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  1. Bron

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    Hi Gutter - sounds like Audrey is doing well - is she still very tall compared to kids her age? Laurana is pretty average from what I have seen at her school.

    Hmm, two sick kids - is this what I have to look forward to? We do have chicken pox vaccines here though Laurana did not have one - but apparently most of the children in her school who have had chicken pox did get the vaccine and got the disease too so maybe the vaccine is not that effective. I am hoping she has a good immune system - I managed to get through both a mumps and measles outbreak when I was a child without getting either.

    TDG Brendyn sounds like he is doing really well - once they want to, they do seem to get it - he must really want to go to school or something [​IMG]

  2. gutterflower

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    That is wonderful news, he's doing great!! I know it's tough for them when they are distracted though and glad he did well.

    Not sure if she's still above average for height but from what everyone has said, they have said she is tall. We went to see Toopy and Binoo and there was a girl there that was over the age of 3, Audrey not quite 3 and they were quite a few months difference in age and Audrey was a tad bit taller. Some people can't believe when we tell them she just turned 3. As for Jasper, I am unsure, standing next to a 17 month old (him being 15 months) she towered over him, lol!! Also with the chicken pox vaccine they can get it, but not as bad. We hummed and haaaed about it and decided to get it done quite a few months later for Audrey.

    Glad to hear Rowan is potty trained, wtg Rowan!!

    I cannot believe this year is almost over and Audrey will be starting pre-k in september!!!

  3. MyrtleWarbler

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    Hi ladies! What a week we've had! I got back from an intense weeklong work trip last Friday, and had Monday off work b/c daycare was still closed. Allie and I had a great afternoon at the park b/c the weather was super nice. That evening I got a terrible stomach bug! I thought it was something I ate b/c I really hadn't been around anyone except DH all weekend. Tuesday I had to go into work for at least part of the day since I had missed a week, then Monday, and we have major legal crap going on. I really shouldn't have b/c I was contagious, but didn't realize it at the time! Then Wednesday evening Allie got sick, throwing up all over the living room. And off and on all night. It was heartbreaking. Stupidly I didn't cancel having DH's cousin and her family down for Thanksgiving b/c Allie bounced back quickly so I thought things were fine. Big mistake. Friday I had to work and DH was home with her. But then Friday evening he started feeling sick... and we got messages today that all his family members that were here got sick! I felt *SO* terrible! 3 adults and 3 kids, and I blame myself. I learned my lesson. Never, ever underestimate a nasty norovirus! I have since learned I probably got it on the plane ride home, since it can take a couple days to hit. And I was probably contagious, as well as Allie, when we had family down. I feel so, so terrible. DH is still out of commission. [​IMG]

    Nessa... I think it's great that you have had MIL to help while Sophie is so young. I think daycare is great, esp for the toddler/preschool years. But for the infant time one-on-one is so nice. And if she gets other social opportunities, it can continue to be a great thing, and they will have a special bond!

    Bron... Sorry about the biting incident. It sucks, but I agreee... it's natural kid stuff, they test limits and aren't sure about handling emotions. What matters more is how it is handled by the care provider. Allie got bit once, but the little biter boy seemed to learn a quick lesson after that little "experiment." No trouble since.

    To those who are pottytraining... Congrats on progress, and thanks for sharing it all here! It helps to see what's coming eventually. I have started bringing Allie in with me when I go pee, so she can get the idea by watching. I assume that's a good step to take early on?

    Well, sorry I didn't catch up with everyone. Sounds like her nap is ending and I'm definitely on full mommy duty till DH feels better!!

  4. gutterflower

    gutterflower Active Member

    Yeah neither is Audrey, don't know when if ever LOL!! I hear it can take some time though.
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  5. TDG

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    Hey Im psyched to have Brendyn gettin daytime potty trained. I could care less about nights right now! LOL He had 2(poop) accidents yesterday, one while my mom was watching him and one while I was busy n not paying any attention..I think both could have been prevented if wed noticed. Today he hasnt had one accident. I am SOOO proud of him. Hes way too damn smart tho..he will pee a lil, then need to pee again 5 mins later so he gets 2 stickers instead of 1! He gets a hotwheels car for every 10 stickers he gets and hes playin me I think but Im too happy to care! LOL.

    MW--Im glad you two are feeling better--hopefully your dh gets better soon too. Stomach bugs are just AWFUL. I wouldnt feel too bad about spreading it, its not like you did it on purpose! Thats why those things are sooo contagious because you dont realize you have it while youre contagious. and yes...first step to potty training is letting them watch you and/or getting a lil potty for them to get used to.

