Mommas of Toddlers and Preschoolers - Part 3

Discussion in 'Babies & Toddlers' started by gutterflower, May 20, 2011.

  1. labby06

    labby06 Active Member

    Wow, 5cm with no labor pains? I hope I can be so lucky, lol! Congrats to your friend and I hope you get to see the little babe soon!

  2. Bron

    Bron New Member

    Wow that was a nice fast labour - labby hope yours is as good and DG hope you get to see them soon.

  3. Confused-Hasya

    Confused-Hasya Active Member

    Nice labor! Sigh (remembering my crappy one; note to self: be happy for others). :).

    My SIL had a 3 hour labor - first baby, waters broke 10 days early, got to hospital, labor started on its own, baby was out in 3 pushes, no drugs. Could it BEEEE any better??? I am so jealous and hate her just a tiny bit ;-). Plus, she lost all the baby weight and then some by the time baby was 3 months old without trying at all. She didn't even exercise that much during pregnancy. She was at her mother's place for the entire last trimester. So obviously, didn't even do any household chores.

    I was scrubbing floors and such well into the 7th month, sweeping floors with a traditional Indian broom (you have to bend for this) until due date, and look what I got! (for those of you who didn't know me then, I ended up with an emergency C-section due to fetal distress after 24 hours back labor, 12 hours induced, at a measly 4 cm at the time of the decision to C, 11 days past due). Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

    Sorry, rant over. I promise not to rave and rant about this again on here.

  4. desertgirl

    desertgirl Active Member

    aw, confused, if you can't complain here about your labor, where can you?

    My cold is still yucky, so I think it won't be for another few days before I will visit my friend.

    Whew, it's been a rough round of parenting lately. P was on steroids last week for the croup swelling, and she was a terror. But perhaps it wasn't the steroid, since she was a terror last night and this morning too. It's like a switch, one second she's so sweet, and the next, WHAM, she's screaming on the ground kicking her feet. Usually it's over just as quick as it started, but it's frustrating. There is a reason it's called terrible twos.

    On the plus side, she's doing absolutely awesome, she amazes me everyday with one thing or another. She makes up crazy stories, reads to me or her dolls (she has quite a few books memorized, so she does pretty well "reading," lol). She's a neat kid.

  5. AliBaby

    AliBaby New Member

    Yeah, I'm jealous too. BUT it's done and over with, and was VERY much worth it! Just keep that in mind! [​IMG] I often find myself quoting the book "The Kite Runner" (one of my favorites of all time) and I tell Ty "For you, a thousand times." I love that line and it brought tears to my eyes when I read it, so it has special meaning when I tell Ty and I really mean it from the bottom of my heart. I don't know how you can love someone so much! Not to say I don't love my DH that much, but it's a different kind of love. It breaks my heart to think of anything happening to him, big or small. I wish I could just hold him forever and not let anything bad happen to him, but then if I did that, nothing good would happen either. Oh, the joy of Motherhood. [​IMG]

  6. Confused-Hasya

    Confused-Hasya Active Member

    Thanks, DG and Ali!

    I read Kite Runner but wouldn't touch it again. Too disturbing. But the line is nice, even though the protagonist didn't deserve it in the book.

  7. AliBaby

    AliBaby New Member

    I knew saying it was my favorite book was going out on a limb and putting myself out there. I think people either love it or hate it. I felt like he did deserve the line, since he had in a small way redeemed himself, and what had happened was when he was only a child. But, I respect that everyone has a right to their opinions. One of the reasons it is on my favorites list is that I've never read anything like it before, and it really made me think about the world differently (even though it is a fictional story, I'm sure there is some truth in it). I really like books that make me think about things, but then sometimes I like books that are easy reads with a basic boy meets girl..fall in love...happily ever after kind of story.

    Edit: Have you also read "A Thousand Splendid Suns" by the same author? If so what did you think of that one?

  8. desertgirl

    desertgirl Active Member

    I read both books and loved them. But they were emotionally hard to read. A Thousand Splendid Suns was even more tough. I had to stop reading a couple of times.

  9. Confused-Hasya

    Confused-Hasya Active Member

    I didn't want to read anymore of his books. Never had such a strong opinion about an author's work.

    The part I hated most about the book was that Hassan's son ends up having to remain in Afghanistan with his tormentors. I didn't hate the book per se. Very touching, very artistic. But very traumatizing. Nothing compared to what the children in war-ravaged areas go through I am sure, but if I cannot have a bit of denial, I will spend all days depressed.

