Mommas of Toddlers & Preschoolers - Part 4

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  1. iampam

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    Things are going well here. Linnea started rolling back to tummy a few weeks ago, and she's now much more into her toys, which is fun. We had her 4 month checkup 2 days ago and her weight gain was good, with me EBF! She is 12lbs 11oz, I was surprised because it didn't seem like she had grown that much to me.

    Eddie is doing well. Continues to slowly improve his communication skills day by day. I am still jealous when I read about things that my friends whose kids are a similar age hear from their kids, but Eddie is pretty amusing at times.

    How is everyone else doing? Is anyone in touch with TDG? I've been thinking about her lately.

  2. BunnyGirl19

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    Nothing overly exciting going with the kids lately here either. RJ has a sleep study on Saturday to find out about whether it's urgent to get his tonsils and adenoids out now or if we can wait. In any case, they will need to come out at some point.

    My stepdad passed away Thursday evening and I'm really not sure what to tell RJ if he asks where he is. He hasn't seen him in nearly a month and so far the only time he asked was the day before he passed because his chair wasn't in the living room anymore (it was taken to his daughter's house where he was going to be staying because my mom couldn't for him at the level he needed). We just told him that "bampa" wasn't here right now. That satisfied him and he went back to playing. I know he's going to ask again at some point and we're going to have to explain it, but we aren't sure how yet.

  3. iampam

    iampam Active Member

    So sorry to hear about your stepdad [​IMG]

  4. TDG

    TDG New Member

    Hey ladies!! Its nice to see youre thinkin of me pam! [​IMG] Its so quiet in here now!! haha.

    Sorry to hear about your stepdad BG...but Im super excited to see you are having a girl!! That was actually why I dropped in.....was wondering what you were having! lol. Im super happy for you.

    Im doing good. Things with df are better. He got a great job(I dunno when I last updated so sry if im repeating). Hes a project manager who will be able to buy in/take over the company in a few years so we are very very happy with it. He does work long hours but can set his own schedule. It has the perks of being his own boss without the stress of trying to get people to pay him. Hopefully well be moving closer to his work soon because the added time and stress of his hour commute is wearing on us. I have been soooooooo busy. I finally took my laptop in to be looked at so if they can fix it itll be easier for me to get on sometimes. Its just too hard to sit at the desktop. Dfs brother is staying with us for awhile...which isnt going so hot. Hes a 22 year old child. lol. SO too often I feel like I have 4 little boys, one teenage boy and an immature man living with me. NOT fun. [​IMG] We also got a dog which maybe wasnt the best idea. Shes a huge puppy(german shepard/lab). I just dont have the time to train her right now and her previous owners let their kids abuse her so shes kind of skitish of our kids. Im ticked off at df because he got her and promised I wouldnt be the one training and taking care of its ALL me. CRAZY. haha

    Im OK. Ive been having serious hormonal issues. I thought it was my hypothyroid messing with me but when the dr said that wasnt it I went looking for other causes(Im severely fatigued, cant lose weight,acne,hair overgrowth,generally feeling awful)...and Ive come to the conclusion I have pcos!! Which is very strange and not something Id ever have thought of because I just associated it with fertility issues which I dont have...but apparently for very few people it will actually cause extra the point that bc pills dont really work(which is the case for me). I have always suspected I have high testosterone for several reasons but I didnt know that was associated with pcos. And apparently pcos is often linked with hypothyroid...which is how I came upon the info that led to this conclusion. So anyways...pretty crazy but Im excited to see a dr and be diagnosed and hopefully feel and look better! Ive been working very hard at losing weight with not much luck. Its shitty to have ALL your hormones out of wack adn feel awful but people dont understand because you look fine. Anyways... Im still bfing Jax so Im not sure what options I have to work on the pcos issues right now but asap Ill see a dr. I have my "period" back already which is very strange. Ive never had that happen before Im done bfing before. But its literally one day of spotting every 28 days and Im not its just weird.(My normal periods were always 10 days of HELL and never regular) Ive never been this regular in my life. haha. I had enough spotting last time and I was going swimming so I had to buy tampons...I have not bought tampons in so long they didnt even have the kind I used to use at walmart! I havent had a period in like 5 years! lol.

    I have also come to the conclusion that its probably also my fault that we can only make boys. lol. After having several bad BV infections in the last few months my research on that has led me to think I have a high ph vag which is more boy sperm friendly. Ive had many bv infections which is basically caused by a high ph and I have never had a single yeast infection...which is basically caused by a low ph..which would be more girl sperm friendly. So Im determined next time to do everything possible to alter my ph and see if we cant get a girl around here. [​IMG] Plus I need to work at keeping the ph low to keep from getting bv again anyways because Im not into doing antibiotics every few months! Df is all on board to try for a girl asap...but Im not ready! haha. Id like to lose more weight and look into this pcos thing first(altho being preg fixs all the symptoms of it anyways)

    Brendyn starts kindergarden aug 15. Im soo not ready for that. lol. He is tho. He is super excited. He is so smart! He can spell a ton of stuff and can count to 100+. Hes as mouthy as a teenager lol. Evan is FINALLY potty trained(except is still having night accidents about 50% of the time) Hes all ready to start preschool. I think thatll be great for him to get around more kids his age. Him and Brendyn fight a lot. lol. Hes always had a BIG attitude so Im curious to see how he behaves for the teacher. It will be so strange for me to only have 2 kids at home. Waylon is crazy. He is such a damn clown. I literally can not get mad at him because hes always making me laugh. lol. Jax is awesome. He is so sweet and fun. Hes crawlin all over and his brothers just adore him. Hes teething right now so my boobs arent loving that! haha. I cant believe hell be one soon. Its seriously insane how fast kids grow up. They are awesome but its insane. They NEVER stop moving! lol.