  6. Penguin-Goon

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    I am counting myself VERY lucky right now then. Kaydee has night trained herself. She hasn't had a single accident day or night for over a week now and has woken up dry at night for at least 2 straight weeks. She naps during the day in panties too. Just goes to bed in pull ups at night because I still have them so I figured I may as well use up the pack of them lol. We have 6 or 7 left I think and I don't plan on buying more unless she all of a sudden starts wetting at night. She's very excited to wear panties all the time though haha!!

  7. nessa26

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    Yay for all the potty training. Looks like I have my work cut out for me when the time comes!

    Bry, I saw on the news that the UK was getting hit with lots of snow and cold weather. The weather here where I live is still so warm. Im sick of it, and ready for some colder weather!! Oh, and I saw you were looking for chapped lip relief on FB. I second what Nika said on the Burt's Bees products. Although, I am unsure thery carry those over in the UK. They are wonderful!!! They have lotions, salves, and lip ointments among others.

    Thanksgiving was uneventful. I had to work [​IMG]. But DH reported to me that Sofie didn't eat any of her Thanskgiving food. It all wound up on the floor. Her rash also still seems to be an issue. I bought some yeaast infection ointment from the store yesterday in hopes that it helps clear it up!!

    Hope everyone is well!! It's been quiet around here!

  8. desertgirl

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    Aw, MW, that sucks about norovirus and everyone getting sick! DH and I once caught something that was probably norovirus from our friend's toddler (little girl is now 9!!) and that experience guaranteed that when we bought a house, it would have TWO bathrooms! Apparently, that illness spread to about 8 of our friends! Yuck! Hope you, Allie, and your Dh are feeling better!

    I so wish Piper were potty trained already! I know, we've got a road ahead of us, but I'm sick of changing diapers, and having a huge struggle almost every single time!! Last night, Piper tried about a million delay tactics for bedtime, and finally the stinker told me she pooped. I kept asking if she was sure, she said yes,yes, yes and even dragged me over to her changing table. Of course, I took off her pajamas, opened the diaper, and nothing. Not even pee. And then she refused her pjs and diaper--daddy had to take over!

    Nessa, have you switched diaper brands? That might help, I'd really recommend 7th generation or even the Huggies pure and natural until her rash clears up so that no chemicals are irritating what ever it is...

    We finally had to turn the heat on in our house. I had to force hubby to do it, telling him that the house interior being low 50s was not acceptable to me. Now we're warm and toasty at 64-67 degrees. The days are still so nice, but it's been freezing every night.

    Piper is sick again--probably just a cold (now I and dh have it too) but I'm taking her in just to check her ears. I don't even think she remembers what it's like to feel healthy--she was all clear for about 3 days after her antibiotics 2 weeks ago before it started up again. 3 clear days and months of being sick.

  9. LilMissNaughty

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    you can also get them from a couple online shops & ebay UK

  10. Alluring-Ash

    Alluring-Ash Super Moderator Staff Member

    MW- That sucks! Tummy bugs are the WORST! Glad it seems to be better, yuck! We let Noah go in the bathroom while we are in there too, but he now thinks when I try and put him on the potty that he needs to drop the toilet paper between his legs too [​IMG] oh well... He is no where near being close anyway.

    DG- Poor little P! She seems to be catching those viruses left and right! I feel for her [​IMG] Hope this one is not as bad! Have you tried those SinuCleanse? I bought one for Noah with his last cold to help suction all the snot out ( it is a saline pump type thing but has a little nozzle that goes into the nostril with a finger pump and you just squirt 3 sprays in each nostril ) snot just pours out after and makes the bulb work sooo much better. My mom works in the ER so she just grabs me saline refills when I need them. Anyway, hope she feels better and that your whole house isn't sick for too long.

    Nessa- How is the rash going? How is the peeing in the night going? Hope they are getting better!

    Bry- I have heard tons on the burts bees as well but I usually stick to Carmex. Hope Rowan is doing well! [​IMG]

    Nika and TDG- Way to go on the potty training! How is Julie doing with walking, Nika?

    Mel- The kids are getting sooo big! I can't believe Jasper is so big already, seems like he was JUST born! They are such cuties!

    Sorry for those I have missed, I tried! [​IMG]

    Not too much going on here, ready to stop being sick and pregnant! We leave next Wednesday for FL for 5 days! The weather is still in the 70's from what I am hearing! Hope it helps this stupid sinus crap I have! Noah has been spitting out words left and right the last few days! I don't know what has gotten into him but he seems to be doing pretty great with it! One of the more amusing ones is "Yuck!" when I blow my nose, lol! He heard me say it a few times over the course of my sinus infections and now says it for me.

