Mommas of Toddlers & Preschoolers - Part 4

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    I can't believe Callie is two months old already!!! Yesterday she rolled over back to tummy for the first time. I was really surprised even though my boys werenoth early rollers. I guess I just expect a lot less out of her because her NICU doctors said she'd be about two months behind when she would have normally hit her milestones.

    Brighton has finally given up crawling now that he walks a lot better and he's starting to repeat a lot more words. I don't know that he actually relates them to anything though. RJ is getting a lot more independent lately and really pushing his boundaries. He spends a lot of time in timeout because of it. He's also gotten a lot more helpful with doing things. He brings me diapers for Callie and helps me feed her. He also tries to calm her when she cries and gives her a pacifier. He's having his tonsils and adenoids out on 10/25. I'm hoping that goes well and he revovers quickly because I have to go back to work 10/28. My mom probably won't be able to handle him if he's not doing too well. She'll be 10 weeks out from quadruple bypass surgery so babysitting is kind of pushing it for a bit, but unfortunately we have not located a reasonable, affordable option for other care. Callie can't go to daycare because she's believed to be immune compromised due to her preemie status and having to be on a ventilator right after birth. We contacted a few nanny agencies and they all wanted a minimum of $30 an hour and we just can't afford that. My mom says she'll be fine as long as she doesn't have to pick up Brighton.

    We are building a house! They haven't started it yet and we're in the very early stages of the process. The builders accepted our offer last weekend and we're working our way through the massive paperwork and then will be meeting with their designer to pick our interior finishes. If everything goes along on schedule it should be done and closing will be at the end of January. I'll be so glad to get out of this apartment!!!

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    Wow, I didn't realize it has been so long since I've posted here! It has been so quiet! I hope everyone is doing well. We are doing great, girls are growing like weeds! Olivia is now wearing size 6's! I couldn't believe it when I came home with some size 5 pants for her and they were short! Caitlin is doing well too. She's doing awesome with potty training considering her age. I got the little potty out when she was about 18 months old and Olivia sat on it and peed. Since Caitlin has to do EVERYTHING Olivia does, she sat down and peed on it as well! As long as we are home and she has no diaper on she will pee in the potty. When she has a diaper on she will usually pee and then tell me, though.

    BG - that seems INSANELY fast to build a house that hasn't been started! We have been working on our house since January! We had a lot all picked out and house designed and then ended up with a really crappy realtor who lost it for us. So we had a huge delay while we tried to find another lot. We wanted a nice sized lot that was NOT in a development. We wanted to stay in the country, which made it a little harder to find something available. Finally in July a really nice 2 acre lot came up for sale, and we got it (with the help of a different realtor this time). We then ran into some delays with permitting and all of that paperwork nonsense. They finally broke ground right after Labor Day and we now have a foundation/basement, but it won't be finished until mid-February, and that is with a month of work already behind us!

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    Oh wow! We were casually looking with the intent of buying when our apartment lease is up at the end of February. We happened to see a 5 bedroom house in a development we liked and one of the still empty lots was approved by the city to build the same house but with a 4-car garage instead. We contacted the builder's listing agent and got it all set up and approved, which was kind of weird since it wasn't technically for sale yet. Friday their mortgage broker green-lighted up and they are now going to go ahead with building it and we put down some earnest money in an escrow account. Sometime this week we're supposed to talk to their design center to go about picking our interior stuff. We were told it takes 3-4 months to build the house and they have our close date tentative at January 31. We were planning to then spend February moving slowly and painting the kids' rooms (they want $300 per room to paint differently from the rest of the house so we're going to do it instead, plus I had thoughts of doing more than just a solid color). We're in a housing development and don't have much of a yard, but the location is great and the floor plan is great. Ideally our yard would be 2-3x bigger for the kids, but neither of us want to do yard work so what we're getting is adequate. I would have also loved to have an unfinished basement to finish and do whatever with, but it wasn't an option and few houses with enough rooms in the range we wanted to spend are like that and then require a ton of updating we don't have the time or money for after buying. What we are building is 2608 sqft, 5 bedroom plus a den w/ closet, 2-1/2 bath, 4 car garage.

