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Discussion in 'Natural Birth Control' started by MyrtleWarbler, Jun 14, 2011.

  1. MyrtleWarbler

    MyrtleWarbler Super Moderator Staff Member

    Hi everyone! I've been asked to create a new poll for LadyComp/BabyComp users, to see how experiences may have changed over time. If you completed the first poll, especially if it has been months or years since you did so, please fill this one out as well! Also, round up any users you are in touch with and get them to answer this, since I know not everyone is online frequently.

    We'll leave this one up for quite a while, as we did with the first one (but, it is set to close automatically at the end of 2011). Please only vote one time (it should only permite one per computer, but please only vote once total). Even if you no longer use the LadyComp, report on your experience please! If you are not a user and just want to see results, there is a link to click for that. You can see them without answering. It would be ideal if we could link answers (e.g., women using it shorter time likely to have more greens, or to see that long-time users are among the most satisfied), but we can't. Overall averages are informative, though. Enjoy!!

    1) How long have you been using (or did you use) your LadyComp or BabyComp? If you stopped and restarted for any reason, please add it all up.

    2) On average, how many green lights do you get per month? This can vary user to user, even month to month, but this will give us a sense of the typical experience.

    3) Taking into consideration all factors (ease of use, confidence in effectiveness, satisfaction with freedom for unprotected sex, etc), how happy are you with your LadyComp or BabyComp?

  2. Ltiger773

    Ltiger773 New Member

    Thanks MyrtleWarbler : )

    I'll be interested to see the results. Especially how the numbers of green lights have changed as people use it longer. Be interesting to see how many new people are using it also. I'll probly buy mine in a few days.



  3. meowCat

    meowCat New Member

    I hope many more people add their opinion about the LC/BC. I missed my delivery on Friday and have to wait now until Tuesday (Mo is bank holiday here) for collecting it from our local post office....cannot wait!

  4. mcrmama

    mcrmama New Member

    I hope you enjoy yours when it arrives! Monday is a holiday where I live as well. There was a time that I wondered if I had needed to get LC due to the cost but I have to say the more I use it, the more I am glad to have it. It just makes temping etc. so much easier.

  5. Monicajojo

    Monicajojo New Member

    How do I see poll results


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