Mommas of Toddlers and Preschoolers - Part 3

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  1. AliBaby

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    Thanks Bron! Oh, I bet you are very tired! When we have late nights, I put Ty down for his naps just a littler earlier than normal (maybe half an hour early) and then put him to bed early for the night (about an hour early...sometimes more) so he can catch up on lost sleep.

    We also had an unusual (but good) night, and Ty slept until 7am!!!! I'm thrilled!!!! We got to sleep until what felt like very late and it was SOOO good! We normally are up between 5:30-6 am, so it was a nice change. I don't expect it to last, so I'll enjoy it while I can. [​IMG]

  2. desertgirl

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    I would have flipped out if my husband had said something as stupid as 'enjoy your "me" time' for grocery shopping. I swear, sometimes men just don't get it. "It" being anything and everything, really.

    My husband is mostly awesome, but we definitely have some issues which I can explain up, down, and sideways, and he just does not or refuses to understand. His go to response is to apologize, and he doesn't even know what he's apologizing for...gets me so mad. Maybe if I could explain diagonally, he'd get it.

    Anyway, not to digress into a husband bashing post. I'm feeling much better about the big V. Spending time with my best friend is always a 2nd child deterrent. We spend most of the time either saying, "Awww, look at how cute they're being," followed immediately with something like, "Oh my gawd, stop trying to kill each other!!" I'm just not cut out to be constantly refereeing (dude, Firefox swears that's a word) and dividing my attention between kids. BTW, best friend still hasn't had her baby yet...any minute.

    Ali, good job on the 1/2 marathon. Brrrrrr!!!!!

  3. desertgirl

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    Piper has croup again. This is her 2nd time, 1st was around the time she was turning 2. How many times can a kid get croup?

    My husband called to tell me what the doctor said, and then complained that P's diaper leaked. I ask why she has a diaper on. He says he doesn't want to mess with taking her to the bathroom. All I hear--he's too lazy to bother. Well, guy, I guess changing clothes and carrying around a diaper bag is easier than visiting the bathroom, right?

    Okay, I don't know why my husband and that exchange annoyed me so much...I guess I'm just more tired than normal due to dealing with a croupy, struggling to breathe kid last night.

    What really sucks--if my friend does have her baby, like, soon, I won't be able to visit for a few days. Suckage!

  4. TDG

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    desert--aww poor P. I dont think its like chickenpox where it typically only happens once. I think you can get croup any time. I have no clue about how long its contagious though. OMG. Husbands. Too lazy to take her potty! LMAO at explaining diagnolly! My df is really a pretty good egg..hes just so dumb sometimes. Id like to believe Im going to raise my boys to not be sooo...manly(aka DUMB) but Im not sure thats possible. lol. Thats good you are feeling better about the V. Referring is pretty much 95% of my life. lol.

    bron--I hope you got caught up on sleep!

    ali--thats crazy cold for a run! Im too much of a baby for that. lol.

    Nothing new here. We are moving this weekend(so after sat I may not be back for awhile.) DF was supposed to call to have our stupid hughesnet dish moved but hasnt yet so IDK when theyll get to it. Im POd we cant get dsl at the new place. Sucks living so far in the boonies. Moving with 3 lil monsters sucks too. lol. B and E are all concerned about what Im doing with their I might lose them between here and the new place. haha.

  5. labby06

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    Ugh, that sucks about P. Hope she feels better soon.

    And yeah, I double the "OMG husbands" sentiment. My DH is a good egg too and I hate complaining about him, but lately he just drives me nuts. And his parents even more. I just don't get them at all, and it always ends up in arguments between us.

    For those that are new or don't remember, they moved across the country earlier in the year, from the hills of PA to the desert of AZ. Well now his dad is hellbent on getting a place out here to come visit. I get the sense he really doesn't like it out there. They were the whole reason we bought a new camper, so they would have a place to stay when the come to visit that isn't in our house. Well it has gone from that, to they want to get a "camp" type place 1-2 hours away, to the latest of they want us to sell our house and buy a bigger house with "in-law" quarters! It has gone from them being here 3-4 weeks a year, to spending the summers here, to now spending from fishing season (April) to the end of deer hunting season (December)!

