Mommas of Toddlers and Preschoolers - Part 2

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  1. gutterflower

    gutterflower Active Member

    Hi ladies,

    Audrey has a stuffed animal we name Binou as in Toopy and Binou (who looks just like Binou but isn't Binou). She's not that obsessed with it though. Jasper's was Buzz Lightyear, I wanted to get him the stuffed toy, but can't find it anywhere except online which I don't do...

    Julie is bigger than Jasper, he only weighed 25 lbs 8 oz at 19 months.

    Hi to everyone else [​IMG]

    Rio was a cute movie, Audrey was tired towards the middle, early morning late night, haha, so we took a potty break and went back. She cuddled in my arms but was really figetty. The 3D was great, but I accidnetly grabbed the kids glasses which I didnt' know there was a difference until I showed my roomate this morning, lol!!! Was lucky it was cheapy Tuesday otherwise I'd be paying $10.50 for audrey alone!!!

  2. labby06

    labby06 Active Member

    I've still never been to a 3D movie, lol. We don't do movies much and tend to just wait until they come out on DVD and then get them through Netflix. I remember going to the movies all the time back in high school and it was only like 3 bucks. Now you can't afford to take your family to the movies! A friend was telling me of a theater around here that has morning showings on like Tuesdays or something for 1.50 or something like that. Another thing that doesn't apply to working moms, ugh.

    I'm really annoyed right now about the whole working mom thing. I want to get Olivia in something like swimming again or gymnastics or even a music class. Just something. All of the mommy & me classes around here are during the day on weekdays. They usually only offer 1 Saturday or evening class (at 5pm which won't work anyway when my stupid hours change) and they are forever full and can't get in to. Current students are the ones that get first dibs on registration, so ever getting in to one of those sessions seems like a lost cause. Ugh. I guess it's just more ammo I can use in my stay at home battle with DH.

  3. desertgirl

    desertgirl Active Member

    Yep, the schedule sucks. I've wanted to take P to a million things, and they're all scheduled during the week. Even library reading times, which kinda pisses me off. I don't want to be a sahm, hahahaha, if I were I couldn't afford mommy and me classes...but it is frustrating! Actually, since I live in a big city, there are a lot of options, but if it's not within a 30 minute drive, then I don't really consider it viable. Except for library reading times...of all the libraries in the city, there are no reading times I can make!

    It is great for sahms to have classes they can attend. I'd go nuts house-bound (although, like I said, I couldn't afford anything if I sahm'd anyway). I'm staying home all next week due to a failed vacation plan, lol, and I've already got a schedule of places to go that I don't usually visit, as well as the old standbys, like zoo and pool.

  4. Penguin-Goon

    Penguin-Goon New Member

    yeah im in the side where im a SAHM and cant afford the classes... lol. were stretching the budget big time to get kaydee into preschool this fall, but i really think she needs it. she wants to do gymnastics and i would LOVE for her to do that but its either that or preschool, and i think preschool is more important right now, and gymnastics will have to wait a while longer. hopefully charles is getting another raise soon! we will see.

  5. desertgirl

    desertgirl Active Member

    Goon, you might find that the preschool offers gymnastics classes too, for free or very inexpensive. I know that P's does....

  6. Penguin-Goon

    Penguin-Goon New Member

    its through our church, so they dont. but im going to look into it too and see what it costs, i havent ever actually done that because we really dont have any extra money at the moment at all, but at least that way ill see what itll take to get her into it lol. shes been asking to do it actually and is amazingly strong and flexible so well see!

  7. labby06

    labby06 Active Member

    I know swimming at the place I've taken Olivia before is $76 for a 7 week session. I bought one of those "Kid's Stuff" books (like an entertainment book but for kids that some of the schools around here sell) and there were 2 $10 off coupons in it for the place so it cost me $66 the last two times I've taken her. She's now moved up to another class though since she reached 18 months and the schedule for that class sucks so I couldn't get her in this time [​IMG].

    Gymnastics is more expensive. The place here is $140 for a 9 week session of 45 minute classes. I did acrobatics (basically the floor exercise of gymnastics) for 10 years growing up. I always wanted to do gymnastics soooo bad, but there was no place locally to go and my parents weren't going to drive me an hour to Philly to do it. I've been teaching Olivia to do somersaults and flip her around a lot and she loves it, so I think she would really enjoy gymnastics. I just wish the timing of the classes was better!

