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  1. nessa26

    nessa26 New Member

    Ladies, I need recommendations on diapers! Err. Currently Sofie wears regular Pampers, size 3. They claim on the package that they are great for overnight wetness, but Sofie woke up this morning completely soaked in pee. She was drenched, as if she had taken a bath in pee. The entire bottoms of her PJs were wet, and half her shirt was wet. I felt so bad. She waasn't crying, but it still must have been uncomfortable!! This has happened a couple times before with the same brand. It doesn't happend every night, thank God.

  2. TDG

    TDG New Member

    desert--lol. yeah Im trying to stay positive.

    nessa-- Evan is a pee machine. Ive found huggies to be the most absorbant, but I change Evans diaper at least once in the middle of the night every night AND I limit his fluids in the last hour or two before bed or he will still leak!

  3. nessa26

    nessa26 New Member

    Yeah, see, Sofie doesnt cry in the night to let us know she is wet so she doesn't get changed. Should I wake her up to change her? I hate to do it when she's sleeping soundly!

  4. TDG

    TDG New Member

    Evan doesnt wake up when I change him, so Id at least give it a try. You dont want her being that wet all night or shell end up a rashy mess!

  5. nessa26

    nessa26 New Member

    I can appreciate what you are saying Bry. I still feel grateful for my mother in law. True, Sofie doesn't get as much interaction with children as she does at my MILs, but I have always worried about having to put her in daycare from the first time the issue of childcare came about. My MIL does care for another boy during the week so she has that interaction. Granted, he is only one child that she has interacted with. And my MIL has told me some stories of the little boy being jealous, and getting mad at Sofie for things and what not.

    TDG, thanks!! I will try starting to wake her. I hate to see her drenched in pee in the mornings!

  6. desertgirl

    desertgirl Active Member

    Aren't there night-time diapers? I would try those before I woke a sleeping baby (especially given P has a hard enough time staying asleep, lol)!

  7. nessa26

    nessa26 New Member

    DG,, there are night time diapers. These Pampers advertise "up to 12 hours of wetness protection". Perhaps I just have a little girl that pees a lot!!! Or maybe she pees more some nights than others. Like I said, she wears the same diapers every night, and this has happened a few times, just not every night. Last night was the worst. She was soaked in pee! [​IMG]

    I bought a box of Huggies Little Movers at WalMart today. I really like those. If diapers can "look" comfortable, the Huggies Little Movers look like they could be the winner!! Lol!! I don't like the regular Huggies, just the Little Movers. I'm weird! [​IMG]

  8. labby06

    labby06 Active Member

    If you read over in the cloth diaper thread I'm sure you know Olivia is a super duper peer. She soaks through everything! She wears disposables at night because she pees far more than the cloth diapers can absorb being that they don't have the nasty chemicals in them to gel it up. The Pampers were terrible for us, especially once she started drinking water and juice. Luvs worked fairly well for us and I'm also now having some good luck with Seventh Generation. We've only had 2 leaks with the Seventh Generation so far and just finished up a 30 pack, so that's not too bad. Haven't given Huggies a try yet. Since we only use disposables at night it takes forever to go through a big pack of them so I haven't had a chance to try out a variety of brands. Olivia is in a size 4. How big is Sofie now? Maybe she needs to go up a size to get more of a rise in the front if she's sleeping on her belly? That's always been our problem and where most of our leaks occur because Olivia is a belly sleeper.

    Bryony - I totally agree with you on the day care thing. While I worry about behavior being an issue with her seeing these bad behaviors of the other kids, the first place to deal with them is at home. I think learning not to mimic the bad behavior of others is a great lesson to learn early on as opposed to when they are older and in school. The socialization is also great, especially given that we live in a very rural area with no other kids in our neighborhood. So for us too, the pros are far worth the cost of these infrequent incidents, which I hope to be able to use as a learning experience for her once she's a little older and can understand the consequences of such behavior.

  9. Alluring-Ash

    Alluring-Ash Super Moderator Staff Member

    Nessa- We use the huggies, mostly the snug and dry but I LOVE the little movers best ( I just like that I can buy the big box of the snug and dry when they have the $25.00 deal plus they come with more diapers. ) I think a big part of Sofie's problem is that she drinks so much, is she still drinking as much as she was? I bet it stops a bit as she starts taking in more solids. Maybe for now some of the night time diapers might be a good idea ( just a bit more costly since you will be buying diapers for day and night ) but I am betting it is because she consumes more liquid in her diet. [​IMG] No big deal just her preference and it has to come out some way.

    Oh, I also wanted to add on the walker topic! We also had the push behind toys and they where nice, but Noah preferred to push his activity table around on the hard wood floors! lol!

  10. nessa26

    nessa26 New Member

    Sofia is in a size 3. We have a box of size 4s, but they are too big for her. She does sleep more often on her stomach lately too so maybe thats part of the problem.

