I don't mind if it takes a while [​IMG] Good luck!
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  19. Shynasmom

    Shynasmom New Member

    Thanks Daisy!
    I really hope it does work out this time too! It is really exciting to be first time parents so, I am really excited for you. You will be in my thoughts and I really wish that it works out for you!
    LOTS AND LOTS OF BABY DUST!!!!!!!!and Good Luck!

  20. Daisy Delayne

    Daisy Delayne New Member

    Hey thanks a lot Shynasmom! Baby dust right back at ya [​IMG] I wonder if Paula Koala is still in the running for this month...


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