    If I were to stay home it would be a little harder to afford this type or thing, but I would try to make cuts elsewhere to be able to do it. I did a budget a few times and it ends up being very close to breaking even. Now that was with no changes to the payments we are making now, which includes 250 a month extra on our mortgage and still putting away about 300 a month to cover our property taxes (we don't escrow), homeowners, etc. I also realized that I forgot to add in the money that is taken out of DH's pay for the FSA to cover day care costs which we would no longer need, so that would give us about 300 a month extra, so I don't think it would be as bad as DH thinks it might be. I was also factoring in our car payment of 355 but if I were to stay home I think we would pull from our savings to just pay that off and then that's even more money per month we would have in the bank. Hmm, I think I need to go run these numbers again. We might end up being better off than I think which gives me more of a case to plead!

  8. TDG

    TDG New Member

    labby--dont forget the cost of daycare is going to double! [​IMG]

    No classes for this sahm. Money isnt so much the issue as time/distance. Id have to drive 45 mins at least one way..then sit around keeping the other 1-2 kids entertained while the class/activity is going on. We are putting B in preschool next year, and Im thinkin well look into baseball or soccer maybe when hes 5-6. Those are usually evenings/weekends so df could help. We planned on getting B into swim lessons this summer but now Idk. With the possibility of moving idk where to sign him up!

  9. MyrtleWarbler

    MyrtleWarbler Super Moderator Staff Member

    Labby, that sucks about the gymnastics and other stuff! Cool that you did acrobatics! The stunting stuff, too, or mostly just tumbling? As someone who works at a gym and helps with scheduling, etc, I can say that if they have very many people turned away for a Saturday class, they should open another one. Just smart business! You should flat out ask "If there is enough interest for a class that is full, do you form a new one?" I know they can only do so many classes in a day, and Saturday is popular. But we find the mom and tot is second only to the preschool class, so we have 3 mommy and me classes on Saturday, and 1 or 2 during the week. Allie only had two classes so far, and both times I was the teacher, LOL! Last week DH went too, which was fun for him and made it easier for me, but this weekend I have to sub one last time, so I have to pull double duty again. I never wanted to teach it, and sure enough I got roped in b/c they were between coaches (but, bonus is that it's free for Allie as a result). I'm looking forward to handing over the reins and just being the parent! There are two moms in the class I'd like to get to know better, with daughters about Allie's age. I'm guessing there is no YMCA nearby? Or a parks and rec program that offers similar classes? I really want to do swimming, but around here the only classes start at age 2. [​IMG]

    BED. Geesh. Why do I do this to myself?!...

  10. Bron

    Bron New Member

    I wanted Laurana to do gymnastics, but the schools around here either closed recently or don't takes children til age 6 which is very frustrating. I am looking at putting her in dance lessons instead as there are a few places she can do it at which are close by. I also don't want a lot of travelling.

    I did a couple of things with Laurana when she was a toddler but not sure I'd manage with Kirima since what do you do with the older child then? So for now they both just go to a Moms and tots group on Fridays and I am planning on getting Laurana to storytime at the library this afternoon - the library is so pathetic I am wondering whether it will take place though.

    Laurana has a special blanket (actually two) that she always asks for at night - she used to take them to school too, but is not so reliant on them recently.

  11. labby06

    labby06 Active Member

    TDG - I have the same problem with distance. Swimming is a half hour away, gymnastics would be closer to 45 minutes, depending on traffic in that area (it's near the airport so traffic is always a disaster in that area). But everything is that far away so I'm kind of used to it. We have the same issue with YMCA - it's down in the city so at least a half hour drive and well, it's in the city. The place I've been taking her to for swimming is at a local college that does community classes as well. It's a really nice place without the city riffraff.

    I'd like to get her in something because once this baby comes I don't know how I would be able to, although I would really like to get that "mommy" time with just her. My mom is an aide at a local school and apparently they are making some big cuts for the next school year so she's thinking she's going to lose her job. It wouldn't be detrimental for them, so I'm secretly hoping she does so she can help me out a bit with the 2 kids (i.e., babysit the baby while I take Olivia to a class!). We'll see how that pans out.

    In other news, Olivia slept through the night last night! Woohoo!!! She put up a bit of a fight going to bed. She climbed in and was crying and I left the room and held the door shut. She got up and ran to the door, pulled on it once, then ran back to her bed screaming and climbed in and didn't get back out! After about 10 minutes she got quiet and went to sleep and slept ALL night! I, of course, didn't. How is it that I'm only about 8 weeks, have no belly at all, and already my bladder feels like it's being squished? I was up all night going to the bathroom. It sucked! I hope she's learned her lesson though and this trend continues, although we are going out to the in-laws (well just the FIL since the MIL is in AZ) so DH can bring the rest of his stuff home since they now sold their house. I'm not looking forward to this trip because I think it's jsut going to mess her all up again in the sleep department. Ugh, can't seem to win!

