My boss just bought me....

Discussion in 'Female Sexuality' started by maryberry1987, Oct 31, 2006.

  1. maryberry1987

    maryberry1987 New Member

    New furniture for my house! She called me from the furniture store and said "hey mary, I'm looking to get this coffee table and I need a womans opinion" So I met her down there and when I came in she pointed to a coffee table and I said "I don't like the color. Too light" So she was just walking around and she said "Oh wow, these couches are so nice. Which one do you like" So I showed her a chocolate colored fluffy couch with a matching chair. She said "ok, go down to the office and write a check for it because we're going to buy it for your for a housewarming gift". I was like WHAT?~! I can't accept a thousand dollar couch and chair! She's like, yes you can.... So now we're having our new couch and chair delivered to our house tomorrow [​IMG] Sweet....
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  2. AMiller

    AMiller New Member

    WOW! What a great surprise, Maryberry!! I wish my company would do that. *laugh* Congrats!

  3. demon-dolly

    demon-dolly New Member

    GET OUT!!!

    Fantastic! Congrats, and Happy Halloween!

    What a great work environment, eh?

  4. Dreamer

    Dreamer New Member

    That's way cool!!!

  5. kellybean

    kellybean New Member

    Whoa! That's cool!
    Sounds like the dream company!

  6. Juicy-Juls

    Juicy-Juls Active Member

    I need a boss like that..
    Thats really cool mary !!!

  7. maryberry1987

    maryberry1987 New Member

    I know, she was actually calling me last night on my cell. She said "Let me talk to Ryan for a sec." (ryan is my fiance) I thought she just wanted to say hi or whatever, but I guess they WERE plotting to go and get it and surprise me, but she had emergency meetings, so she couldn't. She still surprised the hell out of me though! Now I feel kind of bad for saying that they were satans puppets....LOL. I dunno, I don't like to look a gift horse in the mouth, but they did get their ex-office manager a computer for home. Then when she quit (because they were yelling at her) my bosses both were saying "oh and we took her out to dinner and bought her a computer and blah blah blah". So I don't want that to happen. I'm HOPING it is just a gift from the kindness of their hearts, but, then again....ya never know... Maybe I should just accept it, and move on. I guess that's my only choice anyhow! Plus I deserve it for all the extra crap I do, and for my boss calling me a c*nt one time because no one was in the office when he had called, I was gone to the bank....oh well. :rolleyes:
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  8. enough_already

    enough_already New Member

    She wants you.

  9. Juicy-Juls

    Juicy-Juls Active Member


  10. mckinney

    mckinney New Member

    Shoot, for new furniture I'd let her want me too. My job was a snot to me when I got pregnant so I got "laid off" yeah thats the term they used. Youre really lucky your boss is so nice.
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  11. maryberry1987

    maryberry1987 New Member

    LOL, no she's a germiphobe and thinks lesbians are absolutely disgusting. She's obsessed with her husband whom is very......weird. He's the actual business owner, she just helps out or whatever. She works with my fiances mom, and they are friends so it's one big cluster f*ck. Oh well, I'll just take the furniture and run!! lol.

  12. enough_already

    enough_already New Member

    *one eyebrow raised, eyes slightly narrowed, lips pursed slightly*

    Mmmmmmm Hmmmmmmmm.


    That's what she wants you to think, then this? Has she asked to help you try it out yet?

    She will.
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  13. NaughtyNicky

    NaughtyNicky Member

    Oh yeah, she CLEARLY wants in on the christening ;-P

  14. maryberry1987

    maryberry1987 New Member

    well, they tried to get it into the house, but the back of it was too big to fit in the door, so now I have to go back down and pick out a new one! sheesh....

  15. enough_already

    enough_already New Member

    With all that money you saved, you can't just spend $200 and have the doorway temporarily widened by a local qualified carpenter?

  16. maryberry1987

    maryberry1987 New Member

    In our town, there are no qualified carpenters. It's like "hey a doy, I gots a hammer. I think i'll put me a sign up a duh, I'm a carpenter now".
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  17. enough_already

    enough_already New Member

    I thought the sign = qualified.

  18. MNM

    MNM New Member

    okay, so im lurking around the forum reading different post's and threads when I come along [forplay tips].

    First page is interesting enough then I come along to page 2. So far so good when out of nowhere comes miss mayberry1987.


    Where do you get off ragging on a woman who is a house wife and mother of 4 and a woman{sparkely} who is in her sexual prime that is comfortable enough to express herself how she chooses.

    In this post I see absolutley no one stating the obvious, You have your position because of who you are related to, and you just recieved all new furneture solely on niceness?

    Wake up sweetheart, might wanna take an occasional dick check of the future MR I feel sorry for him. Looks like he might be slingin some extra sausage while Mrs loony is away.

    And on a final note from da dum contucchon wooker, any day you feel like you can run 112 electricians or tradesman for that matter, coordinate 9 stories and 768,000 sq ft of a new hospital wing, plus tie into the existing hospital's power grid and not shut the place down, then I might feel that you might be in a position to critisize these men and there jobs.

    Think about that when you are giving birth in your birthing suit. Or in an elevator, or your little house. Or whatever building you happin to be in.... [​IMG]

    P.S If the moderators decide to pull this post then let's think about pulling this persons name from the forum.

    Have a nice day... [​IMG] Had to speak my mind on this one...

  19. ithomas

    ithomas New Member

    I just have to say... although maryberry1987's outburst on the "Foreplay" thread was completely uncalled for, I don't think she meant to insult tradespeople with this post. I believe she was saying that in her TOWN there are no qualified carpenters. So really, she was insulting her town... that's what I gathered anyway.
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  20. kellybean

    kellybean New Member

    Whoa, I was just going to ask how the new furniture looks? and if you've 'broken' it in yet?


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