    Yes she still drinks more fluids than solids. And I am continuing to make her food, only to have her tear it apart and throw it on the floor. The only thing she does seem to accept is grapes, and string cheese!

  11. Penguin-Goon

    Penguin-Goon New Member

    i only use Luvs, and have for years!! i love them LOL! ive NEVER had leak problems with them (and have with huggies and pampers!) with kaydee, cause shes a super pee-er!!! julie doesnt pee much, never had problems with her, but i swear kaydee can PEE! LOL!! ive had mornings where she came out of her room with the diaper about to her freakin knees soaked up with pee, but didnt leak!! the Luvs hold awesomely!! i always recommend them for that reason. she would leak through pampers and huggies at night when she wore diapers.

    on that note, she is officially potty trained!!! OMG its wonderful lol!! she has accidents here and there, and still doesnt like to tell me when she has to poop, would rather hide and then tell me mid poop when she is going in her undies and changes her mind cause its gross and we run to the potty, but there are days i catch her warning signs before hand, or even the rare days she tells me ahead of time!! she has no problem pooping on the potty if i catch her in time. but shes wonderful with peeing, i dont even have to ask her anymore, she just goes on the potty and then gets all excited and yells MOMMY I PEED!! across the house lol!! or if shes really busy or into something, she will yell at me that she needs to pee, and then run to the potty when i tell her to lol! she has had almost no pee accidents at all, and is even doing well out of the house!! oh and shes woken up with dry pull ups after her nap and even in the morning after sleeping all night for 8 days now!!! wowie! shes pretty much night trained herself! but i still have a bunch of pull ups, so she will continue to wear them at night for a bit to make me feel more comfortable since i have them lol!!

    as far as walkers go, kaydee had a walker at the shop when she was younger and i took her to work with me cause her great uncle bought it for her, and she loved it because there were big wide open spaces in the shop for her to roam, but i never had one at home or havent had one for julie at all either. i used the stationary bouncer, the doorway bouncer and the walk behind toys at home though for both girls! both my girls were/are late walkers though haha. kaydee walked on her own at 14 1/2 months old, and so far julie has stood on her own for a min, and taken 2 steps before going flying now!!! shes getting there though, i think she will be walking by christmas [​IMG] so at almost 15 months old, shes not walking yet, but im not worried about it. i only wish she would walk because she already weighs 26lbs and its getting harder to carry her around hahaha!

    sorry for the mostly selfish post, my charger for the net book broke (thanks julie!!) and so i lurk on my phone, but its a pain to post from there, and charles laptop is really iffy and you have to have the cord plugged in JUST RIGHT or it wont power it up and the battery sucks so i cant use it when the kids are awake and im usually too tired to get on it after they go to bed and im done doing all what i need to do lol! in other words, im almost never on a computer anymore [​IMG] but i do read all the posts from my phone and stay up to date with everyone [​IMG]

  12. nessa26

    nessa26 New Member

    Hehe, yes!! I totally know the "so much pee in diaper, that it looks like they have a tail" diaper look!! Lol!! Thats how I knew the size 4s were a tad big, because even when she was dry, the diaper would hang between her legs, almost to her knees!!

    I used Luvs when Sofie was a newborn, and I Luved them!! Tee hee!! But DH has never liked them, so that's why we stuck with Huggies and Pampers.

    Ash, I dont think Ive seen the Snug and Dry. Just the regular Huggies and the Little Movers.

  13. Bron

    Bron New Member

    Sorry no recommendations on nappies - we seem to have different (and probably cheaper) versions of what you guys get here. Also Huggies and Pampers and so on, but they are made for our economy. They do the job, but I haven't heard of half the ones ou are talking about.

    Laurana was bitten by one of the teacher's children - Laurana tells me anyway who did what at her school so they can't hide things from me (so-and-so threw sand, so-and-so bit, this one was in the naughty corner and this one cried - all very useful - sort of) I did briefly speak to the teacher whose child it was and she says she is trying to read up on what is going on (that child bites herself too) and discipline the child but its quite difficult. I wonder though if Laurana would tell me if she did anything wrong herself.

    Read an article on walkers the other day and it said: "having a walker means your baby can walk up to 1m/second which is a bit like owning a Porsche at age 15 and just as dangerous" They suggested using toddler wagons, holing their hands and letting them walk barefoot a lot.

  14. desertgirl

    desertgirl Active Member

    Goon, how exciting! Congrats on the potty training!

  15. Myste

    Myste New Member

    I use a brand called Comforts for Baby that's made for the Kroger stores. Wes isn't a super heavy wetter though.

    We never used a walker with Wes, just the push toy type. He walked at 12 months. We did use a jumper for the occasional break but he outgrew/lost interest in it around 10 months and preferred to play with it from the outside.

    Nessa, one thing I found with Wes is that he likes 2-3 bites of things and then he's done - so putting out a little variety plate with just a little of this and little of that helped. He loved going to Costco and getting samples of everything.

  16. Bron

    Bron New Member

    Congrats on the potty training Penguin - its always a bonus when they get that.

