my body playing tricks on me , please help

Discussion in 'Overcoming Infertility' started by Domboo, Jan 1, 2013.

  1. Domboo

    Domboo New Member

    Hi all, I'm brand new, please bare with me. I am desperate for advice or too at least know if someone else experienced the same at some stage. So here goes.....

    I usually have a 28 day cycle that lasts about 6 to 7 days. 2-3 days are usually quite heavy. Last month I experienced severe cramping that started around the time I was due to ovulate. About 5 days before af was due I got a faint positive. Did multiple tests and got more than one positive, all faint some hardly visible. All the while I continued to have severe cramping. On the day my Af was due I started spotting and bleeding followed the next day. It was dark blood and no clots. On day 3 I started bleeding excessively (tmi sorry ladies) and whilst in the bath suddenly just had a gush of blood that just came out. My bathwater turned red and there was a lot of black clots. We went to hospital and dr was convinced I was bleeding out after he did an internal. After doing a blood test however dr confirmed my hcg levels were 0. 4 days after my last test? I still don't know what happened. My period stopped after a couple of days completing the normal 7 days. This month however I started spotting 3 days before AF was due. Very dark brown and very Little. Day 2 it increased slightly becoming slightly redder. Then stopped and day 3 dark brown spotting again. Day 4 I had light pink discharge once after wiping. Since then I have fainted twice. I have headaches every day. Increased thirst. My breast seem to hurt but its not constant. Today is 14 days since my spotting day 1 cervix very high. Almost no cervical mucus. And I've been experiencing some mild cramping. I feel exhausted and can hardly wake up. I've done 2 test and they negative. Does anyone have a clue what might be going on?

  2. LilMissNaughty

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    Could you have had a miscarriage? Im not sure if all the symptoms apply & would have thought the dr would have caught it if that was it but thats the only thing that pops to mind

  3. Domboo

    Domboo New Member

    I also suspected I did in november. Dr speculated that I already miscarried 2 weeks prior to me ending up in hospital. I don't recall much tho. Do u think there's a possibility that I concieved again. I have more symptoms now than I had with the faint positives.

  4. LilMissNaughty

    LilMissNaughty New Member

    have you tried another pregnancy test?

  5. BunnyGirl19

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    It sounds like you had a chemical pregnancy and now either your hormones are out of balance or there is the possibility you are pregnant again. Take a test.


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