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    Interesting. Things must be much different out there. Houses here typically take 4-5 months. We did talk to one builder who said 3-4 months and was a bit cheaper, but after consulting ye olde Google we found nothing but complaints about their shoddy craftsmanship and cheap materials so we steered clear of them pretty fast. It's also very uncommon to not have a basement out here, so we will have a full basement that will be unfinished, but we are having a bathroom roughed in for the future. We picked a floor plan from the builder, but made a ton of structural changes to make it what we want. We closed over the 2-story foyer and instead made one of the girls' bedrooms bigger and gave them each a nice sized walk in closet (their closets will be bigger than our current bathroom!). The original floor plan had 3 full bathrooms upstairs and a half bath downstairs, but we took out one of the upstairs baths and put a full bath on the first floor and removed the half bath and made it into a big pantry for the kitchen which will be soooooo nice. We moved a few other things around too, so it really is more of a custom house rather than a cookie-cutter developer house. We will only have a 2 car garage, but we had to add 4 feet on to the depth of it so that we can fit our truck in it. I'm just praying we have no blizzards when it comes to moving time.

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    I'm not sure. On Tuesday night before we went out of town we had a building permit and the mailbox with all the plans in it up. They might have the framing for the foundation done now by the time we get back. Our soon to be next door neighbor's house had the framing done and the foundation poured and set in a week. We left Wednesday and our agent (also DH's friend from way back) texted us pictures of the neighbor's walls most of the way up. It seems like the houses do go up pretty quick. I do know fully custom high end houses take a year-ish to build and supposedly "average" homes take 2-6 months. I don't think they'll make our 1/31 closing though. The neighbor lady said her builder moved her close date from 1/16 to 2/3 and she's getting a much smaller one level house and is about two weeks ahead of us.

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    Congrats to both of you on the houses! We're waiting until at least next spring when DH gets off probation to even consider buying. The place we are renting now is OK, but small for having overnight visitors, and since we live on an island, most of our visitors want to spend a night. One of DH's co-workers is applying for jobs elsewhere (they want to be closer to family), and if they leave we'll probably move into the place they are renting. I haven't been there yet, but I believe it is much bigger for only a small increase in rent (and we are already getting a great deal on rent for our location).

    Had Linnea's checkup and she was about 14lbs 6oz, which is fine growth, and EBF :) Eddie weighed 3lbs more at her age! The medical clinic on the island is pretty much worthless, but I found out that our insurance, the only insurance offered by DH's job, is Group Health, which means we can't go back to our old pediatrician, and we're lucky they even cover the clinic here. I'd rather go elsewhere but I don't think they have many pediatricians, mostly family practice docs, so I don't know if it's worth the trouble of having to spend $50+ on ferry tickets and gas to leave the island to get care elsewhere that may not be any better.

    Linnea is having fun eating solids now, she is picking it up very quickly. I love BLW :)

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    How old is Linnea now?

    Our house building adventure has been pretty stressful. We got back from Seattle Friday night to find out the land developer screwed up and built a retaining wall on our lot instead of next to it so they wiped out over 1000 sqft of usable land and it was no longer wide enough to fit our house with the necessary setbacks from the wall. Fortunately, the builder had one more lot left and was acceptable to us, although a little bit smaller and no longer at the end of a dead end street and without the view of Mt. Hood (although I think it only would have been visible from Callie's room). Our new lot is 4 down from our original on the same street. Because of the screwup the builder knocked $10K off the price, gave us $12K in design center credits for upgrades, $4K in closing costs, and are going out of their way to guarantee I get the kitchen countertop I want, which is not typically put in new construction because it takes longer to get fabricated than other stuff and is more of a specialty item. We went to design center yesterday and got a ton of stuff with their credits and so far only end up owing around $2000 out of pocket. It'll be more after we meet with the other person for some of the other stuff that's not under the interior designer's job, but I think we've made out pretty well with everything we're getting even if it's not our first choice of lot.

