Mommy Makeover Surgery

Discussion in 'Dieting and Weight' started by thshower, Aug 11, 2016.

  1. thshower

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    My stomach looks very ugly after two sets of twins and a single. I'm even embarrassed to look at my naked body in the mirror. It kills my enthusiasm and confidence. I have heard about mommy makeover surgery from my friend in Barrie. She had that surgery and is very fit and fiddle right now. I really want to be in that shape which I used to be in my teens. We are not planning to have children again, and I'm done with breastfeeding. Can I settle on this surgery? Do I need to take rest after this surgery? Are there any side-effects for this procedure?

  2. Jenna Justin

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  3. StarJane

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    Oh yes! I understand you very much! I also was ugly after baby borning... This stomach was terrible. I tried to make exersices and other action but nothing. Then I moved to USA (there are I've met my future husband, my second love). In California I've found very good salon with the special procedures for weight loss. It's pressure therapy and LPG.

  4. StarJane

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    OMG! Are you ready to do this surgery??? As for me i am so afraid of it... I thing it's much better to use another way for lost weight in general. Try pressure therapy . I heard it really helps to make your skin more beautiful and stressed.


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