  12. desertgirl

    desertgirl Active Member

    labby, must be something in the air. P slept all the way till 4:30 this morning. Well, hopefully not the air--hope Olivia has learned to stay in her bed!

    I'm such an idiot. I pay all the bills, in theory at least. I've been so bad at paying things on time, mostly because I'm stupidly lazy and unorganized. My daily planner ran out of months at the end of December, and I haven't bought replacement pages, so I basically don't use the planner anymore....but, I did use the planner to outline our bills and scratch them off as I've paid. Well, since January and no planner, I've just been winging it. Late payments all over the place! And yesterday it all caught up to me. I feel like such an idiot.

    The electric company turned our power off! Because I owed a measly $50 from last month. And I just had happened to pay them yesterday, but through an ebill which takes several days to post. I was pissed and embarrassed yesterday. And no power! It wasn't a huge deal as far as making it through the night, but what really sucks is that I have to pay a reconnect fee and put a deposit down. Our house was eerily quiet and dark last night--I can't believe how many plugged in things emit tiny humming noise or lights. I'm surprised P actually slept since usually we have a humidifier and loud air filter (as a white noise machine) running in her room. Even in our room we usually have a loud humidifier running for white noise. I heard every move the dogs made--had to yell at one of them for licking his paw too much!

    I'm buying a monthly planner refill right now!! Seriously though, cutting the power off for $50? Seems ridiculous, right?

  13. TDG

    TDG New Member

    whoo hoo for sleeping kids!!! I shoulda taken a pic last night..df slept with evans feet ON his face. I bet he feels good today!!! haha

    lol desert--thats terrible... and thats terrible they shut it off for $50 only one month late. I take care of ALL of our money because df would totally be just like you. lol. Its kind of funny he has NO clue what goes on with HIS money.

    Im getting ready to go run errands with all 3 boys. BLAH...sooo not wanting to.

  14. Bron

    Bron New Member

    Is $50 your full months electricity bill? Actually I do not know how much ours is because the water and electricity and refuse removal is all on the same bill and luckily DH pays it else our electricity would forever be being cut off - I am just like you DG [​IMG] Here that is about R400 and they would cut it off. We saw our neighbours fiddling in the electricity meter box the other day - here loads of people illegally recoonnect their own electricty after it is switched off because they didn't pay so hopefully that is NOT what they were doing, but DH and I both think it was. Hope the planner works well for you when you get it.

    Yay for Olivia sleeping through the night so well. Hope she keeps it up. After the baby comes you just give Olivia over to your DH all night - well that is what has happened here with Laurana and DH is complaining bitterly about his sleep now - sometimes I don't even wake when she comes in the room anymore. DH is threatening to sleep in her room and she must just start in our bed then no one would be disturbed (well except me with Kirima) I must say I feel a little bad that Laurana is so attached to DH - like I've lost my baby girl in some ways, but she has the whole day with me and DH and I switch bath times one doing one girl and the other the other child and then switching the next night. Am thinking of getting Kirima into the bath with Laurana soon though and using a bath seat but still a bit nervous to do that as Laurana can be wild in the bath.

    Hope everyone has a good day. TDG hope the errands are doable with the boys. I'm off to bed now.

  15. labby06

    labby06 Active Member

    Wow, DG! I didn't think they would shut it off right away! I thought you would at least get a second notice before they went that far! In fact, I thought they couldn't just shut it off without giving notice first? That's just crazy!

    I also handle all of finances. Not that DH would be bad at it, but I guess I just kind of naturally took things over when we bought our house and combined our bank accounts. I'm usually pretty anal about paying things on time and balancing the checkbook. I did make a mistake one time and somehow added DH's pay into the checkbook twice and ended up having 2 bounced checks! I was sooooo upset with myself but luckily was able to plead my case with the bank that it was an honest mistake and they waived the fees. I'm definitely more careful now! I know people like my brother who never even bother balancing their checkbook. That would drive me completely insane! I also know lots of married couples who keep separate bank accounts and split their bills. That just seems like too much extra work to me, lol! DH is happy to leave it all up to me so it's one less thing he has to worry about.

    I think laying the smackdown the other night really helped. Tonight she went down and cried for about 20 minutes in her bed, but didn't get up once to try to come out. I thought this would definitely be at least a few night ordeal trying to keep her in bed, but I am pleasantly surprised! Now hopefully she doesn't get all screwed up this weekend!

  16. gutterflower

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    Just locking up this one for archiving in a few days. I started a new one!!


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