Natural remedies for depression/anxiety

Discussion in 'Mental Wellbeing' started by nessa26, Mar 13, 2011.

  1. nessa26

    nessa26 New Member

    Just looking for anyone who has tried natural herbal remedies for depression or anxiety, and if they were effective or not. I have not been technically dagnosed, but know if I saw a doctor, I would be diagnosed. I have nothing against medications, but have always preferred alternative medicine to prescription medications. I have an appointment this week to see an NP for a physical, and to discuss options for treatment.

    Some of the natural remedies I have run across are: St. John's Wort., Kava Kava, Sam-e, and Gingko Biloba. Any input is greatly appreciated.

  2. GreenTea

    GreenTea Super Moderator Staff Member

    I've found St. John's wort to be very helpful for mild depression. I've also had depression and anxiety simultaneously. St. John's wort never did anything for my anxiety--I had to go off it when I really needed to take anti-anxiety medication, because they couldn't be mixed--but it does work for depression.

    When I was being treated for anxiety, the doctor recommended a vitamin B complex every day. She said it's one of those things that we don't know why it works, but it does. I went on it and found that my anxiety was noticeably eased after four weeks, more even than the medication was doing (I had already been on medication about two or three months at that point, so it wasn't just the meds).

    I find that fish oil makes a huge difference in how even keel I am. I take 2,000 mg a day, and it really helps balance my mood.

    Of course, how much any of this helps really depends on how severe your condition is. St. John's wort in particular is good for mild to moderate depression, but not for severe depression, and it shouldn't be taken if you're on any psychiatric meds. Fish oil (or another omega-3 source) would be safe to take with most medications, and so is vitamin B.

    There are some posts somewhere in this forum about Sam-e, but I've never tried it myself. I don't know if we have any discussion on the other herbs you mention.

  3. nessa26

    nessa26 New Member

    Thank you GreenTea!! I have actually taken 1,000mg of Omega 3 and a B Complex everyday for the last year or so, without knowing it can help with depression. I am unsure if it has really helped in my case. I would have to stop taking it to see if it makes any difference.

    I have a coworker who says Sam-E works well for her. Im not sure where you buy it.

    I have heard good things about St. John's Wort. I may go to my local co-op tommorrow and see if I can find some.

    I read many places online that Kava Kava works very well for anxiety, but there have been cases (claimed to be rare cases) of liver toxicity and liver failure/hepatitis, which scares me off from it a bit. Of course, like any anxiety medication, this would be taken as needed, bit nonetheless, it scares me a bit.

  4. JillF

    JillF Member

    Greenteas advice about the b complex vitamins and fish oil is right on. Both are good for evening out moods.

    As for Kava-Kava-- I used to take that occasionally. I was very cautious because of the liver warnings-- but it worked well for me. I only had one once in awhile when I was having a difficult day. It may have just been a placebo affect for me.. I don't know. I'm most cases, herbs take a bit of time to work.

    All I know, is that I felt calmer and more in control when I took one.

    You also might want to check into 5 HTP. I don't know as much about that, but its worth looking into.

  5. nessa26

    nessa26 New Member

    Thank you both!! I did go purchase some St. John's Wort and Kava today at my co-op (expensive!) I was concerned about what the recommended usage was on Kava Kava, as I don't want to take it 3 times a day for weeks to get the desired effectiveness, as I would be very concerned about it causing liver damage. JillF, you were taking it on a "as needed" basis,, and it was effective for you? Most prescription antidepressants take weeks to be effective. If that's the case for Kava, I wont take it. As for the St. john's, it says it may take weeks, or it may not. I guess its individual. I guess we will see.

  6. Guest

    Guest Guest

    i have tried 5-htp and st johns wort

    the good news is that neither had any side effects at all while i took them.

    the not so good news is that i really did not feel any diff with either.

    i am trying 1 more set of all naturals right now.

  7. nessa26

    nessa26 New Member

    Thanks Clark. Im really trying to go the herbal route in hopes of some relief, before resorting to prescription meds. Not to say that herbals are all that safe either. I just like alternative medicine.

