Mommas of Toddlers and Preschoolers - Part 3

Discussion in 'Babies & Toddlers' started by gutterflower, May 20, 2011.

  1. KawaiiNot

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    Bron, he has a small cold, so I do think that set it off in the forst place. He was coughing a lot during the night to saturday, and during sunday it developed to more and more heavy breathing with a fever. The cough went away after he got medicine too, so maybe it was linked.
    He was fine all of yesterday and is back in daycare today. His mood has been great through all of this, I was way proud of him.

  2. KawaiiNot

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    Yay on your period, Ali! I hear you on the not wanting to mess up things, I feel the same way. [​IMG]

  3. desertgirl

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    glad H is feeling better!

    Brrr, winter finally came...just for a few days, it's supposed to warm up again tomorrow. We turned our heater on and the smell of burnt hair was delicious. Not. How warm/cold do you all keep your house in the winter? Right now our house is about 64 degrees, and that's too cold for me. No carpet in our house, and even the wood floors in the bedrooms are cold. The tile floor is like ice.

    I'm still so looking forward to 2 nights alone. Friday I'm stocking up on chips, salsa, and booze, and I'm not leaving the house ALL weekend.

    Okay, I lied. I'm getting all my xmas shopping done in one swoop on saturday. Do any of you do santa helper type stuff? I sorta of went crazy and picked, like, 2 kids to buy for and one senior citizen, plus our annual toys for tots present. It should be fun shopping for strangers, plus I get to buy 18-month clothing for a little boy--yay! And stuff for a 10-year old girl.

  4. labby06

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    We have wood floors with area rugs and usually keep our thermostat at 65, but when burning the wood stove it gets up to the 80's, lol! The difference here though is we have a full basement that stays cool in the summer and warm in the winters, so that helps to keep the floors warmer. We haven't even turned our heat on yet. The other night it was too warm for a fire and we went to bed forgetting to turn the heat on and woke up to it being 62 in the house. That was a little chilly. We use an electric heater in Olivia's room though so she stays warmer. I will sometimes open her door when we go to bed to let some of the warm wood stove air into her room, but she's such a light sleeper that lately I've just been leaving it closed and the heater on so I don't wake her up. I'd rather have it cooler in the house and lounge around in sweats.

    I have one more thing to get for my mom from Olivia for Christmas and I'm officially DONE. Now I just have to wrap. My work has a bunch of programs for the less fortunate kids we work with so I usually do some buying for that, but this year I just donated money because I just don't have the time to get out and shop for stuff. That way the case workers can get the kids what they really need, be it clothing or whatever.

    I have to do some massive cleaning this weekend. We are refinancing our house again, and while our broker thought we may be able to waive having another appraisal done since we just had one 3 years ago, we can't. So now they need to come and do another inside appraisal. Last time they took pictures and everything, and we didn't have a child to have toys laying everywhere, lol! I know it shouldn't affect the value of our house, but I'd still like it to look nice, plus we need a good cleaning anyway, lol! I still need to call to schedule it, but I'm going to try to push it off to late next week if I can so I have time to get stuff organized and put away. Anything to rape you of more money, but the refinance will save us about $46,000 over the next 15 years so I guess I can't complain too much.

  5. Bron

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    It is midsummer here now and very hot - I actually want to stay inside as outside is too hot and I only let Laurana swim after 15:00 as she would get too burnt if we swam earlier (my favourite time to swim is about 18:00 though) We have no indoor heating here so when it gets cold we get cold and we wear the same clothes out as in (that is because it almost never snows so we are not in snow suits) My DH guesses it gets to about 52F inside the house - when it is that cold we sleep with an electric blanket on and a down duvet and thick clothing.

    I will probably do all my Christmas shopping next week or even the week after - because it is summer here and everyone goes on holiday after the 16th of the month (the 16th is a public holiday and most people take off work after that) It is therefore easier to shop and there is less traffic after the 16th. Schools have closed already for our summer holidays which last into January - how much time do children get off school over Christmas/New Year where you live?

    I got an email from a practice that asked if I still wanted a job from next year - I have been having odd work now and it has suited me well to have so much time off with the kids and still earn something, but having a permanant part time job would be more stable and let us save for moving overseas. At the same time this job is funny hours (two mornings and three afternoons a week and then one weekend in three) and it will be hard to get babysitting for the afternoons as it is til 18:00. I will just tell them that I am interested and go for an interview and see if they are willing to maybe change the hours. Not really sure what to do but suppose I should go and see the place first and also find out if anyone else is applying.

    Laurana is not used to me leaving her and was crying this morning when I left - Kirima always cries so it was rather difficult for me this morning, but they seem to cope once I am gone. Not sure how a longer job would affect them.

  6. desertgirl

    desertgirl Active Member

    They'd adjust just fine if you got a permanent job, bron. Good luck with the interview!

    Around here, I think kids get anywhere from a week to 2 weeks off for the holidays.

    I'm going to look into refinancing soon. I don't know why I keep putting it off--seems overwhelming at first.

  7. HWG#2

    HWG#2 New Member

    We set the thermostat to 68 here. The evenings have been getting into the high 20s over the last week, so it's nice to have the heater running. I still try to remember to turn it off before bed though. Being pregnant AND co-sleeping it just gets way too hot for fat mama here :).

    So, realllllyyyy struggling with interupting these days. J CANNOT managed to control himself while I am on the phone and (albeit to a lesser extent) while I am talking to someone else in person (even hubby). What is everyone doing to work on this horrible habit? I have tried ignoring, but at some point, I loose my mind from the CONSTANT "mommy, mommy, mommy....". Tonight I finally got in his face and made clear that when mommy is on the phone, he has to be quiet. Is he too young to get this? I hate the idea of ignoring because it is so against the kind of parenting we practice. But, I do a lot of work at home and it has reached the point of impossible to make a work call while he is awake. Need to do something...