    Anyways I hope you are all doin good! Just wanted to update on myself while I was on checkin up on BGs baby gender! [​IMG]

  5. BunnyGirl19

    BunnyGirl19 Super Moderator Staff Member

    Look into the LE (low everything) diet for a girl. It's basically losing weight and depleting nutrient levels from your body to make it think times are tough. I'm pretty sure you have more boys because of your elevated testosterone than vaginal pH. Most of the people I know with BV problems have girls. I can't say I did anything specific to get a girl this time other than cut calories to lose weight, which I was on the diet a month before getting pregnant (shockingly) and then experienced extreme stress right around O time (I conceived from the sex that caused DH's heart attack). We are likely to have one more baby, but he wants to wait a couple years. We'd like a second girl so it'd be balanced out at two of each. Not sure if we'll attempt to influence that or not.

  6. iampam

    iampam Active Member

    TDG good to hear from you! I'm glad things are better with your DF, last time you posted it sounded like you were leaving him. Holy testosterone in your house! I can't believe you guys are already thinking about #5 [​IMG] Good luck with the PCOS stuff, it would be great if you could get a diagnosis and get some of your symptoms cleared up [​IMG]

  7. TDG

    TDG New Member

    BG-lol. I kind of doubt my testosterone is causing all my boys. I know quite a few people with pcos who dont have more boys vs girls, but who knows! Whatever the cause Im convinced I have a high ph and thats not helping me make a girl. I was dieting when Jax was concieved so I dont think thats enough for me.

  8. BunnyGirl19

    BunnyGirl19 Super Moderator Staff Member

    I'm not sure how my boys got in there exactly because my pH is never over 5, always ranging 4-5. At least for me pH made no difference. I'm sure it's probably a different combo of things for different people that tips the balance more toward one than the other. I'd run across the LE diet info on another gender forum when googling why my b-hCG and PAPP-A were both so freaking high/off the charts this time when they were just mid range with my other two. Turns out I inadvertently was following a modified LE diet. Whether that would work again next time I have no idea. We weren't officially TTC yet, just getting to the point that we were planning to discuss when to start after Christmas, but got pregnant a couple weeks before that. I was really surprised and a bit in denial that I was having symptoms within days of ovulating and more shocked baby stuck because I hadn't done any treatments to boost egg quality (even though I ovulate on my own I seem to have poor egg quality without some pharmaceutical help). We then planned on keeping gender a surprise but I had a very strong feeling it was a girl and the tech guessed girl at my 12-week NT scan for fun so we opted to find out. I've still been in a bit of disbelief no matter how many times they've shown me the potty shots on scan and I'll probably remain that way until she's born. On the other hand it took nearly 3 weeks to get over that feeling that I actually finally had a baby when I had RJ. This has also by far been my easiest pregnancy. No GD, no weird pains or gallbladder problems, minimal heartburn, very little weight gain compared to the others, etc. I've been joking she'd probably be born bald because of the OWT that the worse the heartburn the more hair they'll have (definitely fit with my boys). I only get reflux when I lie down flat to sleep on occasion this time. On ultrasound today the tech said she had "tons of long, flowing hair" and showed it sticking out quite a distance from her head. Fingers crossed for red, light blonde, or strawberry hair that sticks around! LOL

  9. Bron

    Bron New Member

    Lol, TDG I believe that based on statistics if you keep having children then eventually you will have a girl no matter what your ph is, when you have sex, what you eat. There is a woman who blogs who had 6 girls before she had a boy on number 7. She now has 10 children and 3 of them are boys.

    I desperately want another child, but am not too bothered if I were to have a girl or boy. I just want three. DH is not having any of it right now and we have talked and talked and talked. He brings up the medical issues every time so I have set about trying to get that sorted out (it is a lot of work and expense, so I will be very cross if after that work he will not let me have another). I have an appointment on 7 August to talk to a new medical centre that can give better treatment - I have since discovered that I actually got a very raw deal with the last pregnancy and it makes me angry that them messing around could land up ruining my chances for a third because DH does not want to risk that again (and understandably so)

    Kirima is busy potty training and it is not going well - she just keeps wetting herself over and over and over again - she will tell me she is wet, but not before she is already wet. She is going through about 10 sets of clothes a day and I get worried that she is diabetic - how can toddlers wee so much? Anyway, something has to click eventually or else I will go mad - and then I will probably just give up for a time.