    Then, to top it all off, I get this strange thing in the mail today. It was a $100 gift card from our wedding photographer with a note thanking me for the referral from his mom. I was like um, what the heck is this all about? Then he proceeds to explain....

    His parents offered to buy the furniture for the new baby's room. I said no. All they could do for Olivia was get us the $60 Baby Bjorn carrier, and now they want to buy furniture for the new baby? DH told them we already bought it, so that ended that. Well now they decided to buy a package with our wedding photographer to have pictures done for the new baby. I really wanted to do them with Olivia but couldn't justify the cost so ended up going to Sears instead. So he tells me this and again I'm like "but what about Olivia? What have they done for her?" Hell, all they could get her for Christmas last year was The Very Hungry Caterpillar book (which she already had) and a stuff caterpillar) - $10 at Kohl's. He flipped out at me, saying that things aren't always equal. I fought back that I will try my hardest to keep our kids equal and treat them equally, and this is not the way to go about it. So then it ended up in another fight with him threatening to send it back. If anything, I will use it not for baby pictures, but for pictures of the both of them.


  6. desertgirl

    desertgirl Active Member

    TDG, good luck on the move! I love moving to new places. Well, not the actual moving boxes and furniture part, but the packing and unpacking--love it! Don't think it would be fun with kids though--not even sure how you'd get anything done!

    omg, labby, hell no to all of that! Okay, so the ILs were probably shocked at how much the weather sucks here in the summer, but good god, to make your life miserable by staying with y'all for more than 1/2 the year? Misery, pure misery....I could not even imagine the state I would be in if my ILs suggested such a thing. BTW, there's actually a ton of hunting and fishing around these parts so if you think FIL would be interested in information, I can send you some Forest Service and AZ Game and Fish links. I can't even comment on the rest of your post since all I can think about is how I'd be in a corner shaking and crying if my ILs ever suggested living with us for any amount of time.

  7. TDG

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    LMAO desert. DITTO. Inlaws quarters. OMFG NOOOO. lol. Having my mom live with us for a while was hell...dfs parents. NOOOOO. They drive me insane being a 1/2 hr away(an hour from the new house lol). Good thing they wont even spend the night at our house because we are sinners.(not legally married) lol [​IMG] Yeah Im moving this weekend and Ive packed about 5 boxs. Not gettin much done.

    labby--maybe they realized they were unfair to O and are trying to make it up to you by giving more to the new baby? (altho they arent making it up to O really). Or maybe they are sick of the SIL and are trying to butter you up for those extended visits they hope for? lol. I wish my inlaws would move to AZ....

  8. labby06

    labby06 Active Member

    Oh you better believe me we will NOT be buying a bigger house with "in-law" quarters. That was the whole point of getting a new and bigger camper. We even invested in running electric, water, cable AND internet to it, so they basically have a full hookup. But I guess since they are now planning to live out here through the summer that won't really work since we won't be able to use it to actually go camping if they are living in it. I don't think they know what they want. I get the impression it was his mom that pushed to move out there to be with his sister. I don't think it's so much that his dad doesn't know where to go to hunt or fish, but the fact that he has no one to do it with (namely DH). His dad has also been continuously sick since he moved out there in June with headcolds and stuff. He had a bunch of tests done, but I think they are leaning towards allergies from all the dust. He always used to say he never had allergy problems until they spent a few days at our house for our wedding and then he started getting terrible allergies. Yeah, blame us. Funny how before they moved out there all we heard about was how much better he felt out there. The tune has changed now that he's been out there during the summer months.

    I don't know what the deal is with the whole picture thing or what the motivation is behind it. DH also mentioned that maybe they feel bad for not doing more for Olivia and are trying to make up for it. Well then why not do more for her instead of basically totally forgetting about her and now catering to the new baby? How will I explain to her in a few years that she wasn't "worth" having fancy pictures done? Where were these offerings back when we were having our first child and had NO baby stuff and had to spend a ton of money preparing? Now they want to spend all of this money when we don't need anything? How does that make sense? Honestly, I think they maybe feel guilty because I'm sure they have spent a ton on his sister's kid and maybe they realize that they've done jack for us. But catering to one child over the other isn't the way to make up for it, but it's obviously all they know since they've always catered more to his sister than him.