    Does anyone have any suggestions for me to try for Callie? She's caught the cold the boys have and being immuned compromised I'm worried it'll be bad. She's very congested, rattly, wheezy, and coughing. So far no fever or other symptoms, but she woke up very uncomfortable and having difficulty eating because she's so congested. I'm really crossing my fingers it'll be mild and no big deal, but I've been warned that even a routine cold can land her in the hospital. :(

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    The nice thing about going with the better builder here was that we didn't really need many upgrades at all. Their standards were way better than even some of the highest upgrades of the other builder we looked at. The other builder also charged extra for a ton of things that one would think would be included, like closet shelving. What good is a pantry if it has no shelves?? That was the other thing that made me want to run away very fast from that builder. They do a TON of large developments around here and I can't understand why people buy with the gazillion complaints I've read about them. The only interior upgrades we went with were counter tops and appliances. Everything else we were very happy with the standard selections they had, and we had our choice of color/finish for everything, even down to the door knobs and if we wanted knobs or levers, at no extra cost. We did, however, end up spending close to $40k on structural changes. There were a few more I would have liked to do but I just couldn't justify the money. They started framing yesterday, so it is cool to see it finally coming together in person and not just on paper.

    The thing that really seems to help my kids when they are congested is a humidifier in their room that I put the Vicks Vapo-Steam in, and then I rub some Vicks vapo rub on the bottoms of their feet and cover them with socks. That usually always helps them sleep better when they are congested and coughing. Knock on wood we haven't had any sicknesses lately. Caitlin is still going strong and has yet to have a sick appt with the doctor. Olivia has only had 2 or 3 so far, so we are lucky in that department.

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    We upgraded our carpet and hardwood, upgraded the master bath shower to full tile and glass, upgraded the kids' bathroom to have tile floors as well. DH insists we get it preplumbed for a central vacuum system that I doubt we will ever use. We are then getting it preplumbed with the coils for central air. We have a few other wishlist things we're waiting for prices on like under-cabinet lighting to shine on the countertops. We're also planning to get soft close drawers in the kitchen instead of normal drawers since they'll be a lot harder for the kids to destroy. We're going to take the basic stainless steel appliances they come with and upgrade later when we can save up more money again. The house already comes with some of the higher end stuff like slab granite or quartz in the kitchen. We just got the quote on my specialty countertop and am slightly horrified we'll be paying an extra $5000 for it above the standard counters when we'd thought it'd be $2000 extra. Yikes!!! We're waiting to hear back on whether or not it includes the granite sink we asked about or not. I'm pretty happy with what we're getting overall though. What all extra upgrades we still get on top of that depends on the prices since we've got about $7500 left to play with. It was going to be spent on appliances and window coverings, but we opted to do that a few months down the road since it's much easier than trying to get construction upgrades later on.

    And really, closet and pantry shelves are an upgrade?!!! That's nuts!

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    Linnea is 6.5 months now :) I gotta see if I can finally change my tickers now that we have this new message board software, there was a glitch before and it wasn't saving the changes.

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    I pretty much check everything from my phone and I can't see tickers, signatures, etc. anymore since the upgrade, but on the other hand, the moderation queue is much easier to see and use than before.

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    Any advice on my situation? My FIL is a narciccistic asshole that thinks he's the expert on everything and everyone else is a moron if they don't agree. He watches the kids once a week (I really don't want him too). He's repeatedly yelled at us for having the rooms in our house closed off because the kids need more space to run around. What we've blocked off is the dining room with a baby gate because DH's office/computer stuff for work is there, my sewing/storage room, the hall bathroom (Brighton won't stay out of the toilet and RJ likes to play with the diaper sprayer), our bedroom, and the kids' room (it's part storage as well and we've made a point to make sure their room is only for bedtime/sleeping and not a place to play so they'll actually sleep in there, not to mention the boxes that could seriously injure them if they fell). We've also been yelled at for not potty training RJ, but I don't think he's ready yet. I attempted it in the spring and it went okay for a month until FIL started watching the kids. Within a week RJ was absolutely terrified of the bathroom and would scream and cry and run away. It took months before he'd even go near the bathroom again. FIL has been telling us we'd better force (he literally said force) RJ to potty train and Brighton too (who is barely over 1).

