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    Alrighty girls, heres a new thread for you to enjoy [​IMG]

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    Re: Sept/Oct 2008 Mommas and Babies Part 3!!

    Wow I can't believe we are on part 3. Work is okay but busy. Makes the hours go fast. I have a couple people from church putting out feelers in the local hospital to see if they need RT's. It is so great to have support here. Have a great weekend everyone!!!

  3. lucashem

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    Re: Sept/Oct 2008 Mommas and Babies Part 3!!

    Joanie, that's great you are finding a support system where you live. It's definitely needed, but I know that can be hard when moving to a new place. I hope something locally becomes available soon.

    Tonya, glad you posted some new pictures of Leo on FB. What a beautiful little boy you have. Juniper is also gorgeous. I LOVE those big blue eyes. I just can't believe how old they are already, they are growing up too quickly.

    Dee, hope you had a great weekend. I wasn't on that much (shocking I Hope to catch up with you this week.

    Well, Alex has a rash from his MMR vaccine. It popped up this morning (his shots were on Feb 16th). He also had the chicken pox, flu, and H1N1 vaccinations at the same time. I'm hoping it's not a reaction to the chicken pox one, but I'm pretty sure it's from the MMR. He's a little clingier today, but other then that hasn't been too bad thank goodness. I also pulled out my back again. Didn't really do anything that caused it. Just seems like every few months my back twinges which is a real pain with having to carry around a toddler and picking up after them. Hopefully it will be better tomorrow.

    Hope everyone had a great weekend.

  4. Spitler

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    Re: Sept/Oct 2008 Mommas and Babies Part 3!!

    thanks den! i agree i cant believe ive been a mom of 2 for a month already!! hope your back feels better!!

    joanie, i knew you would make friends!! im happy things seem to be going your way!

  5. JoanieD

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    Re: Sept/Oct 2008 Mommas and Babies Part 3!!

    Thanks Ladies.

    Tonya I second what Denise said you have two adorable babies!!!!

    Denise I hope your back gets better fast!

    Happy Tuesday everyone!

  6. Spitler

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    Re: Sept/Oct 2008 Mommas and Babies Part 3!!

    Aww thanks ladies, i think they are beautiful, but of course I am biased! Its funny that Juniper looks like her daddy and Leo looks like mommy! Too cute though!

    Thought you may think this was funny Joanie: Leo has colic and has cried so much he is losing his voice its all squeaky now. DH started calling him squeaker. He has no clue thats what you call Jacqueline either. I thought it was funny.

    I have such a sense of relief now that the ddr has said its colic and that there isn't much I can do. I felt pretty inadequate (sp?), I think that has been a lot of the depressed feelings. I felt like I couldn't fix him and he was disturbing everyone at night etc. Plus being that I am breast feeding I kept hearing "oh its something you are eating" whihc was crap because I dont eat the same stuff every day.

    But he is a piggy monday he weighed 10lb 8oz and friday he weighed in at 11lb 4oz!!! Wha?!? Dr. said I was feeding him too much and then said she was just kidding dont stop feeding him when he seems hungry. Problem is that he cluster feeds during his colic fit (seems to be the only thing that temporarily helps calm him) So I dont know if I should stop that or what?!? UGH COLIC SUCKS!!!

    Hows the Job Joanie? Hoping its going well!!

    Denise, how are the babies? Alex off adn running yet? I ccan't even keep up with Juniper anymore, but its better now that i am ont huge pregnant too! ha/ha

    Dee, hows baby Jack doing? Hopefully everyone is feeling better!! Any news on the house?

  7. JoanieD

    JoanieD New Member

    Re: Sept/Oct 2008 Mommas and Babies Part 3!!

    Awww now we both have a Squeaker!! That is so neat.

    The job is good. Much busier than my old one but it makes the time go faster. I hate being away from my family though. Too bad we need money huh?! My boss is kind of a dick though. Good thing I won't have to see him much working nights. There may be a day shift coming open soon but if I took that I would see the kids even less. I guess I will make the decision when the time comes.

    Tonya I am so sorry Leo is having a tough time. The only thing I can say is that colic usually doesn't last forever but it seems like it does when your kiddo is going through it. I remember with Kylie that I thought I would never get to sleep because she had it bad and then all of a sudden it got better around 3 months I think. (((((Tonya)))))) WTG on the weight gain. I wouldn't worry about the cluster feeding it too will pass in time.

    I am so ready to try for #4 but DH is stubborn. I never remind him to put the dang condom on but he does every time!!!!

    My insurance cards came yesterday. So I need to find a doc and get in to have my meds restarted soon. At least now if one of us gets sick I don't have to worry about paying for the doctor.

    Hope everyone has a great weekend.

  8. Spitler

    Spitler New Member

    Re: Sept/Oct 2008 Mommas and Babies Part 3!!