  8. desertgirl

    desertgirl Active Member

    I don't think he's too young to understand. He may be too young to have full control, but now that you've set the rules, gentle reminders should help. Following AP (or similar) methods does not mean you have to let your kid have his way and your time/attention EVERY SINGLE INSTANT he wants it.

    Can you redirect and send him to go play with something complicated? Something like that usually works with Piper, but for now, interrupting isn't one of the issues I'm having a problem with. It seems like P and I are butting heads with everything else, though!

  9. HWG#2

    HWG#2 New Member

    Totally agree, DG. Despite practicing AP, you still have to be able to function in daily life and that means conversing with others. I hate ignoring because I think it is special that at this age all they want is your attention and it feels like something I shouldn't deny him. But it is SO rude to those around us when he does it and I need to retain some sanity as well. He seems to understand what I said last night, but of course the first call this morning he was jumping up and down screaming, "I talk phone, I talk phone! Mommy, can't reach!" I know you can't reach...I'm holding the phone up here on purpose you crazy rugrat!! My father in law thought it was priceless.

    Arg...let the repetition begin...

  10. labby06

    labby06 Active Member

    I only wish interrupting was our problem, lol! This morning was BAD. She is sooooooo stubborn lately. Definitely taking after DH's side, lol! Every morning it is a battle with her to get her teeth brushed and dressed. This morning's battle got ugly. I basically have to lay her across my lap with one arm over her chest keeping her arms down while the other attempts to get the toothbrush in her mouth. This morning she got so mad that when I let her up and was rinsing her toothbrush she wrapped her arms around my leg and then bit me! I about lost it. She immediately went to time out, which I didn't even really have to tell her to do since she knew she did something bad. I told her she had to sit there until she was ready to say she is sorry. She would jsut scream at the top of her lungs "NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!" and just screech. Then she would whine that she wants daddy. Unfortunately we had to leave and she wasn't even dressed yet so I had to let her up even though she hadn't said she was sorry. Then when I was explaining what happened to the day care provider she was telling me of the problems she had with her yesterday and how she is getting very bossy and pushy and needed a timeout. She sits in timeout just fine, in fact she won't get up! When something isn't how she wants it though she just screams at the top of her lungs. She assured me that it's just a phase though and all kids go through it. I hope she grows out of it soon though, I'm not sure how much I can take with another one close to being here!

  11. HWG#2

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    Oh labby-I hear you! Teeth brushing is MISERABLE in our house too. I have to straddle him to keep him from kicking me in the tummy and pin his arms down while I brush his teeth as fast as possible. He HATES me while I do it too. I really hate doing it to him, but the alternative (rotten teeth) is way worse!

    J has really started yelling a lot when he doesn't get what he wants. But, I will affirm that it does get better. Since reasoning starts to happen (for us sometime between 2 and 2 1/2), he is understanding better. I finally started yelling back when he yells at me (real loud in his face for just a second). He gets really upset, but then I ask him if he likes it when I yell at him. His answer is always 'no' and then I explain that mommy does not like it either. So let's not yell. It's making a difference! He becomes apologetic and then we sit and talk quietly. I really can't stand such volatile responses ALL THE TIME so we had to do something.

    But, I swear, the last 6 months have been a turning point for us. There is so much maturing that happens during that time. Hang in there!

  12. Confused-Hasya

    Confused-Hasya Active Member

    Commiserating with the mamas of stubborn kids. On the lighter side, thanks for telling me that it only gets worse when the conversing begins :). Our conversations involve lots of "no"s these days. From both sides.

  13. HWG#2

    HWG#2 New Member

    AHHH...the dredded 'no'. J's no's come in sets of three now. Nothing is ever just 'no'; it's all "no, no, no". Arg. I told him he should try 'yes' sometimes! He even catches himself saying no to things he wants!! Drives me crazy!

  14. desertgirl

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    I totally knew this was going to happen. Piper has been puking all night. My free weekend? Not anymore. Crap. I was totally expecting something something like this to happen, and I'm still so disappointed. Oh, and to top it off, I bet my husband's going to get it too, and be a huge baby, as usual, about being sick.

  15. Alluring-Ash

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    That sucks, DG.

    Hope everyone is doing good and has a great Christmas and New Year.

    Seems too hard to keep up in here anymore, I always wondered why people left once kids hit a certain age and now I kind of understand. Ahhh the demands of parenting! [​IMG] Fun stuff!

    Noah is loving school these days ( whatever it is called ) It's a parents day out program for about $130 a month 2x per week from 9-2 at a church. They make the CUTEST little projects! He is all over the palce, talks so great these days, helps out a lot and LOVES his sister about 90% of the time! Makes it easier when they are good to each other. 2 is out limit for sure, I don't know how people do it with more kids than parents! ( lol, TDG- KUDOS TO YOU! ) It's hard work with 2, No thanks on 3+

  16. *mel*

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    DG that really does suck, but of course you know that [​IMG]

    Ash I know what you mean, I struggle to keep up in here with just the one! lol! I normally manage to keep up with reading more or less every day but finding time to post is difficult!

  17. Bron

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    That sounds like a nice programme you have Noah in Ash. Does he leave you quite happily - last week I left the kids with a sitter while I went to work and by the end of the week Laurana was also crying when I left which made me feel bad - Kirima HATES being left with anyone but her mother.

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    Started a new Part4


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