  10. KawaiiNot

    KawaiiNot Active Member

    Dude, spoiler alert ^^ Lol!

    Haven't read the books. I'm reading Wheel of Time at the moment and really liking it. With fourteen books in the series and I'm on the fourth book, I'm set for a while.
    But, you'd have to like fantasy. The good stuff, not quasi-fantasy. I'm such a snob.

    Jumping to the last page. Just came home from the emergency room and I am exhausted! H started having trouble breathing and it was getting scary. He is fine now, after some asthma medicine, and finally in bed 2.5 hours after bed time. I'm so strict about his bedtime I think that shakes me up more than H though. We'll see tomorrow. Thankfully his mood was extraordinarily good the whole time, and he charmed everyone there including putting on quite the show for the whole waiting room. I love that kid. I'm not eager to repeat the experience though, so hopefully his breathing will stay all better.

    Congrats on your friend's baby boy, DG! Such a luxury to get to do all the fun stuff with a baby and leave the ickies to the mom. Spoil that kid rotten!

    Ali, I go through those in love periods too, but I must admit that those feelings got lost in a dusty corner of my brain last week then H was totally peeing with his butt. 12 poopy diapers a day was definitely a cold shower for the lovey doveys. Lol! But, it's like labor, all the really bad stuff gets foggy in no time. Weird. But good!

    labby, holy crap you're really getting pregnant!

    Hasya, I hope you get the birth experience you want next time around. It's a big deal for many women, and seems a kind of sorrow to get robbed of it, I have no problem accepting and respecting that.

    Bron, how are your moving out of the country plans going? Are you any closer to getting visas and/or jobs?

  11. desertgirl

    desertgirl Active Member

    omg, kawaii, I've never heard of Wheel of Time but it sounds like I'd love it. I do like fantasy, and I absolutely love series. 14--sounds like I'd be in heaven.

    Confused--for shizzle, do NOT read the other book.

    Kawaii, yikes about H. Was it croup like, or does he have asthma? I hope he's feeling better.

    I finally visited friend's newbie. So tiny (not really, 8lbs, 8oz at birth), but man, he felt so small. He slept the whole time I was over. He did wake up and start crying, but I shifted him and he burped and farted/pooped and instantly fell back asleep! Newborns are so easy!!!!

    Piper, on the other hand...wth happened to her? She's out of control. I don't know what is going on with her, but seriously--Piper=devil child. Next weekend, my husband is taking her to visit some friends out of town. It will be the second time ever she's spent the night away from me--first time was in March for one night during our anniversary. At this point, I'm so looking forward to not have P or husband around for a weekend. it's going to be awesome. And it's going to be TWO nights. TWO FREAKING NIGHTS!!!!! YES!!!!!!

  12. AliBaby

    AliBaby New Member

    Kawaii, that's so scary about H. Glad he's okay and hope it doesn't happen again!

    Yay DG! Have a fun weekend. I've yet to be away from Ty for the night. It makes me nervous.

    I guess I'm weird. The books were disturbing but I couldn't put them down for a second! I just read The Help. Loved that one! Not disturbing but it was sad.

    Ok. So I'm 1 week late on my period. Took 3 tests and granted they expired Sep 2011, 2 were Neg and 1 didn't come out. We are VERY careful and use condoms. What else could it be?

  13. desertgirl

    desertgirl Active Member

    Ali, stress?

  14. KawaiiNot

    KawaiiNot Active Member

    Oh, DG, check it out! It's a british author so that's why you might not have heard of it? It builds suspence so well I've actually gasped while reading. [​IMG]
    I'm so jealous of your nights off. I've yet to have one. I hope you have a great break!
    Sounds like she is hitting the terrible twos, huh? Already getting the temper tantrums, I can't say I'm looking forward to them...

    They woulnd't say the asthma word yet, only to get it properly checked out if it comes back. It wasn't like croup, it was hard, shallow breathing, wheezing and difficulty exhaling. We're taking the day off together today, have made a mess of the kithen making smoothies that he didn't want, and we'll just play on the floor all day I think. Not fun to get so worried!

    On another note. We've had the warmest winter ever, but it just started snowing. It's like it's making up for lost time. I took a video of H seeing snow for the first time. So cute, running around in circles saying "ooooh! ooooh!".