    Now my problem. I went back to work yesterday. FIL watched the kids (our nanny starts next week). When he got to our house I gave him the specific instructions of no potty training or even trying it because he's not ready yet and there are too many changes recently to add that in on top. I also specifically said not to allow them in the bedroom either (we also keep special books and toys in there that we bring out to play with fully supervised). The kids were fully dressed when I left. Well, during that time he was watching them (4 hours) he managed to completely ruin 8 nighttime Pull-Ups trying to force RJ to go on the potty. He also let them in their room. Two books were completely destroyed, three toys we keep put up were thrown in the regular toy box in the living room (one may be broken now if it still won't work after I change the batteries). The kids' keepsake boxes were gotten into and Brighton's first pair of shoes were in the toy box in the living room and the other stuff thrown on the floor. The kids were then changed into different clothes. Not just any clothes, but their brand new outfits I'd just bought last week for getting our family pictures done. They were in a bag and still had the tags on the shirts. Now they have food crusted all over them and I don't know if they'll be stained after washing. Callie's zebra and caterpillar are missing somewhere too, which made last night lots of fun because she usually snuggles them at night and refused other stuffed animals.

    I am just so angry!!! We specifically gave him instructions on what is and isn't allowed with the kids, they acknowleged and said they'd follow them, then specifically disrespected us and did everything we said not too. Hell, we're even being yelled at for hiring a part-time nanny instead of a daycare center (my mom is unable to care for the kids right now due to cardiac bypass surgery). We feel a stable one-person caregiver in our home (or even their home) is better than a center where there are a ton of other kids and yours don't get enough individual attention, plus Callie is immune compromised and can't go anyway. I did check with centers in case we couldn't find a nanny in time and the cheapest place I found would cost us $24 an hour for three kids and they had a 6-hour minimum per day. We got an in-home nanny for $15 an hour for 4 hours a day 3 days a week.

    I'm having the most miserable time with FIL and DH isn't bothering to put a stop to it either despite being pissed off. This is the same man who took it upon himself to completely rearrange my kitchen and my sewing/storage room which included my personal papers, taxes, etc., and rearranging my filing drawer. I don't know what to do about this man besides praying for the earth to open up and swallow him!!!!

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    Wow, BG! I'm not surprised you are angry! I would be too. I really don't know what you can do about it though. If he really doesn't care what you say or what your rules are I don't see how you can make him see he is in the wrong. He kind of has you over a barrel if you need him to care for the kids until next week.

    I briefly went back to work when Luke was 9 months old, SIL had him 2 days a week 8.30am until 2.30pm. It was a total nightmare! I sent him with food but she still fed him crap all day long, she gave him fruit juice when I specifically told her not to. There are so many things and I can't really remember now as it was so long ago. It didn't work out and I would never ask family to have my kids on a regular basis again! The main problem was I always felt like I had to put up with her crap as I NEEDED her.

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    If my mom was recovering better or I had more leave available without losing my benefits or we weren't building a house I would have taken off work until she was 6 months old. Circumstances just don't work for that. I did take EJ's potty ring and stool out of the bathroom to try to cut down on forced potty training attempts and I'm going to move all the stacks of boxes in their room to block it off so they can't get past the side of the dresser if he tries to let them play in there. If this still doesn't work we're installing keyed locks on the outsides of the doors to all the off limits rooms so he can't open the doors. He still swears up and down RJ is ready to be potty trained because if he asks him if he has to go he runs to the bathroom. All RJ knows is potty means mommy sits on the toilet, unrolls toilet paper, and flushes. He'll copy the behavior but has no real concept of how to actually go potty under his own control yet. He knows right away when he goes but not the cues beforehand yet. That's why I stopped trying the first time. I don't want it to be a long hard process because he's not quite ready yet.

    In more positive news, they've started framing our house this week and the trusses go up Saturday. So far everything is on schedule to be done at the end of January still.