    I want to talk to him about it more tonight and hopefully not have it turn into an argument. We basically went to bed without talking last night which I absolutely hate. I want to find out what the details are and if we HAVE to use it on the baby's first year package. If not, then I want to save it and next fall do some really nice family pictures with the leaves falling.

  9. desertgirl

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    Yeah, your FIL's allergies won't get better out here if they were bad this summer, considering everything is DEAD from June till August. Sounds like they are pretty much thoughtless people in general, so who knows what their motivation is?

    As far as my ILs go, I'm glad that my husband is the ignored and forgotten middle child because it makes my life so much easier. Oh, and my husband's birthday is right after xmas, so the poor guy just can't get a break. I always write huge vents and then delete about the situation with my inlaws, but everytime someone here has an IL vent, I can pretty much say "yeah that" to their post. Hey, we don't have a "yeah that" smilie here??

    P's croup is much better. Scary wheezing is gone unless she gets excited, and now she just has a nasty cough, which I can deal with better. I googled croup and found out a bunch of viruses cause croup, so kids can get it over and over again. She's taking a dissolvable steroid to reduce inflammation, and that is going over much better than the last round of steroids she had to take.

    I do no cooking for Thanksgiving, so I'm looking forward to good food, family, and no work tomorrow! Supposed to be raining, which I can't even remember when that's happened on t-day. May put a cramp in our annual pre-feast hill walk.

    Hope everyone has a good thanksgiving!

  10. labby06

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    Hope everyone (in the US anyway) had a good turkey day!

    In-laws just baffle me in general. I really need to just give up trying to figure mine out. At least DH fits into my family pretty well. He's even made comments already that he feels more "at home" and more like a part of my family than he does his own, which was kind of sad to hear, but I'm glad that he can feel that way with my family. My family has always been really close and gets together on all major holidays as well as a yearly picnic. His family doesn't really do much of anything together as a "family" which is really strange to me.

    We were at my uncle's today for turkey day. I am very proud to announce that Olivia went diaper-free ALL DAY except for her nap and the car ride to and from his house. I took her potty along and when we got there her diaper came off and undies went on. She went FOREVER without going. I was constantly asking her if she needed to pee and looking for her pants to be wet. She finally came running to me holding her crotch yelling "PEE!" so we quick went to the potty. Her underwear were slightly wet, so I think she started dribbling a little before catching herself, but the majority of it made it in to the potty. I was soooo happy! I took like 4 pairs of undies and pants along figuring she'd wet them, but only had to change her undies once and it didn't make it through to her pants! Yay!

  11. Bron

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    Labby - that is great that Olivia is doing so well with the potty training - well done!

    Inlaws - I would NEVER want mine living with me for so long. They live an hour away so they never sleep here unless my MIL is babysitting and I prefer it that way. We visit them a fair amount and I wish I could see my parents a bit more rather. But I would let neither set remain here for that long - they would drive us both mad! DH has had to put up with my mother being here a couple of months at a time when the babies were born and I think he is not too keen on that either.

    DG glad the croup is better. My youngest brother used to get it when he was quite old (still young, but much older than they normally see it at) and it is not pleasant. Hope she doesn't get it again.

    I feel right now that I have a preschooler and a toddler. Kirima is only 9 months old but into everything - we finally have the stair gate up after she climbed the stairs a few times (luckily not too high) We were in a different house when Laurana was this age so I am having to figure out what is dangerous here and will need to repack things sometiome or else teach Kirima what NO! means (she should be learning already) Teaching Laurana to leave Kirima alone though is an ongoing battle - I feel like I am yelling at her 24/7.

    With no thanksgiving here we are all gearing up for Christmas - the schools shut this week for the summer holidays and people should start going on holiday soon - usually after 16 December it gets quieter around here as everyone heads to the coast. We are having a big family party for Christmas but Laurana, Kirima and their cousin will be the only children there so will probably be very spoilt.

  12. TDG

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    Way to go Olivia in the big girl undies!!