    Joanie, thats too funny about DH but with the insurance cards in hand, I'm sure it makes it that much harder to resist!! Thanks for the support too about the colic. Its horrid. Everyone says 3 months is the magic age and it just disappears. I think honestly that has been at least a portion of the issues I've been having with depression. I kept hearing he wasn't getting enough or that it was something I was eating and I felt horrible that I caused it and then even worse I coudln't calm him down, especially when it wakes Juniper up every night. I felt such a relief hearing it was NOT ME!! ha/ha
    Glad to hear you rjob keeps you busy, at least the time goes by! Sorry about your boss though, thats rough. but like you said maybe because you work nights it wont be too bad. Hope you dont have a difficult time making the decision about the dayshift job!

    Denise, I hope you are doing okay!

    Dee, how are you feeling being on your own?

  9. Spitler

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    Re: Sept/Oct 2008 Mommas and Babies Part 3!!

    So juniper has started climbing on the couches, which is not a big deal, but she refuses to stay seated and has tumbled off a few times. Today she tumbbled off and hit our floor pretty hard (the part without any thing done to it, so its basically concrete foundation. So now I am stressed out hoping she didn't hurt herself too badly. UGH!! No matter what we do it seems she wont stay seated, putting her down just seems to turn it into a game, and yelling at her we may as well yell at the refridgerator for being empty, just about as useful. Ideas?!?

    Leo is wearing me out, he wants to eat for an hour at a time and is still only going about 2 hours between feeds, so I have an hour break before he is back on again. I'm not sure I'm cut out for this breastfeeding stuff. Its way harder than I thought it would be even once we got past the latch issues etc. I'm just exhausted and I feel like a cow or something with him constantly on my boob... Sorry but I needed to vent.
    Hope everyone else is doing great!!

  10. Spitler

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    Re: Sept/Oct 2008 Mommas and Babies Part 3!!

    Happy mothers day Dee!

  11. dee

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    Re: Sept/Oct 2008 Mommas and Babies Part 3!!

    Thanks Spitler [​IMG] It was nice.

    I think you are doing amazingly well to be breastfeeding that often/for that long and also dealing with a 16 month old! If you decide at this point that you are done with it, not one of us will think you should have continued hun! You have to make the right decision for ALL of you about this and I know we will all be right behind you.
    I am glad that you got to experience some of the positive things about bf-ing this time around though and am proud of you for even giving it a go, let alone carrying on through the pain and latch issues!
    It will be hard no matter when you decide to stop with it, but you will know if you are at the point where it's right for you.
    Good luck hun x
    Also hope the colic is easing up some. Not being pushy but have you tried Craniosacral therapy? I have heard it's a miracle worker when it comes to colic. You're probably sick of people chipping in with advice though lol!

    Joanie, hope everything is good with you - did you get your insurance sorted out?

    Denise, how're you all? It was lovely to see Alex walking so fast the other day on the webcam! He's really OFF now, isn't he!

    sorry, only reading last message lol, will get back when I get more time! I'm enjoying having the house to myself after being at my parents for 4 nights but am missing the company too! I have got used to bf not being here though. Jack still calls him all the time all day long haha, walking around the house calling Dadda! or trying to say his name - it's very sweet. We had a viewer for the house today (yay lol) but it was very hard to read her. She's in rented and wants to be in this town, I have a feeling she'll go and buy the one we want haha! Wouldn't that be nice [​IMG]

    Ok got to eat. Promise I will be back sooner next time!


  12. dee

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    Re: Sept/Oct 2008 Mommas and Babies Part 3!!

    Forgot to say J is talking to bf daily on the webcam and it's so sweet, he tries to cuddle and kiss him on the tv. He understands that the camera is where bf can see him so he kisses that too. he loves seeing his daddy on the telly [​IMG]

  13. Spitler

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    Re: Sept/Oct 2008 Mommas and Babies Part 3!!

    Dee, thanks for the encouragement, things have gotten a little easier for now with bfing, so we are going to keep going. I dont know if I'll be able to do it a full year, but I'm hoping to keep it going for a little while longer at least. I haven't heard of craniosacral therapy, i'll have to look into that. Thanks for the tip!

    How sweet Jack talks to daddy on the web cam! I love it!

    Ugh, well we have started screaming now so I have to run. Sorry

  14. dee

    dee Active Member

    Re: Sept/Oct 2008 Mommas and Babies Part 3!!

    Aww, that's GREAT news Spitler! It's very easy for me sitting here to say Don't worry about it, but I know how it is on the other end when you are wondering if this that or the other thing to do is the right one. I'm glad that you both have reached some kind of level where it's do-able for now at least. takes the pressure off a little, eh. No matter when you decide to stop, you know that you have given Leo the best start, even if it was only one feed ever, it all counts [​IMG]

    I saw that Juniper is COUNTING!!! OMG she is soooo clever! you must be really proud [​IMG] Loved the fact that she said shoe shoe though hahaha, a girl already [​IMG] Hope you soon feel better, can someone come and watch the kids for a bit so you can lay down?

    Well the woman who came and looked at our house said it was "a bit too small" She also went to look at the one we want so I thinking the worst and she will buy that one [​IMG] I didn't realise how much I wanted it til I knew she was looking at it haha. gotta love human nature. [​IMG] ah well. If she does, then it wasnt meant to be for us.