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    I so get what you mean. I hate it when people think they know best when it comes to your kids. Potty training can be stressful for you and the child and I strongly believe that trying before your kid is ready is just pointless! We are on our 3rd attempt with Luke. We tried in the summer and he was doing most of he wee's in the potty but still pooping in his pants every day so we stopped after 2 weeks. We tried again a few weeks later as he really wanted to but it was pretty much the same so we gave up for a couple of months. We started again last monday and he is doing really well! He hasn't had a wee accident since Thursday last week and he hasn't had a poop accident since Sunday. I am REALLY hoping we are nearly there!

    Thats great news about the new house! It must be very exciting being part of the design and then watching it all come together!

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    Is anyone still checking in here? I know I haven't been on much and keep up with many of you on FB but there are also some of you I'm not "friends" with. How is everyone?

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    We are doing great! Bunny that sounds awful about your FIL, I'm sorry he's such an ass :(

    Linnea is 8 months today, crawling all over, sticking everything in her mouth, and babbling up a storm which is such a delightful change from Eddie at this age. Eddie is also totally not ready for potty training. My MIL thinks that if we don't do it soon he just never will LOL, but she's not forcing it. We have some potty chairs at her house but Eddie just wants to play with toys when he is there.

    Took the kids to Florida and that all went fairly well. It was great to see my family :)

    We are loving living on the island. Going to move to a different house soon, MUCH bigger for only a little more, we're getting a killer deal because of DH being law enforcement, basically this family has been renting their vacation home for way below the market rate because they like having law enforcement there. The new house is 5 bed 3 bath on 25 acres with two out buildings for storage. It will be great to have more space for guests, anytime people come visit us it is an overnight trip. There are a bunch of beds already there, we just need to buy a few new mattresses, including beds with detachable rails for when Eddie is ready to graduate from the crib.

    Linnea has been waking a LOT at night this week, every 2 hours or even more often than that, and waking up at 5-5:30am to be awake for the day. I kicked her out of our bed and into the Pack n Play and it didn't help (but on the plus side, it's no worse and DH is happy to have her out).

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    Our house is coming along nicely and I'm getting really impatient about it getting done so we can move out of the apartment. The neighbor's demon children are getting unbearable and we've had to call the police about 6 times in the last few weeks.

    RJ is doing really well lately. His words are becoming a lot more clear since his tonsils and adenoids came out. He's still not particularly chatty and doesn't talk unless he feels like it, but he understands everything very well abd says tons of words when he wants to. Brighton is in a very obnoxious stage where he wanders around whining all the time for no apparent reason. I hope it passes soon because he's driving everyone nuts. Callie is doing well and is pretty easygoing for the most part. They have some concerns she may have hydrocephalus because her head supposedly grew too fast one month to the next. I just know it's still in the low percentiles and smaller than the boys' heads and she has no symptoms so I'm sure she's fine.

    I'm having a rough time right now. After having a month of bleeding and passing clots and worsening abdominal pain I went to the ER and found out I was 9-1/2 weeks pregnant. I followed up with my doctor the next morning and found out there were clots all throughout the placenta and one forming in the cord. And unfortunately I couldn't start on Lovenox until my bleeding and passing clots stopped. It was finally slowed down last week and if it stayed that way I was going to start Lovenox today. My ultrasound Wednesday showed baby hadn't grown any and the heart rate was slowing. I went in Friday and found out baby passed away on Thanksgiving. I had a D&C Saturday and I can't believe the horrendous abdominal pains it's causing me, which is supposed to be normal. I'm now freaking out about the 20% chance I'll get uterine scarring and not be able to have more kids, even though my doctor feels it's unlikely I'll scar more than minimally if at all considering how my c-section healed up. My emotions have been all over the place and I feel like such a mess.

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    Hey ladies! I forgot my log in info so I made a new one....Im sure you can all figure out who I am! haha.

    Labby--Ive seen pics of your house on FB. It looks like itll be really nice! Did you sell the old one yet?

    Bron--Ill pray you get the pump you need! I know diabetes complicates pregnancy but it seems like they should be able to get a better grip on it so you can have a third baby without SO much risk. Are you still homeschooling the girls? Anything happening with relocating?

