Need help on Pregnancy test!

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by Margerytnunez, May 18, 2015.

  1. Margerytnunez

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    Hi everyone, sorry if this on the wrong thread. I want to know, how early can I take a pregnancy test? I had sex 10 days ago. We used the pull out method but I am very paranoid about getting pregnant and I want to test myself asap. I have been feeling very tired lately. Is it too soon?

    Secondly is there any natural/homamade pregnancy tips that i can think about doing before consulting a doctor ?"

  2. leadsuccess22

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    14 days after sex you may see a positive, but your best bet is to wait until after your expected period. If you test 4 days from now and get a negative, test again a week later to be sure.

    Also, look into more effective birth control. There are a lot of options, and it's worth the hassle to not feel so nervous every time you have sex.

    As far as homemade pregnancy test goes you can have a look here.. If a doctor's visit isn't possible for you, I would call a women's health clinic and talk with a nurse or other health professional there. They will probably be very helpful and provide information you need on reproductive matters.

    Hope this help you.:)

  3. NancyJensen

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    Yes I completely agree with leadsuccess22. Its better to loook into more effective birth control.

  4. jessicaandrsn

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    You should check your pregnancy after 14 days having unprotected sex.

  5. sandrella

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    How to get best results via homemade pregnancy test
    To get a most reliable result, you can use pine solution. It is a very high-quality indicator for pregnancy confirmation and it is also easily available from household suppliers. The procedure for this test is same; all you must do is adding the pine solution in the fresh urine sample. The tricky part of this test is that you have to note the color of a solution and it is better to write it on paper because now we are not looking for any specific color change. Read More

  6. karajoe0

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    You might be get pregnant, just take pregnancy test once to conform it & if the result will show positive result then go & buy mtp kit online from Mifepristonepills online pharmacy to terminate unexpected pregnancy.


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