  8. JillF

    JillF Member

    nessa-- yes, I only took it on an 'as needed' basis. It didn't completely take it all away-- but it made a bad day feel better!

    Maybe it was just a placebo effect for me-- but I don't think so. I believe it really worked well for me.

  9. nessa26

    nessa26 New Member

    I took a capsule (Kava) earlier, and did notice a little, subtle relief. Like a little bit of relaxation. Wasnt sure if Kava was one of those that required weeks of usage to get the effectiveness, or if it was immediate. Nice to know that it may actually provide a little relief!

  10. JillF

    JillF Member

    Nice to know that it may work for you as well.:)

    Yes, it didn't completely eliminate the anxiety for me either-- but it provided some relief. It turned down the dial enough for me to be able to handle it better.

  11. novi

    novi New Member

    I thought I had depression. I had a thyroid which was screwed up from years on birth control. It almost completely ruined my life.

    I quit birth control, but still no relief.

    In three days I fixed it by drinking colostrum. First milk from a mother cow. I was shocked. Relief was practically instant. My thyroid is fixed and I'm a new person. Now trying to get back to finding my real self after nearly a decade of misery. I am still in shock that this fixed my problem... BUT ELATED!!!

  12. nessa26

    nessa26 New Member

    Its funny you mention Vitamin D spice, cus my family practitioner called me today to give me some results of some labs that I had done a couple weeks back, and he said my Vitamin D level was low. He told me I needed to go buy vitamin D supplements. I'll probably look into it this weekend.

  13. All of these natural remedies are wonderful, and I think often better than the medications and their side effects (though you do have to be careful with St. John's Wart - research it because it has many interactions). This past year I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety and sometimes I find the best thing to do is to talk to someone - whether it be a friend who's a really good listener/advice giver, online chat room, or professional. Hope all the information provided helps & you start to feel better soon!

  14. Zoory

    Zoory New Member

    Lemon balm, Chamomile and Lavender are some good herbs for melancholy and depression.

  15. Wrighto

    Wrighto New Member

    I've had friends that tried St. John's Wort, only to have the effects of other medications cancel it out, so there's that.

    @Zoory: Thanks for the recs for lemon balm, chamomile & lavender. I love lavender, now I have more of an excuse to... well, have more of it.

    My doctor has recommended Omega 3 (I guess that would be fish oil!) and Vitamin D. When I remember to take them, even just the Omega 3, I feel great! I'm also on Effexor, though (my depression's not quite mild enough).

  16. IamaDude

    IamaDude New Member

    You need to first make sure you correct the essentialities of life before going for remedies.

    You need to first see if you are
    1. Getting enough sleep. Sleeping correctly not too earlytoo late not too much.
    2. Sunlight we are psychobiologically designed to be dependent on sunlight. If you are so depressed that you dont get out of hed until its late, then you will get worse/not get better.
    3. Moderate exercise. Anything thats makes you move for at least 30 mins. Even if its just looking at a random plant or something.
    4. Congnitive triad restructing. People who have a pessimistic cognitive tendency are more likely to exPerience depression. Be happy, be thankful, be respectful, life is a good thing the fact that you are here to experience existence is an amazing gift. Be positive.

  17. sarahx

    sarahx New Member

    I take valerian root for my anxiety and st johns wort for my slight depression,looked into kava kava but its very expensive.i like the valerian root as it helps me sleep on the nights i cant have sleeping tablets

  18. Carver

    Carver New Member

    Some natural remedies to relieve the depression and anxiety are:

    Regular exercises.
    Do Yoga.
    Practice Meditation.
    Avoid caffeine.
    Use Psychotherapy.

  19. Ricy Mardona

    Ricy Mardona New Member

    I found your remedies very helpful. It really help me in my disease. Thanks for the service.

  20. emersonkelly

    emersonkelly New Member

    Play with kids, spend time with pets, hang out with friends, listen to music and find the things that makes you feel happy. These helps you to get rid of depression and anxiety.


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