Natural remedies for depression/anxiety

Discussion in 'Mental Wellbeing' started by nessa26, Mar 13, 2011.

  1. myjade84

    myjade84 New Member

    I am taking Fish oil right now. It has great effects on me.

  2. wingsclipped

    wingsclipped Member

    How about a natural muscle relaxer?? I have tmj and it acts up here and there. I don't want to keep taking Advil [​IMG]

  3. AnnaM

    AnnaM Member

    I have had depression and anxiety for decades now, I've had medication and gone without it, and overall I find that maintenance is the key, what ever it takes to get to a place where you can manage and then I make sure I eat regularly, avoid alcohol ( despite the nice numb feeling that makes the horror of anxiety dissipate for a while) do exercise, even when depressed and my mind tells me to just crawl up and die, I have a great support person in this respect, He gets me going, and has on occasions dragged me to the beach for a walk. None of it on it's own works, but little bits everything. Cognitive behavior therapy worked pretty well for managing and controlling anxiety and research has shown it very helpful for chronic depression as well. I have been medication free for 3 years now, both pharmaceutical meds and 'natural' meds. I also don't beat myself up for the days when the black dog bites extra hard. I try to remind myself that it will pass and that no one can be happy all the time...

  4. Laila

    Laila New Member

    Wow, I had no idea vitamine B and D can help with anxiety and depression. I don't suffer from depression, but sometimes I feel anxiety and have problems with stress. Do you think it could help as well? Someone also mentioned avoiding caffeine. Can you explain why? I love coffee and I would hate it it turns out that it contributes to such mental state. I will definitely start taking these vitamines. When it comes to exercising, I totally agree. There is nothing like an endorphin boost after morning jogging.

  5. AnnaM

    AnnaM Member

    Totally Laila, my eldest daughter who has been having significant depression and anxiety had a blood test (finally, after I had given up hinting, then requesting- full blown mummy tantrum did the trick). Dr said lowest b12 ever, Hb of 5 etc. I gave her a IM jab of B12, and I kid you not, the next day she smiled, stayed awake for the entire day, and even participated in the cooking for her sister's birthday.. Magnesium and Calcium have also been linked with helping anxiety, particularly if you are jittery and jumpy. I have my daughter (17) on Ferrograd C, month B12 jab and, oh, Vit D supplements and she says she is feeling better, in that the little stuff isn't getting to her as much, thus leaving room to worry about the other bigger stuff, like her final exams for high school ( Here in Australia these exams are a very big deal and the kids are having melt downs left right and centre).

  6. ShanBurford

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    Most of us are unaware about what the term “anxiety” refers to, until we experience it. While some acquire this with time, there are a few who have been dealing with this maniacal situation since childhood or teenage. Managing anxiety requires a balanced state of mind, which we cannot expect from one who has already been witnessing its early symptoms. What worsens the situation is the stressful schedule and lack of support and understanding from the society.

  7. rissh

    rissh New Member

    I had problems with depression. Most antidepressant do not go well with me.

    I've heard a lot of people comment that prozac has done them a lot of good but in my case I do not sleep well. Other antidepressants also make me feel not myself and I can not think normally, it's like I am dreaming while being awake.

    But, it is true a lot of people do not get satisfaction from their antidepressant medicine and are looking for something else.

    However, there's new medicine that works for me and it works well & is satisfactory.

    It works 2 ways because there are 2 ingredients.

    One is cAMP or cyclic AMP- what does it do? It stabilizes blood cells so they do not release or at least lessen the release of inflammation.

    The 2nd ingredient is Podophyllin herb – this one also lessens the release of inflammation, however this one works different from the first.

    Part of the explanation is the inflammation leads to lower levels of BDNF , a factor needed by brain and nerves. But BDNF seems to be an important nutrient for nerves and it is also a growth factor for nerves.

    Once the inflammatory problem is fixed then the depression is fixed.

    However, the explanation is actually longer but I have given the most basic info how these 2 stuff works.

    But the full info - how & why all these is at the website

    read these at

    Nothing else has worked for me.

    Read the article at the site because it is explained well and the info is from

    discoveries backed by research and scientific stuff.

    I recommend this 2 herb formula and if your depression does not respond to antidepressants, you should seriously read this and understand what is written.

  8. Karina

    Karina New Member

    I had a depression after giving a birth to my child but I was breastfeeding and couldn't take any pills. I drank only chamomile tea and some special tea which was allowed also for kids. I can say that I didn't notice much difference. I think only time can help us and we themselves!


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