    BG--I seriously have NO idea how you deal with your inlaws. I would MURDER my hubby if he let his family act like that! lol. Im really sorry about the mc! Gosh you are having a shitty time right now! I know easier said than done but try not to worry about the scarring until you have to. You got enough going on with 3 kids and moving soon.

    Mel--YAY for potty training!! How old is Luke now?(your ticker stopped at 3) I havent even started with Waylon yet. Im just so happy Evan finally potty trained Im not ready to do it again yet! lol Hell just be turning 3 at the end of dec anyways.

    Pam--Thats great you got a bigger house. Sorry to hear Linnea isnt sleeping tho. How long will you be living on the island?

    Sorry to anyone I forgot...I didnt look back very far!

    We bought a house ten mins from dH(we got legally married haha)s work. I LOVE our house. Its old and needs work but its beautiful and its got sooooo much space and soooo much storage. Its strange to be in town but its a huge corner lot. Its only a block from the elementary school. I swear I may never actually finish unpacking. Its taking me FOREVER. haha. We had to get rid of our dog...she was just not happy not being able to run free and I dont have time to walk her all the time. Our good friend who has a farm took her so it worked out ok. We just got a more in town friendly dog today..a weiner dog. :) Brendyn is loving kindergarten. Hes really getting good at reading. The elementary school has preschool in it so thats been awesome. Its 4 afternoons a week vs 3 that Brendyn did and its almost half the price Brendyns was. Hes done much better at school than I expected. Hes only gotten in trouble once, hes got such an attitude sometimes IDK how things would go. haha. Waylon is still my clown. Its super nice having only two kids most afternoons. They both nap and its heaven! lol. Jaxon has become a REAL pain in the ass lately. haha. Hes just needy. He wants attention 24/7. Im also working on weaning him and hes not having it. lol. None of my kids have ever been this needy so Im not sure how to handle him...but hes driving me nuts. lol. Hes so sweet and thinks everything is funny...he just wants to play with me ALL THE TIME. :) Things with dh are good. His brother is still living with us...sooo that sucks. haha.

    annndd.....Im sure you will all be totally shocked to hear I am pregnant! LOL. SHHH for all you on my FB. I wont publicly announce til 12 weeks. Hopefully people wont just notice before then..I already look preg!! lol. For the first time ever I have absolutely NO idea how far along I am. My hormones have been soooo out of wack since Jax was born and I never had my typical ovulation cramps so I cant say forsure when it happened. I guessing Im somewhere between 7 and 11 weeks. We were in the middle of changing insurance so Im nervous how thats going to work...and trying to figure it all out before seeing a dr. Im also nervous because Im now too far from my old dr so I have to find a very skilled csection obgyn here. Ive asked around and I think Ive found a good one...but well see. Im a little nervous because if you all remember after the last csection the dr(who was a new one...not mine) freaked out and told me I shouldnt have more kids. BUT she was TOTALLY freaking out BEFORE the I think she was just not comfortable doing more than 3, period. MY dr always said up to six was no big deal. SOO we shall see what a new dr thinks of my poor scarred up uterus. Hopefully its not twins! My mom mcd twins, im still bfing and then obviously my 5th pregnancy so the odds are decent! HAHA. I wouldnt mind...except the extra dangers. Course we all know itd be twin boys!! :/ I have been SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO tired. O M G. Like cant stay awake at 6pm tired....after doing nothing but sitting on my ass all day. lol. Morning sickness hasnt been TOO bad tho. Timing isnt great...but isnt really bad either. We were thinking about trying after christmas because I prefer a fall/winter baby but maybe a summer baby will be good. Itll be easier not having to worry about getting the boys to school. I wish I could of got thru the holidays and not feel like sleeping 24/7! I will not be finding out the gender again. :) Guesses are welcome! HAHAHA!!! :p SO anyways...thats the update on me and my crazy life!
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    Sorry to hear about the baby BG. It's not surprising your emotions are all over the place. ((((big hugs))))

    TDG! WOW!!! You are a brave (crazy) lady :) Congrats!

    I fixed the ticker, Luke just turned 3 a little over a week ago. Still seems crazy, I swear time is just speeding up all the time!


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