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    If you want to learn how to instantly attract more women there's a couple things you should know first about what NOT to do. See one of the biggest problems that guys face isn't that they don't know what to do but rather they keep getting in their head and end up messing things up. One of the biggest principles in learning how to instantly attract more women is understanding what not to do, because if you keep doing the wrong things, it doesn't matter if you know what to do, your success will remain limited.

    1. Don't talk in depth about past relationships.

    This is common sense. Past relationships can bring up bad emotions and that never helps the interaction. Just stay away from them.

    2. Don't avoid eye contact
    If you truly want to learn how to instantly attract more women, this is so key. Eye contact. Eye contact. Eye contact. Don't overdue it, but by golly, don't avoid it. Make sure whenever she's talking you keep eye contact, occasionally looking at her lips and then back up to her eyes, so it's not too intense.

    3. Don't keep your hands to yourself.
    This is the number one cause of the friend zone. If you're not getting physical with her from the beginning, there's no chance of you sparking sexual attraction. That is what you're going for isn't it? Be playful and touch her goddamnit!

    4. Don't devalue yourself.
    This applies to entire interaction. Don't let her put you down, respect yourself, and especially don't put your own self down with crap like self-deprecating humor.

    5. Don't ignore her body language and reactions.
    When flirting with a girl, this is key. She's telling you everything you need to know about how you're doing through her body language. The trick is to see how she's responding to you based on her body language and then adjust what you're doing to calibrate it to what's going on.

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