  11. labby06

    labby06 Active Member

    Sorry I've been MIA and haven't really had a chance to catch up on all the past posts. We had the Thanksgiving from HELL. We ended up going out to DH's family which is always enough to make me crazy to begin with. This trip was no different. Within the first 5 minutes of being there his dad had me so pissed off. They have 2 cats. One is scared of it's own shadow and hides the whole time we're there (which is fine by me, I'm not a huge cat fan to begin with). Then there is the other cat which is just a mean old SOB. Well as soon as we get there his dad takes Olivia over to the cat so she can say "hi". This had disaster written all over it which he should have known from the start. Well the cat hissed, showed teeth, and swatted at Olivia (still has claws to boot) and this isn't the first time this cat has done this (he does it to me all the time!). Luckily he didn't get her, but the next thing I know his dad is hitting this cat so damn hard that it flew off the couch and ran under the coffee table. Then he literally throws the coffee table out of the way and hits it really hard again until it ran and hid. Now Olivia is screaming, he's bitching about the cat, I'm yelling that you don't hit animals like that, just pure chaos. Of course they think this is completely appropriate behavior (which explains why DH thinks it's ok to do that type of thing with our dog which we always get into big arguments about). I tried explaining that the cat isn't used to small children, when you get her in his face like that he will feel threatened, and the hissing and swatting is his way of protecting himself. It's not his fault. It's your stupid fault for putting a small child right in his face and threatening him. I don't want that kind of behavior around my child because I don't want her thinking it is ok to do that to an animal. Ugh, what a way to start off a long weekend.

    So on top of being pissed about that and then some other things I found out that ticked me off (can we say insurance fraud? - so tempted to anonymously report them), Olivia has a canine tooth coming in. She was a disaster. Friday night she screamed like I've never heard her scream before. NOTHING would console her, not even nursing which was really odd. I finally turned her upside down to get a glimpse into her mouth, and there it was, a huge bump with a white blistery type thing on it. So I broke out the motrin and loaded her up which did nothing. I then emptied her diaper bag and finally found a small tube of oragel, so we put some of that on and then she FINALLY started to calm down. I was so afraid she was going to get sick she was crying so hard. So that explained why she hardly ate anything while we were out there, and why her poops have become so runny. Poor thing.

    So then it was finally time to come home, hooray! Well, not really. What is usually a 4 1/2 to 5 hour drive turned into a 6 1/2 hour drive because of traffic due to an accident. Olivia screamed for about 5 of those hours. It was awful. At one point I broke down myself because I really didn't know what to do anymore. Nothing I tried worked. She just kept looking at me crying with that "please get me out of here" look but there was nothing I could do. It is so hard dealing with her on long trips since she hates them so much. I told DH no more road trips for a while. They just seem to traumatize her.

    I hope all of my US counterparts had a good holiday, and I'll be back later to catch up!

  12. desertgirl

    desertgirl Active Member

    omg, labby, what a set of inlaws you have! Sorry about the car ride, a screaming baby makes a miserable time! Hope her teeth are feeling better.

    Piper has another double ear infection! Glad I took her in so quickly this time, poor kid.

    haha, Ash, "yuck" is pretty funny! This is so nasty, but Piper will actually let us wipe her nose when we show her the disgusting boogers we pull out on the tissue!

  13. TDG

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    Brendyn is still doing so awesome. He is even telling us out in public. The only struggle is still pooping..we really have to catch him lookin like hes ready or it happens in his pants. Evan is also doing awesome with talking, and listening. We gave them both haircuts last night and I just hate doing it...they both look so much older! lol. Im just so proud of my "big boys!" [​IMG]

    nessa--has she seen a Dr for this rash yet? I tried OTC yeast cream for Evan when he had a yeast rash and it took FOREVER to help...the prescription cream/oral meds Drs can give them will clear it up in a matter of days instead of weeks...if thats the prob.

    ash--I hope you get feeling better before your trip. Where in FL are you heading?

    labby--Oh my gosh that sounds like a nightmare trip. One time when Brendyn was a baby he freaked out like Ive never seen before--or after-- because of a tooth coming in while we were visiting my dads family. I swear he just sensed the tension and my anxiety/stress and was more reacting to that than the tooth. I guess Im kind of like that at times..when things are just wrong suddenly adding feeling sick/sore seems even worse. It kind of sounds like what she was going through. He scared the crap out of me that night because he was always so happy it was terrifying to him soooooooooo upset and nothing I did calmed him down.

    desert--aww I hope she gets better quick. Some kids just seem to have never ending ear infections(I was like that). Neither of my kids has ever had even one which seems kinda crazy! lol

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    Just gonna start a new topic [​IMG]


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