    We had a lovely thanksgving at dfs grandmas. I didnt have to bring anythng and brought leftovers home. Awesome. :p haha. Well we are moving tomorrow so Ill be gone until hughesnet installs a new dish at the new house. Altho I might come back to this house monday to do some cyber monday shopping. We went to walmart around 10pm last night--at the start of their sales. O M G Ive never seen it so bad. I only needed a couple of things thank goodness because it was pure insanity. You couldnt even walk down the isles and thier were 'gaurds' everywhere protecting things that didnt go on sale til midnight.

    Quick inlaw rant---my mil...ugh. So my in laws have tons of money. We do not. We do pretty good but are only 23 n have 3 kids(which you all know isnt cheap) and weve had some major finacial setbacks (dfs accidents that cost us a LOT in med bills) and only one income. His parents are well aware of these things and yet his mother always TELLS us what we HAVE to buy them for xmas and its generally pretty expensive. It drives me NUTS. I just can not even fathom telling my kids they have to buy me anything for xmas, bday, ect yet alone telling them what to buy. All Id ever want from my kids is a phone call or visit...especially when they are just starting out in life With a family! It just blows my mind n makes me want to beat her over the head.

    Anyways---maybe be back monday...maybe not.

  13. *mel*

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    So I guess I beling here now huh? Well a short post for my first time in the thread!

    It was Lukes birthday on Thursday, he wasn't too well but I couldn't put my finger on what was wrong, you know when you can just tell that something isn't quite right. Well he woke yesturday and I noticed 4 spots in his chest, when I looked closer I saw they were actually little blisters so I figured it could be chicken pox. Fast forward to this morning and the poor little guy is covered in them [​IMG] Definately chicken pox, they look so sore *sigh* We got some antihistimines (sp?) from the chemist so I am hoping they work tonight and give him (and us) a better nights sleep!!!

  14. Bron

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    Happy Birthday Luke! Sorry to hear he is sick - chicken pox is awful and I am hoping to avoid it with Kirima til she has had her vaccine for it as we had such a rough time when Laurana got it. Apparently though the younger they get it the better.

  15. *mel*

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    He is misreable [​IMG] I don't remember chicken pox being this bad but he really is suffering! I hope he is over the worst of it now...

  16. AliBaby

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    Welcome Mel! Happy bday Luke! That sucks about the chicken pox! He was so close to being old enough for the vaccine. Oh, well, I hear immunity is best when you actually get the virus, and the vax won't completely protect you from getting it. That's the only silver lining to the whole situation.

    I don't have time to get caught up...Christmas projects are commencing along with shopping and decorating and baking, etc! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday! Our vacation was great! Ty suddenly decided while we were gone that he was going to sleep 13 hrs at night and 2-3 hours during the day. He is also no longer an early riser...he sleeps until 8am!!! He's continued since we got back a couple weeks ago. I'm not complaining! A few things that happened while we were gone: I put a blanket under his crib sheet for fluffiness, about 10 stuffed animals in the crib, and I told him "it's okay to sleep for a long time. Ty needs LOTS of sleep to get really BIG." I don't know if he understood our talk, but something worked! He was sick this last weekend with a fever so high he was getting chills. It scared me since I've never seen him shiver like that. It lasted 48 hrs and now he's back to his wonderful self! Well, back to my crafting. I've got to finish Ty's table. I'll post before and after pics when I'm done. Ciao!

  17. AliBaby

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  18. desertgirl

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    aw, mel, sorry to hear luke has the chicken pox. Poor kid! friend is in labor! Finally, 6 days past her due date. I was afraid I couldn't visit her because P had croup last week. Well, that's not an issue anymore, but DAMMIT, I woke up with a cold!!!! Ug.

  19. desertgirl

    desertgirl Active Member

    She had another boy! Yay! She was 4 cm dilated last week, and then 5cm when they checked her yesterday. 1/2 way dilated with no labor pains. When she did start labor, it was only 2.5 hours! I only talked to her for a few seconds, but everything sounded good with her and new baby.

  20. AliBaby

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    That's great your friend only had 2.5 hrs labor and a healthy baby DG! Hopefully you get over your cold quickly and can get to visit soon!


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