Natural Sponge for Contraception

Discussion in 'Contraception' started by NaturalWoman37, Sep 1, 2010.

  1. cjules17

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    Jala maybe it works for you but be careful is my advice. I liked them too...then I wound up pregnant. I am now almost done with my first trimester and I know that the natural sponge with contragel/femprotect failed me when I used it during my fertile time. When the time comes and hubby and I need contraception again I will NOT be using this method. It hasn't been proven scientifically and it is now obvious to me if someone truly wants to be protected this is not a reliable method. Luckily for hubby and me we were okay with becoming pregnant unexpectedly.

  2. silvia

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    How long have you been using the sponge as birth control? do you combine with some other methods, like ´´pull out´´? It sounds worth trying but I´m worried if it´s safe.

  3. KSR

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    Please everyone, absolutely do NOT use these as contraception. I tried it - and fell pregnant my FIRST attempt at using these. I'm now spending my evening signing up to sites I don't want to join, specifically to warn people. I've also written to Jade & Pearl, because from a legal and ethical standpoint they shouldn't be advertising them as "safe" to wear during intercourse, because that could be interpreted as "safe sex" - and these discussion forums are obviously taking it one step further by clearly advocating their use as a contraceptive. THEY DO NOT WORK AS A CONTRACEPTIVE. Take it from me.

  4. S.M.

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    That is just the same as saying please don't use condoms because their track record isn't perfect... or diaphragms and caps....
    Many people use them and have good results, and some don't. The non-reversible kinds are the only ones that are close to 100% effective and everyone can make mistakes.
    I have a condom failure and a Centchroman failure... People have pill failures too... most people here aren't here because it's their first choice option... but withdrawal and sponges are the most effective safe contraceptive option for lots of people that can't take hormones and other options didn't work out well. Believe me, I've tried everything on the market in the USA, Canada, India, Germany etc... There aren't perfect answers for some people

  5. ReanDori5

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    Тhеrе аrе асtuаllу 5 dіffеrеnt sizes оf sea sponge tampons offered bу Тhе Sea Sponge Company…mini, light, regular, super, аnd ultra tо ensure there’s а comfortable fit fоr everyone! Тhе minis аnd lights аrе vеrу small, sо а great option іf а large sponge sееms daunting оr unnecessary. :) Тhеу аrе inserted moistened аnd аrе super soft, sо thеу generally glide іn effortlessly аnd аrе completely unnoticeable оnсе they’re in.
    If extra lubrication іs needed tо mаkе іt еvеn easier, уоu саn simply рut а fеw drops оf oil (coconut oil, grapeseed oil, jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, оr оthеr natural oil) оn thе sponge.
    As fоr hоw long thеу last, а single sponge іs guaranteed аt lеаst 3 months bу Тhе Sea Sponge Company, аnd а pack оf 2 lasts аt lеаst 6 months, thоugh thеу оftеn lаst longer thаn that!

    Ideally, іf you’re pushing thе sea sponge tampon іn wіthіn уоur reach, уоu will nоt hаvе а problem gеttіng іt bасk out. I’ve nеvеr personally hаd а problem wіth reaching mine. Вut thеrе аrе sоmе tips hеrе tо help wіth retrieving а sponge thаt gеts pushed bасk оut оf reach (such аs іn cases whеrе іt wаs usеd durіng intercourse) – Іf it’s а concern, уоu саn аlsо start оut wіth threading dental floss thrоugh thе center оf а sponge, tying а loop, аnd usіng thаt аs уоur tampon string. Јust bе surе tо tug gently оn thе “string” untіl уоu саn reach thе sponge wіth уоur fingers tо prevent tearing thе sponge.


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