  10. soonerslee

    soonerslee New Member

    Hi ladies.I've popped in every now & then over the years and kids.
    TDG, I remember you and all your boys. I have 3 myself now (oldest also starting kinder this year). We're planning a 4th & fully expect another boy. I think 4 boys will be fun though, they each get a buddy to share a room with. Interesting you said you never had a yeast infection, neither have I, wonder if my pH is contributing to our boy only family.
    Congrats on your girl BG.
    Hope to stick around a little more.

  11. iampam

    iampam Active Member

    Bron good luck with the medical stuff, I hope that whatever happens it leads to positive results for you. Maye Kirima just isn't ready for potty training? It sounds like she does not have a good feeling yet for when she is about to pee.

    Eddie is sooo not ready for potty training, it's not even really on our radar yet. I did let him run around the yard with no bottoms the other day. In a short span, he peed on his bike, pooped on the sidewalk, stepped in it, and ran his bike through it. That was fun. Whatever, it's not that hard to have 2 in cloth diapers instead of 1, and I figure it will be way easier to train him when he is ready.

  12. *mel*

    *mel* Super Moderator Staff Member

    Wow, it has been quiet in here for so long!

    We are potty training Luke at the minute. He went from zero interest to wanting to do it in a matter of weeks so we thought we would give it a go while he was showing an interest. He's doing pretty good, we started 8 days ago now but he usually has one accident a day. We have only had one day with no accidents at all.

    Good luck Bron. Sometimes I get a little sad when I think about not having anymore kids but BF definately doesn't want more. From a practical point of view we would need a bigger house and a bigger car. Neither are possible on one wage.

    Abbie is such an easy baby compared to what Luke was, she is growing way too fast!

  13. Bron

    Bron New Member

    Pam, I decided to go back to nappies for now - it was just too hard. She is slowly getting there, but I'll wait til spring/summer. I think you are right - wait til they are ready (or at least more ready). Mel sounds like Luke is doing well with it.

    Went to the appointment today and they are going to recommend a pump - though getting the medical aid to pay is like trying to win the lottery (and the pump costs just less than buying a cheapish car around here) so if anyone feels like praying I can get one, please do. In the meantime though they have agreed that what happened last pregnancy should not have - that I was on the wrong insulin and they would never let me have a pregnancy on it even if I could not get a pump. They also have new devices that let me take half units of insulin - something I have been asking for for almost a decade. And the best part is that the system I am meant to be using now will result in weight loss without me even really trying - I have had such a hard time getting back to pre pregnancy weight and while I did get there I still have a way to go til I'm happy so any help along the way will make me very happy.

  14. BunnyGirl19

    BunnyGirl19 Super Moderator Staff Member

    That all sounds very encouraging Bron! I didn't realize pumps were so expensive though.

  15. iampam

    iampam Active Member

    Good luck Bron, fingers crossed that the medical aid comes through for you!

  16. iampam

    iampam Active Member

    Not much new here. I am really enjoying Eddie being age 2, despite the difficulties. He is SO enthusiastic about everything most of the time. Linnea is at a very sweet and cuddly age. Life is good :)

  17. iampam

    iampam Active Member

    Soo... I'm getting nervous that I might be pregnant. I tested yesterday and it came back negative, but still no AF, so I will test again tomorrow. AF came back at 4mo just like last time, but last time all of my cycles were 28 days like clockwork, and we're probably about a week past that at this point. I'm still nursing round the clock, which did not affect things before but maybe that's just throwing things off this time. I am having a lot of symptoms that could be pregnancy... or could all be other stuff.

    We are definitely NOT TTC right now and the thought of having another so soon is extremely overwhelming. I'm hoping AF will show up soon so that I can stop worrying about this.

  18. *mel*

    *mel* Super Moderator Staff Member

    Any news pam?

    Things are good here. Luke can be a challenge at times but I love his little personality. Still behind with speech but improving all the time. Abbie is great, was weighed a week ago at 15lbs 11ozs and I will be starting weaning next week. Seems like it has gone crazy fast since she was born.

  19. iampam

    iampam Active Member

    AF finally came last week, thank goodness! I am open to the idea of having more kids, but right now would be very overwhelming.

    What is Abbie's birthday? I forgot she and Linnea (Mar 27) are be so close. I need to get her 6mo appointment scheduled. The Clinic on this island sucks, but I found out we have the world's crappiest insurance, and going back to our old pediatrician is not an option, so I think I'll give the crappy clinic one more chance. Linnea seems to be doing well, she's growing and rolling around like crazy. I'll probably start solids tomorrow or the next day, I am very excited to do baby led weaning again :) She loves putting everything in her mouth, so food will be all kinds of new sensations for her.

    I've been a total zombie, Eddie has been sick and was up a TON the past few nights. Apparently my ferritin is super low, and my vitamin D is on the low side, so that's probably not helping either.

  20. *mel*

    *mel* Super Moderator Staff Member

    Thats a relief pam. Yes Abbie and Linnea are very close in age! Abbie was born 1st April :) we started her on a little porridge this morning, not convinced she actually ate any of it, I forgot how completely clueless they are when you first start weaning! Lol


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