    Got to go and get ready for work now (boo) talk to you all soon!


  15. Spitler

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    Re: Sept/Oct 2008 Mommas and Babies Part 3!!

    ha ha dee, hope she stays away from your house!!! =)

    Dh is really pushing for me to stick with the breast feeding, which is frustrating but helpful because truth be told I dont want to stop yet, I'm just sooo tired and frustrated with the crying. We were up pretty much all night last night with the crying as well. So I'm beat.

    Juniper is soooo girly! SHe puts on her little plastic bracelets and says "preye preye" (pretty pretty), she walks around with her little hands pulled up so they dont fall off. She is in love with shoes and thinks they are amazing. I have no idea how she got so girly because I'm not girly. I think the only jewelry I regularly wear is my wedding band. Love her though!

  16. JoanieD

    JoanieD New Member

    Re: Sept/Oct 2008 Mommas and Babies Part 3!!

    Tonya sorry breast feeding seems to be going so rough for you. I am hoping it will get better. ((((Tonya))))

    Not much to report here. I am working and hating it a lot. I don't feel well working at night. I just don't sleep well during the day. The kids seem to be adjusting well though. so that is good. I am hoping for a day shift soon. Although I am glad to not have to worry about money so much.

  17. Spitler

    Spitler New Member

    Re: Sept/Oct 2008 Mommas and Babies Part 3!!

    Oh Joanie, I cant even imagine how you are functioning workign at night and trying to sleep during the day. I hope it gets better or you get switched soon!!

    The breastfeeding itself isn't going badly, its the colic and the constant neediness of the little guy that is getting to me. He cries so much its really taxing on us mentally. Add in that he is up crying at night and still nursing every 2 1/2 to 3 hours at night and every 2-2 1/2 hours during the day and I'm exhausted. But i keep telling myself it will get better. I'm just hoping it happens sooner rather than later because soemthing has to give!

    Juniper is amazing and I love watching her grow!! She is saying SOOO much now its really crazy! I think my favorite thing though is if she doesn't knwo the word she says "shoes" ha/ha She was trying on clothes with her grandma yesterday and she was picking ones out and saying "preye preye" ha/ha SOOO girlie!

    Has anyone thought about potty training yet? Juniper has started waking up from naps with dry diapers and the last few nights her night time diapers aren't really wet either. So I'm hoping that when its summer and I can keep her in dresses she'll pick it up pretty fast. She sits on the potty chiar now with her clothes on and thinks its too cool, so fingers crossed it will be easy.

    Oh and she is trying to climb out of her crib. When do you change tehm to a toddler bed, and how does that work with them being able to get up all night?

  18. lucashem

    lucashem New Member

    Re: Sept/Oct 2008 Mommas and Babies Part 3!!'s been forever since I posted...sorry.

    Joanie, so sorry you are hating the night shift. I know you said your church friends might have connections with the local hospital so hopefully that will pan out soon. (((hugs)))

    Dee, hope you are getting some good prospects for you house. Hope all is well with you and J.

    Tonya, I can't believe Leo is going to be 2 months old soon. That time has just flown by. It sounds like you are doing a great job with the BFing, but I would think it does get tiring. Hope you can stick it out for as long as you want to do it. Juniper sounds amazing. She seems soooo grown up. A is starting to talk a bit but still jibbers alot. I haven't really even thought about potty training. Girls I think seem ready quicker then boys, but I have to say Luke was pretty easy compared to Jess (Erin was easy too). I only started my kids around 2-1/2. I had the seat out before that but didn't really push it until I thought they were ready. I honestly wasn't thinking of starting A until next year this time unless he really seems ready. As for switching to a bed, I never used a toddler bed, went straight to a twin with a side rail. I want to say my kids were between 2-1/2 - 3 when I switched them. But I never had any that really climbed out. probably would have done it sooner if they did.

    Nothing really new here. Finally starting to feel better after a week of having a head cold. Going tonight to a kindergarten meeting for Luke...can't believe he will be in kindergarten next school session. Time for lunch so gotta go. hope everyone is doing well.

  19. lucashem

    lucashem New Member

    Re: Sept/Oct 2008 Mommas and Babies Part 3!! are going to laugh at this. I'm not starting potty training, but Alex peed on the potty tonight. When we turn on the water he has a tendency to go so we normally keep his diaper on until we are ready to put him in. I had just changed his dirty diaper and didn't feel like putting another diaper on him so figured I would sit him on the potty to see what he would do. He actually went which shocked me. I don't know if he even realized what he I think I'll keep doing this at bath time.

  20. JoanieD

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    Re: Sept/Oct 2008 Mommas and Babies Part 3!!

    Jacqueline keeps taking her diaper off right after she poops. I think she is getting close to being ready but she still wakes up wet.

    Tonya I can't believe Leo is two months old already. I think you are doing a great job. I know you must be so exhausted. Huggs to you.

    I had some rather sad news this week. My best friend from high school lost her dad rather suddenly on Monday. She was in my wedding and her oldest is only a week younger that Kylie. I wish I could be closer to support her right now. Scary how these things happen.

    Work will get better I just know it. lol


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