    Bry I waited til Laurana was dry at least 4 nights a week and then took the plunge and she has never wet the bed once but I do consider myself very lucky - I think she was out of night nappies a month before she turned three - my sister's child still needed one well beyond three so it can vary a lot. I think decide when you can cope with wet beds and give it a try (I waited til second trimester cause I was so nauseous I didn't want more work!)

    Laurana had an interesting game to play today - she's combining all the things she keeps hearing into rather amusing games, but the connections are not quite there:

    "Mom, lets play the spaceship game, we are going to fly to the biggest planet, Jupiter. It is very cold there - lots of ice. We can wear finger pricks (I don't know what that means) that will keep us warm. We will be the bad people so we can catch other people."

    She's quite into imagining she is a bad person and it bothers me (its based on the hijacking we went through along with a bit too much Star Wars from her father) Not sure what to do about it - I try to teach her that the bad people usually don't win, but she keeps insisting they (the men who took our car) haven't given it back and besides Darth Vader killed the good guys. Far too much logic coming out of this child.

  17. TDG

    TDG New Member

    Bry--I always thought that waiting to push the potty training with Brendyn til after age 3 seemed like the way to go. It didnt help tho! lol.

    Goon--thats so great shes doing so well. Seems everyone around me potty training their kid is having it go very smooth--but they are all girls! lol I dont know anyone else training a boy.

    Potty trainging hasnt been terrible today or yesterday. He had one accident yesterday morning while still in a pullup, and then he pooped his pants, today he had one accident but it was while he was watching a movie in bed so Im not sure if maybe he was sleeping when it happened. He pooped in the potty today but only one tiny turd so I suspect hell go again later. He still hasnt told me when he needs to go, but if I ask every few hours he happily goes and his undies are stayin dry so this is a big improvement. Ive been telling him if he can keep his undies dry all day hell be able to go to school with the big kids which he gets really excited about. I honestly dont know if preschool requires them to be potty trained but if it helps motivate him thats good enough for me! lol.

  18. Bron

    Bron New Member

    TDG sounds like you are starting to win - accidents are normal and can continue for quite some time - I think I was sending Laurana almost every hour to go and wee when I started until she could figure it out for herself - now she takes herself and I never have to remind her unless we are going out in the car for a long drive. When is he due to start preschool?

    Laurana is liking preschool now and she doesn't have much time left there since we go on holiday the last week the school is open this year. They are closed for a month so have to sort a lot out as I will still have to work and so does DH - it could be quite change of routine for her (and me) Still no sign of chicken pox (it was going round her school) but I am keeping a close eye on her.

  19. gutterflower

    gutterflower Active Member

    Hey Bron!! I can't believe you are over half way there for baby #2!! I bet Laurana will be such a great helper!!! Yeah 3's have started off with a bang, but it's not so bad as 2's yet...

    Desertgirl, WOW she's a tall girl!! Audrey is also tall in comparison to other kids her age. At 17 months Audrey was 35" tall and I don't remember her being that high up in percentile...I thought above 95th percentile (so maybe if you have the actual above number that could make some sense) She is tall regardless.

    Glad you didn't catch what the boys had and also glad (but of course not glad) that only one of the boys had it bad, definately gives you a little break. It sucks when both kids are sick. I remember last May when both Audrey and Jasper caught something and they got bad diarhhea and vomiting. I had never experienced anything like it in my life and hope to never experience it again!! (I know wishful thinking).

    Hello to my mommy friends, Nessa, Nika, Ash, Bryony and for any other mommies I Have missed!

  20. TDG

    TDG New Member

    Well today was fantastic. He has stayed dry ALL day...AND that was while we were out at dfs grandmas. I brought his little potty and he wore big boy undies with a pullup over(so we wouldnt be changing wet pants all day). It works great...contains the mess but gives him the wet dirty sensation of real undies. He even pooped in the potty! He told us 3 times hed gone in his pants when he didnt, then said his tummy hurt so I made him sit on the potty(to poop he seems to always need a cheerleader telling him "push push push!!" LOL) and he did eventually go. Im a lil in shock that while being away from home, and distracted with all the people he did so good. Maybe he really is getting it! WHOO HOOO! Im so happy I could cry! lol.

    Bron--He will start preschool next fall. I really dont think he needs it, but I want him to get used to being around kids (for as little time as he spends with other kids hes very well behaved and social when he is around them but still itll be an adjustment), being on a strict schedule, and just being away from me more before he starts kindergarden. Im glad she hasnt gotten it yet. Dont they do chickenpox vaccinations there? Both my kids have had that so hopefully its never an issue here.

    Gutter-- lol. I know what you mean. I was also VERY glad only Brendyn got it bad. Stomach flus are just awful and one very sick kid was enough...had the entire family gotten it bad it would have been pure HELL.

    O M I type this Brendyn just TOLD me he needs to use the potty. Thats the first time hes TOLD me! [​IMG]


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