    Ali, late ovulation? Do you know when you ovulated?

  15. labby06

    labby06 Active Member

    I'm not much of a reader, so I can't really contribute to the book conversation, lol! I've always found reading to put me to sleep and I would much rather do something active or with my hands than sit and read a book. Plus there is the whole time factor, lol!

    Ali - I was a week late when I found out I was pregnant with this one. I took a test that was expired by over a year and it still came out positive. That's what got me freaking and had me call DH to stop and get another one on the way home, which also ended up being positive.

  16. Bron

    Bron New Member

    Ali maybe your cycle is just out a bit this month - or maybe you should get some tests that are not expired.

    I can't remember when I read the Kite Runner but haven't read any other books by the same author - I also like books that are different. At the moment I am reading Little Face - its a thriller though and perhaps not the best thing for a new mother as its about a baby that is supposedly abducted. Books don't scare me as much as real life around here so I'll read pretty much anything.

    Dg they do call it the terrible twos - not sure what the threes are but I looked up about my terrible four year old the other day and they called it the "*ucking* fours" so I guess that explains it and then I went on to look up about five year olds and all it said was: they are prone to throw temper tantrums when they do not get their own way - does it ever end!

    As for getting out this country we are still not really getting anywhere - it seems we need to get out to get a job and then be prepared to move almost immediately which we cannot quite do now (I mean the getting there to get a job part) DH has started considering Australia now which I never thought he'd do and I have thought of getting into the UK which I am also not keen on but which may be slightly easier to do. We are STILL waiting on Kirima's birth certificate from Home Affairs - its has been 6 months now - they are terrible there. If we had that we could just leave if we wanted to and get a different sort of visa.

    Kawaii - it does sound like some form of asthma - Laurana has started getting asthma now but not when she was as little as H. Since I am asthmatic too I just give her one of my own pumps when she needs it, but it can be pretty scary. Hope he doesn't get it again or if he does that they will be able to give him something that will help longer term.

  17. desertgirl

    desertgirl Active Member

  18. KawaiiNot

    KawaiiNot Active Member

    What, Piper doesn't like her feet? lol
    Interesting article. I've always wondered how to best handle the tantrums, ignoring them felt almost mean, but I have found it does take the edge off quicker. it's nice to get that confirmation.

    Bron, I so hope it's not asthma. He is so young. He got medicine through a mask, the doctor said he is too young to be given it any other way. So if it does happen again, back to the hospital we go. [​IMG]

  19. Bron

    Bron New Member

    That was an interesting article - will keep it in mind when Kirima reaches tantrum stage - every time Laurana is having a difficult moment I think: "Oh no, must I go through this all again when Kirima gets there!" Hang in there DG - it does improve or at least it changes... and they say change is as good as a holiday.

    Kawaii do you know what set it off or did he have a cold first cause even asthma can be aggravated by colds/bronchitis? There was a child in Laurana's creche class who was a young two year old and taking asthma medication through a special tube that they puffed the stuff into - hopefully H won't need it again though. Laurana does get asthma but very seldom - sometimes after she swims but then I just get her to rest until she is better and a few other times she has. If it gets worse at any stage I'll have to get it checked but for now its not too bad. Hopefully H's is a once off.

  20. AliBaby

    AliBaby New Member

    Well, I don't have a lot of time, but thought I'd pop in to say I started my period this morning. I'm not stressed. Busy with the holidays, but it's not stressing me out. DH thinks it's the high mileage I've gotten up to with the half marathon training. I'm just relieved to have gotten my period and know I'm not pregnant. It's not in our plans, and I'm quite happy with life right now. I don't want to do anything that might change that or mess up the good thing we have going! Well, I better go. I've not made any progress on Ty's table and there's a LOT to do!!!!

    Good luck to all with the tantrums! I've gotten pretty good at keeping my cool in front of Ty, but deep down they frazzle every nerve in my body! I usually "kill it with kindness" and when he gets mad at something I bend down and give him a hug and tell him I'm sorry, but (reason he can't have or do something) and then I walk away. Usually it ends quickly, but sometimes it doesn't. If necessary I try to surprise him with doing something funny or crazy and sometimes that will catch him off guard enough to change his mood. My last resort is, "Hey, do you want to play outside?" Then he perks right up! I'm probably just lucky that I can still use distraction tactics, but I'll take what I can get.


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